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New Online Course – The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus!

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Deepening Freedom – the Aramaic Prayer of Jesus rescues the traditional “Lord’s Prayer” from centuries of mis-translation and the politics of orthodoxy, restoring it to its original power and intention as a mantra for healing and personal transformation. Integrated with the powerful Authentic Freedom protocol developed by Lauri Ann Lumby, Deepening Freedom reveals the alchemical process hidden within Jesus’ original teachings.

Click on image above to learn more and to register. Coupon code ABWOON.
Click on image above to learn more and to register. Coupon code ABWOON.

10 Self-Guided Lessons

Lesson One:  Introduction to the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer.

Lesson Two:  Abwoon d’bwashmaya – the mantra of Oneness

Lesson ThreeNethqadash shmakh – the mantra of Unconditional Love

Lesson Four:  Teytey Malkuthakh – the mantra of Inner Knowing

Lesson FiveNehwey tzevyanach aykanna… – the mantra of Giftedness and Co-Creation

Lesson Six: Hawvlan lachma …  – the mantra of Abundance

Lesson SevenWashboqlan khaubayn… – the mantra of Empowerment

Lesson EightWela tahlan l’nesyuna – the mantra of Liberation and Truth

Lesson NineMetol dilakhie malkutha… – the mantra of Integration

Lesson Ten:  Closing meditation, healing and attunement


For a free sample lesson from this course, please register for the FREE Magdalene Priestess Training Preview Course.



The Genesis of Deepening Freedom (from the course welcome and introduction):


Deepening Freedom – The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus arose out of my own journey of self-actualization and came out of several “coincidences,” or as I prefer to call them, “Goddess-cidences.”


After the alchemical process, Authentic Freedom, was revealed to me and I had put it into a workable curriculum and shared that course with several others, I attended a Sacred Dance retreat. As part of that retreat, we were introduced to the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer, as interpreted by Neil Douglas Klotz, the translation and interpretation of which blew me away.  Aramaic, I learned, was the language that Jesus spoke and taught in, not Hebrew as I had been led to believe.  Aramaic, I also learned is a much more expansive language with many layers of possible translations.  (You can read more about this in Neil’s book, Prayers of the Cosmos, a required reading in this course.) Under Neil’s guidance I learned a more expansive and inclusive form of the prayer that had been part of my everyday existence.  Having been raised Catholic the Lord’s Prayer was an integral part of my religious upbringing.  As an adult, however, the prayer had become irrelevant to me as it spoke only of a God who was male and implied punishment and retribution for our “sin.”


Through the work of Neil Douglas Klotz, I learned a whole new perspective on the Prayer of Jesus. For example, instead of “Our Father who art in heaven,” the first line of the Lord’s Prayer became “O thou from whom the breath of life flows and is present in all forms of vibration and light!”  HOLY COW!  This was a prayer I could get my head and heart around.   The expansiveness did not end with the first line.  The entire prayer spoke deeply to all the places of woundedness within me around my images of the Divine and of having been raised in a hierarchical, patriarchal religious system.  I was hooked! At the end of the retreat, I purchased every resource I could find on the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer and began to make a study and a practice of it.


For the next year, I diligently applied myself to the study of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer. In particular, I was determined to learn the prayer by heart so that I could recite it and sing it in replace of the oldy moldy prayer that no longer served me.  As I embarked upon this course of study, I observed an interesting phenomenon.  As I attempted to learn the phrases in their original Aramaic, some came quite easily, others seemed nearly impossible to master.  Upon reflection, I realized that the phrases what posed a problem for me were reflective of a spiritual wound or fear that I had not yet mastered.  The phrase on “forgiveness,” for example, caused me great difficulty.  I also learned that as I worked on the difficult phrase and reflected on its spiritual lesson, the wound within me was healed and released, and with its release I was suddenly able to sing the phrase without difficulty.


After a year of practicing and studying the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer, I was ready for the next layer of understanding. One day, while practicing the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer, it suddenly hit me:  there are seven phrases to the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer (the eighth line is a bonus line added later by the institutional Church)!  With this realization I wondered, was there a connection between the seven phrases of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer and the process of Authentic Freedom?  It was quickly revealed to me that yes, indeed there is a direct and powerful connection between the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer and the alchemical process I had uncovered in Authentic Freedom.  I immediately set to work in crafting this course with the soul/sole purpose of deepening and enhancing the work of Authentic Freedom and providing an additional tool for transformation and for supporting us in our individual and collective journey of self-actualization.  I now believe that Jesus taught this prayer, not for the sake of rote recitation, but for the purpose of inner spiritual transformation and healing.  It is this approach that you will learn in this course.  Thank you for giving yourself this gift!



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Spiritual Practices …. continued…

Today I continue the series on Contemplative Spiritual Practices.  These practices, many of which come out of the Christian Contemplative tradition, are adaptable to anyone, regardless of your religious beliefs or background.  Today, we will explore Mantra Prayer.

Abwoon d’bwashmaya

Om Namo Yehoshua

Ave Maria

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with you.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Hari Krishna

Sita Ram Sita Ram Jaya Sita Ram

Om Mata Om Mata Om Shri Mata Jagate Mata

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

Gan Gan Ganapati Namo Namaste


Mantra Prayer

Mantra prayer in its simplest form is the repeated recitation of a word or phrase. In our Western culture, we are most familiar with the Catholic rosary and its requisite prayers, The Hail Mary, The Apostle’s Creed and The Lord’s Prayer as a form of mantra prayer.  The rhythmic repetition helps to draw us into a calm, peaceful, perhaps mindful state, not unlike the relaxation that is facilitated by a mother rocking her child.  I can recall the number of times I have used the Hail Mary in this way during times of intense anxiousness, worry or fear.  Mantra prayer can become an even more meaningful form of meditation when we not only recite the word or phrase, but bring our mind into focused concentration on the words and their meaning.  The combined efforts of mental focus and rhythmic repetition help to draw us into a deep state of peaceful calm where we are able to be open to the fruits of contemplation which include: insight, wisdom, knowledge, guidance, healing, comfort, direction and understanding.


Examples of Mantra Prayer

Here is a Youtube link to my Kirtan teacher, Ragani as she leads mantra prayer in its Kirtan format:  KIRTAN

And here is a link to the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, another form of mantra prayer:  ARAMAIC Lord’s Prayer

And here is one from the Taize community in France, Ubi Caritas (where charity and love are, there is God)  TAIZE


How to do it

Mantra prayer is really quite simple:

1) Choose a sacred word or phrase that has meaning to you.  (you might choose one from the list above)

2) Focus your attention on the meaning of the word or phrase

3) Silently or aloud in word or song, repeat the phrase over and over and over

4) Rest in the peaceful calm facilitated by this mode of prayerful meditation


What sacred word or phrase has meaning to you?

How might you begin to incorporate mantra prayer and meditation into your daily spiritual practice?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


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Unleashing Joy!

Joy and peace are our Divine inheritance, our original nature and our truest self.  How do we allow ourselves to be open to the unleashing of joy in our lives?

I know, I’m a total dork….but I want you to sing along with me this classic children’s song (and here’s a YOUTUBE clip if you have forgotten the melody :

I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart…down in my heart…down in my heart

I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart…down in my heart to stay.

I’ve got the peace that surpasseth all understanding down in my heart..down in my heart…down in my heart.

I’ve got the peace that surpasseth all understanding down in my heart, down in my heart to stay!

Now here is the tough question, how many of us really and truly experience this kind of joy and peace on a persistent and consistent basis?  Sadly, not too many.  Instead, we get caught up in the suffering of the human condition, driven by the fears, false perceptions and ego attachments that keep us imprisoned in angst, loneliness, anger, depression, emptiness, etc.  The truth that this innocent little song is trying to remind us of is that peace and joy are our Divine inheritance and the highest truth of the human experience that God wants us to remember.  Peace and joy are our original nature and is how God intended (and intends) us to live.  The question remains… do we get there?

The song above invites those who have embraced a Christ-centered path to recognize that Jesus had the key to the realization of this joy.  While many are authentically called to a Christ-centered path, this is not true for all.  The good news is that we do not have to proclaim Jesus Christ to be our personal Lord and Savior in order to know the joy that God intends for us to remember.  This joy is for EVERYONE…..Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, etc. etc. etc.  The joy of the Divine transcends race, color, creed, sexual orientation, religion, gender, etc. etc. etc.  And…the path is actually quite simple.

Since Jesus is the guru that I have chosen to embrace, I will share the path that he has revealed to us as the path to unleashing Divine joy within us.  This path is in a word: prayer.  Jesus had come to experience a deeply intimate and personal relationship with the Divine whom he called, Abwoon. Jesus came to know this Divine Presence through diligent attention to prayer, meditation and contemplation.  We know from scripture that Jesus frequently took time out to be with his God and that his vision was attuned to seeing the Presence and Action of the Divine in each and every moment of each and every day, within each human encounter and human experience.  In other words, Jesus had made God the center of his life.

This is the example that Jesus (and all the greatest spiritual teachers) set for us and the task that we are invited to embark upon in unleashing Divine joy and peace into our own lives.  The good news is that there are as many ways to be attentive to the Divine as there are grains of sand on the sea shore, and each of us are called to our own experience of the Divine whether it be through silent meditation, intercessory prayer, chant and singing, mantra prayer, scriptural reflection, activism, service, in nature, in our intimate human relationships, meditative movement, vigorous exercise, the free and open sharing of our gifts, etc. etc. etc.   The options are endless and the focus is the same – GOD!

How are you being called to make the Divine the center of your life?

How do you currently experience the Presence and Action of the Divine?

Where do you currently know peace, joy, love?  How can you make these activities a prayer?

I can promise that if you make the Divine the center of your life, then you too can truthfully, boldly and enthusiastically sing along with me…..

I’ve got that joy joy joy joy down in my heart…down in my heart to stay!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/Your Spiritual Truth