New Online Course – The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus!

Introductory Price – 50% off through Halloween 2016 Learn more and redeem coupon HERE.  (coupon code ABWOON) Deepening Freedom – the Aramaic Prayer of Jesus rescues the traditional “Lord’s Prayer” from centuries of mis-translation and the politics of orthodoxy, restoring it to its original power and intention as a mantra for healing and personal transformation. … Read moreNew Online Course – The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus!

Spiritual Practices …. continued…

Today I continue the series on Contemplative Spiritual Practices.  These practices, many of which come out of the Christian Contemplative tradition, are adaptable to anyone, regardless of your religious beliefs or background.  Today, we will explore Mantra Prayer. Abwoon d’bwashmaya Om Namo Yehoshua Ave Maria Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with you. … Read moreSpiritual Practices …. continued…

Unleashing Joy!

Joy and peace are our Divine inheritance, our original nature and our truest self.  How do we allow ourselves to be open to the unleashing of joy in our lives? I know, I’m a total dork….but I want you to sing along with me this classic children’s song (and here’s a YOUTUBE clip if you … Read moreUnleashing Joy!

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