The Secret to Manifesting Abundance

I have spent my entire professional life chasing after the secret to manifesting abundance. I have followed both the Capitalistic model of achievement and the so-called spiritual laws of attraction. It wasn’t until I understood the real secret that my life became abundant. The “hard work” model I have worked my ass off, one year … Read moreThe Secret to Manifesting Abundance

No Reward for Being Good

A letter to all healers and change-makers My Dear Sisters and Brothers, Yesterday I was gifted with a startling realization – one that I believe applies to many (if not all) of the amazing women, men and children I know who are here to heal and change our world.  The roots of this lie within … Read moreNo Reward for Being Good

When I Stopped Believing in God – God’s Response!

Well, as my dear friend Gretchen Herrmann predicted, God did respond to my complete meltdown in yesterday’s blog.  I must preface this response by making it clear that my ultimate frustration is about MONEY.  Doing the work of my Soul and continuing to find the financial piece only by the skin of my teeth….or sometimes … Read moreWhen I Stopped Believing in God – God’s Response!

To Have and To Have Not

This week’s Authentic Freedom Virtual Church supplement explores the changeability of the human condition.  Sometimes we experience times of abundance, and sometimes due to circumstances outside our control, we experience times of lack.  St. Paul reminds us of the invitation to find equanimity in the constant changing nature of the human condition.  Agape’ Meditation Practices … Read moreTo Have and To Have Not

Securing Abundance – Virtual Church Meditation Supplement

For Sunday, August 3, 2014 Eighteenth Sunday Ordinary Time   Agape’ Meditation Practices Newsletter Supplement to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church Service     Scripture Reading: R/ The hand of the Lord feeds us; he answers all our needs. The LORD is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness. The LORD is … Read moreSecuring Abundance – Virtual Church Meditation Supplement

Poet Laureate – Bruce Dethlefsen

Today’s Guest Blogger is Wisconsin Poet Laureate (2011-2012) Bruce Dethlefsen.  Bruce  has two chapbooks, A Decent Reed and Something Near the Dance Floor, and his full-length book, Breather, published by Fireweed Press, won an Outstanding Achievement Award in Poetry from the Wisconsin Library Association.  His new book, Unexpected Shiny Things, is published by Cowfeather Press. Bruce’s poetry has been … Read morePoet Laureate – Bruce Dethlefsen

What We Have Is To Be Shared

Today’s blog examines the idea that if we want to receive, we have to give.  Conversations with God Yesterday I was listening to a talk given by author Neale Donald Walsch of Conversations with God fame.  I have been a fan of Neale’s work since his first book was released.  I love his writing, the … Read moreWhat We Have Is To Be Shared

Magic, Miracles and the Truth of Abundance

Today’s blog explores the truth of an abundant Universe and the magic and miracles that happen when we believe this to be true. The First Spiritual Fear In my book, Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy, I reveal the Seven Spiritual Fears that prevent us from living a life of contentment … Read moreMagic, Miracles and the Truth of Abundance

Want vs. Higher Good

As we move along the path of our spiritual growth, we are invited to move out of the world of want and surrender to the world of our highest good.  All of this requires an immeasurable amount of trust and our own willingness to let go of our ego-filled desires and need to control. Today’s … Read moreWant vs. Higher Good

Dow Jones, Debt Ceiling, AAA rating, Stock Exchange…the trouble with money

As the US loses its AAA credit rating, the Dow Jones tanks and we face the probability of another (did we even leave the last one?) recession, we are tempted to allow fears around money creep into our consciousness.  As we move along the spiritual path, growing, awakening and searching for enlightenment, we are invited … Read moreDow Jones, Debt Ceiling, AAA rating, Stock Exchange…the trouble with money

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