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The Other One Percent

In the current economic and political climate, we hear a lot about the 1% – those who hold the gold and who are manipulating decisions to benefit themselves, and not the 99% they are here to serve.  I was reminded today that there is another 1% and that this is to whom I belong and who I am here to serve and empower.


The “Other” One Percent

  • Were born with a deep sense that they are here for a reason, specifically, that they are here to change the world in an incredibly positive way.  
  • Are visionaries who are creatively driven with actively intelligent minds.
  • Independent, free-thinkers, driven to use the gifts they were given to reason, discern and exercise their truth.
  • Courageous and willing to take risks and make sacrifices for the sake of serving the betterment of the world.
  • May be sensitive to their environment, picking up the feelings and emotions of others, and the pressure of a world in pain who feel called to be a source of healing and bringing relief to this pressure.
  • Sometimes struggle with anxiety, depression, panic   attack, sleeplessness, insomnia – symptoms that are calling them to be a positive force for change.

This other 1% are those who embody “the power of one” – a seemingly small member supporting vast and expansive positive change – change that benefits not only themselves but the 99% they are called to serve.

If you are part of that 1%, I am here to support you.  To learn more, click HERE. 


And….welcome to “the other 1%”.