There are five levels of membership in the Authentic Freedom (dot) Love Community.

Free:  To participate at this level, all you have to do is subscribe to the Blog using the link in the right sidebar menu.  With this subscription you will receive my regular blog through your email.  It is through my blog that I share many of the resources, tools, insights and lessons that have supported me in my own journey of self-acceptance.  It is my hope that they help you as well.


Plus  membership includes the benefits of the FREE membership with the addition of our Weekly Authentic Freedom Lesson (Find an example of the Weekly Lesson.) The monthly fee for Basic membership is $13.00.

SUBSCRIBE to Plus Membership HERE


COMING SOON!  Premium: Premium membership includes the offerings of Basic and Plus with the additional benefit of membership in our Social Network where you will have access to exclusive content (deep inner teachings) and the ability to engage and share content with fellow members. This page also acts as an online coaching circle.  The fee for Premium membership is $18.00

Also Coming Soon:  Premium-Plus:  Premium-Plus membership includes the offerings of Free, Plus, and Premium membership with the added benefit of enrollment in our Teacher’s Circle.  This circle gathers monthly via ZOOM and provides nurturing and support for those who are “Boots on the ground” – doing their work in the world.