Feminine Wisdom Peer Forum

A Space for Free-flowing Dialogue and Support

Feminine Wisdom Peer Forum is a service available for free (donations welcome) for the Authentic Freedom Membership Community. The Peer Forum is facilitated by Robin P. Currie. 

We come together to share:  our dreams, our visions for our world, and our lamentations.  All perspectives are welcome as we explore critical issues that impact the lives of all people on the planet. Collaboration is key, especially for women.  And, we must collaborate with a sense of peace, and for the purpose of creating solutions, even within the most desperate of circumstances.  We must approach modern issues with an open mind and the clarity that will help us continue to move forward.  There will  be no judgement within our group.  Within the safety of our loving circle, all are free to unburden their heart and tell their story.  Or, take this opportunity to just relax and hear the stories of others.  Together we will learn, heal, laugh, cry, and listen.  Consider this an aspect of your own self-care.  Please join us for this important monthly gathering.  (If you are not already a member of the Authentic Freedom Community, learn more and join HERE).

Upcoming dates and topics:

Tuesday, October 19, 2021:  Witches Among Us.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021:  Legislating the Womb.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021:  Immigration and Refugees

Gathering time:  7:30 pm (Eastern US time)


Tuesday, October 19thWitches Among Us.  Our world has a painful history of persecution against women.  The “witch hunts” of 17th century Europe and Massachusetts continue to haunt us today.  Many of us hold memories within our DNA that have been passed down through the generations.  These stored traumas can surface, asking to be understood and healed.  In this session, we will begin with a grounding meditation.  Then we will hold a discussion about persecution of women throughout history.

  • Do you have past life memories related to witchcraft?
  • Are your ancestors among those persecuted?
  • Are you a modern-day witch?
  • Where can we find messages about witchcraft, persecution, and redemption within Holy Scripture?
  • What other parallel stories are occurring even in today’s modern world?

The discussion will be followed by a ceremony to clear ancestral trauma—something that many of us have expressed a need to heal.  My hope is that we will leave the circle feeling supported, loved, healed, and in a place of peace.

Tuesday, November 2 – Legislating the Womb.  The politics of women’s reproductive rights have caused a massive divide between people and families.  Religious influence, social conditioning, and the imbalance of power has led to laws specifically designed to limit women.  No matter which side of the argument you stand on, the truth remains the same—women of reproductive age are ruled by an overwhelmingly male governing body.  Yet women continue to be torn as well.  Let us not get into a debate over the semantics or the ambiguous information that leads us into a rabbit hole.  Rather, let us discuss our feelings, our stories, our hopes, and – yes – even our outrage.  This forum is a safe space to work through our differences and our powerful emotions which hang heavy surrounding this topic.

According to the Holy Bible, Mother Mary experienced conception without intercourse with a male —do we believe that to be literal?  There are other stories of spontaneous conception occurring.  Have they been wiped from the records?  She became a holy vessel for, and subsequently gave birth to a saviour, yet her role became nearly invisible.

  • Have you felt yourself moving from one side of this issue to the other?
  • Do the stages of our lives influence our approach to reproductive rights and legislation?
  • Do you have a story to share? This is a place of trust and loving support.
  • What does Scripture tell us?
  • How do we grieve?
  • Can move forward together when our country (and family) becomes divided by a powerful, emotionally charged issue?
  • Where do men fit into, or influence, our decision-making?


Tuesday, December 7 – Accidental Nomads will be a forum about immigration, refugees, and our role as fellow humans.  Are we truly a global village?  Details to follow, but this will be an important issue to discuss as it is connected to the following topics in the months to come:

Human Trafficking/Modern Day Slavery