The greatest need of the human Soul is to know love. The ancients knew this and provided resources and tools to help us remember, not only that we are loved, but that we are the very nature of LOVE itself.



(dot) Love is a subscription service through which you will receive a weekly reminder of the love that you are, along with the support you need to:

Be that Love!


Incorporating the wisdom of the ancients with inspirational words and powerful tools of support, (dot) Love is like a warm mug of coffee on a cold winter day or the hug that you need when you are sad or feeling alone!

(dot) Love inspires you to take time out of your busy week to savor the nurturing and support you most need for yourself, and so you can go back out into the world being that love for others.


Only $13.00 per month*

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* (dot) Love is FREE for graduates of the Magdalene Priestess, Authentic Freedom or Order of Melchizedek programs.


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