Healing the Mother Wound Online Retreat

Healing the Mother Wound Online Retreat

Six Lessons and Reflection/Meditation/Creativity Exercises

To be completed in an 8-hour day, or over the course of several 1-hour sessions over several days.

Facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby

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As women, our most intimate and foundational relationship is with our mothers. Our relationship with our mother is complicated at best, and has made us who we are – for better or for worse.  Whether our mother is our best friend or our enemy, no one escapes the mother wound.  

The mother wound is the original wound of humanity, taking root at the moment of our birth when we are suddenly cast out of an experience of union into the experience of separation.  This perception of separation is the cause of all suffering and conflict in the human condition.  The human journey is about healing this wound of separation and the ability of our mother’s to mother us, in the way that we need, is dependent on how she has healed her own mother wound.  For many, if not most, this wound remains unhealed and is carried down generation after generation after generation until someone decides to do something about it.

This guided retreat is your opportunity to do something about healing the mother wound. Healing the mother wound frees us to transcend the challenges of the mother/daughter relationship which then allows us to live more fully in our own truth. No longer carrying the burden of our mother’s unacknowledged shame, or bearing the wounds of our mother’s projections, we are able to shine our own light in the world. Healing the mother wound transforms not only our relationship with our own mothers, but transforms the entire ancestral lineage, healing all those who have gone before us and those who will come after us, including our own daughters and sons.

Thank you for gifting yourself with this time set aside to healing the mother wound.

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