Deepening Freedom through the Aramaic Jesus

Deepening Freedom – the Aramaic Prayer of Jesus rescues the traditional “Lord’s Prayer” from centuries of mis-translation and the politics of orthodoxy, restoring it to its original power and intention as a mantra for healing and personal transformation. Integrated with the powerful Authentic Freedom protocol developed by Lauri Ann Lumby, Deepening Freedom reveals the alchemical process hidden within Jesus’ original teachings.


10 Self-Guided Lessons

Lesson One:  Introduction to the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer.

Lesson Two:  Abwoon d’bwashmaya – the mantra of Oneness

Lesson ThreeNethqadash shmakh – the mantra of Unconditional Love

Lesson Four:  Teytey Malkuthakh – the mantra of Inner Knowing

Lesson FiveNehwey tzevyanach aykanna… – the mantra of Giftedness and Co-Creation

Lesson Six: Hawvlan lachma …  – the mantra of Abundance

Lesson SevenWashboqlan khaubayn… – the mantra of Empowerment

Lesson EightWela tahlan l’nesyuna – the mantra of Liberation and Truth

Lesson NineMetol dilakhie malkutha… – the mantra of Integration

Lesson Ten:  Closing meditation, healing and attunement


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The Genesis of Deepening Freedom (from the course welcome and introduction):

Deepening Freedom – The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus arose out of my own journey of self-actualization and came out of several “coincidences,” or as I prefer to call them, “Goddess-cidences.”

After the alchemical process, Authentic Freedom, was revealed to me and I had put it into a workable curriculum and shared that course with several others, I attended a Sacred Dance retreat. As part of that retreat, we were introduced to the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer, as interpreted by Neil Douglas Klotz, the translation and interpretation of which blew me away.  Aramaic, I learned, was the language that Jesus spoke and taught in, not Hebrew as I had been led to believe.  Aramaic, I also learned is a much more expansive language with many layers of possible translations.  (You can read more about this in Neil’s book, Prayers of the Cosmos, a required reading in this course.) Under Neil’s guidance I learned a more expansive and inclusive form of the prayer that had been part of my everyday existence.  Having been raised Catholic the Lord’s Prayer was an integral part of my religious upbringing.  As an adult, however, the prayer had become irrelevant to me as it spoke only of a God who was male and implied punishment and retribution for our “sin.”

Through the work of Neil Douglas Klotz, I learned a whole new perspective on the Prayer of Jesus. For example, instead of “Our Father who art in heaven,” the first line of the Lord’s Prayer became “O thou from whom the breath of life flows and is present in all forms of vibration and light!”  HOLY COW!  This was a prayer I could get my head and heart around.   The expansiveness did not end with the first line.  The entire prayer spoke deeply to all the places of woundedness within me around my images of the Divine and of having been raised in a hierarchical, patriarchal religious system.  I was hooked! At the end of the retreat, I purchased every resource I could find on the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer and began to make a study and a practice of it.


For the next year, I diligently applied myself to the study of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer. In particular, I was determined to learn the prayer by heart so that I could recite it and sing it in replace of the oldy moldy prayer that no longer served me.  As I embarked upon this course of study, I observed an interesting phenomenon.  As I attempted to learn the phrases in their original Aramaic, some came quite easily, others seemed nearly impossible to master.  Upon reflection, I realized that the phrases what posed a problem for me were reflective of a spiritual wound or fear that I had not yet mastered.  The phrase on “forgiveness,” for example, caused me great difficulty.  I also learned that as I worked on the difficult phrase and reflected on its spiritual lesson, the wound within me was healed and released, and with its release I was suddenly able to sing the phrase without difficulty.

After a year of practicing and studying the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer, I was ready for the next layer of understanding. One day, while practicing the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer, it suddenly hit me:  there are seven phrases to the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer (the eighth line is a bonus line added later by the institutional Church)!  With this realization I wondered, was there a connection between the seven phrases of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer and the process of Authentic Freedom?  It was quickly revealed to me that yes, indeed there is a direct and powerful connection between the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer and the alchemical process I had uncovered in Authentic Freedom.  I immediately set to work in crafting this course with the soul/sole purpose of deepening and enhancing the work of Authentic Freedom and providing an additional tool for transformation and for supporting us in our individual and collective journey of self-actualization.  I now believe that Jesus taught this prayer, not for the sake of rote recitation, but for the purpose of inner spiritual transformation and healing.  It is this approach that you will learn in this course.  Thank you for giving yourself this gift!

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