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This is the GOOD STUFF!  The following training programs are the result of nearly 30 years of intense inner work which has required discipline, persistence, trust and great courage.  In this journey I have had to leave behind the life/lives I’ve known so as to find the life that fits for me.  None of this has been easy, but it has brought me great joy and the freedom of knowing I do not need to find a way to fit in a broken world, I can create a world of my own.  The individual courses which make up these programs are the culmination of what was given to me by my higher self (Soul), and resources that fell into my lap along the way, including the Authentic Freedom protocol.  Here is the blah blah blah about Authentic Freedom:

Authentic Freedom™ is a trademarked protocol developed by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS, founder and director of Authentic Freedom Academy. Authentic Freedom™ integrates specific tools and practices of Western Psychology with those of Western Spirituality, resulting in a powerful process through which participants are supported in becoming self-actualized and are then empowered to share their unique giftedness in service to the betterment of the world.

The Good Stuff! 



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