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Making Love with Kat Von D



Making Love with Kat Von D

Matt Sorum Presents The Darling Stillettos on July 16, 2009, Cinespace, Hollywood, California, USA

Dreams are such amazing things.  Odd.  Nebulous.  Confusing and Symbolic.  And yet sometimes, palpably real.  Like the other night when I was making love with Kat Von D.  Perhaps the fact that I’m really only attracted to men is what made these sensations (I’ll spare you the details) even more real.  But even so – this dream felt REAL. Real as in the vivid colors, the tastes and textures, the real physical nature of Kat, herself and the surroundings.  More real than watching a movie.  Real as if we were actually there.

Then perhaps we were.  Real in the sense of something tangible being accomplished.  Something that could perhaps be measured in the 3D world of waking consciousness.  Real in the sense of the outward manifestation of the inward experience of lovemaking.  For lovemaking, as we all know, has its ultimate expression in the bringing forth of new life.


So, what kind of new life might be brought forth from making love with Kat Von D?  As my ultimate girl crush (after Stevie Nicks of course), I adore her.  To me, Kat is the quintessential representation of the fulfillment of creative expression.  With her Rockstar clothes, hair, makeup and nearly fully tattooed body, I see all the ways I would like to be dressed if my heart was completely in charge.  Her look says, “I’m confident in who I am and in what I believe and if you don’t like it, I don’t give a f… “  In fact, tattooed on her arm is her personal epitaph, “DILLIGAF” – Do I look like I give a f…?  Beyond her look, is the way in which she has surrounded herself with all things beautiful – and her style is again, just how I would decorate if my heart was completely in charge – Victorian Gothic ala Edgar Allen Poe (I’d probably skip the taxidermy collection though – I’m not really into dead things).

But it’s not just Kat’s outward appearance or the way she decorates her shop and her home – it is the way she openly reveals her heart.  Through her writing, her art, her personal relationships, the intimate connections she has fostered with her family and her professional team which she boldly displays on her “family tree.”  (see more on this in her book, “Go Big or Go Home!” ) And her life is her art – tattooing, playing piano, drawing, painting, decorating (herself and her home), writing, composing and now (I hear) singing.  She has made a life and a success of creating.


THIS is the child I want to be born out of my dreamtime coupling with Kat Von D – to make a life and a success of creating and for that creating to drip off of me like paint on a canvas for all the world to see – not for my own glory – but so that the rest of the world may be inspired to do the same – as my love of Kat Von D has done for me.

Kat, if you are reading,  THANK YOU!

Learn more about Kat Von D here:

Find Kat’s books on!

Enjoy Kat’s beauty line at

Who inspires you to be more of who you are really meant to be? 


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The World is Finally Ready for Us – Superhero Report

Welcome to this week’s Superhero Report – a summary of the material and process covered at this week’s gathering of the Superhero Academy.  The theme this week is:  THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW!  The world is finally ready for us to help heal and change the world.  And the healing….starts within ourselves.

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The Time is NOW!

If the flood of tears that has been coursing through my body this week (and the bodies of other sensitives I know) are any indication…..the world is on the brink of ENORMOUS change!  ENORMOUS change that I cannot even begin to describe and even if I had words for it, I don’t think they would do the change justice.  What I feel is a palpable, tangible, almost touchable mass, just outside our reach, but moving closer….or should I say it is just below the surface ready to EXPLODE!??  When I approach this mass, all I feel is a profound and overwhelming feeling of love….a love that is so big it is almost difficult to be near it….and maybe this is the cause for the tears.  What human can be in the presence of this kind of love?  Every kind of human – that’s who – when we allow ourselves to be freed and released of our own sense of unworthiness and the fears that arise out of this unworthiness.  Getting worthy is what the change is asking us to do….and the time for getting worthy is NOW!

Getting Worthy

Getting worthy is not about appeasing some sort of angry, fickle, judgmental God.  No, getting worthy is about REMEMBERING the love that we already are and the love that we NEVER stopped being.  We are love…..always have been.  We just forgot.  And it is this forgetting that is the cause of the fear and suffering of the human condition.  And we are TIRED.  Tired of living in FEAR.  And the rest of the world is TIRED too!  This is where we come in.  Many of us (probably all who are reading this blog) have been doing the long, slow, sometimes treacherous work of UNRAVELING from fear….of remembering the love that we are and the love we always have been.  As we have been unraveling and remembering, we have been healed and transformed.  Transformed for what??????  To help make the world anew.  And the great news is that the world is finally ready for us.  Critical mass has been accomplished (think….”hundredth monkey”).  The world is TIRED of living in fear and is LONGING for a world that is rooted in something other than fear, manipulation and control.  The world is longing to feel worthy as we have allowed ourselves to feel worthy.


Here’s How it Works

The change starts with us – taking responsibility for our own woundedness, anxieties, insecurities, compulsions, and fears.  Then, doing the work of healing and transforming these fears, etc. through mindfulness practices, prayer, creativity practices, healing protocols, etc.   Then….as we grow in our knowledge of the love that we are….that love ripples out into the world through us….waking people up and healing and changing the world.  The world is changed simply by our PRESENCE.  When we are love, others remember the love they are and either stay and grow in the knowledge of their own love….or they run away in fear.  And as we REMEMBER the love we are, we no longer take their running away as personal…..we allow them their fear and trust they will eventually find their way home.  It really is this simple.  We change…..and the world changes with us.

Really Good News for the Superheroes

And here is the really good news……the work that we have been doing is itself transforming.  What used to feel like WORK and used to be a struggle… suddenly becoming EASY.  Easy meaning WITH EASE.  The struggle is OVER.  No more is the work about fighting, or working hard, or making it happen, or striving, or pursuing, or accomplishing, or cajoling, or sacrifice, or suffering, or martyrdom, or PAIN, or AGONY.  Instead….it is about ease.  As Isaiah once said, “every mountain and hill shall be made low,” and they have been.  The tough work is over….the rest is to simply continue…continue remembering love and turning away from fear so that the world itself can be remembered into the love that it always has been and was intended to be.

The time is now… turn our own world from fear into love and in doing so, watching the rest of the world change with us!

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It’s Time for a New World

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today, I am especially grateful for the message that came through during this week’s Superhero Academy gatherings.  In short….IT IS TIME.   It is time to put our hopes, dreams and desires into action.  It is time to “heal and change the world!”  It is time to turn away from the world of fear and return the world to love.  And guess what?  The world is finally ready for us!  Read on…

It’s Time!  It is time to put on our superhero capes, golden bracelets and silver tiaras. As the Superheroes have been connecting with their true self, their higher purpose, the ways in which their unique gifts are being called forth a) to give their own lives a sense of meaning and purpose and b) contribute to the betterment of the world, the world has been getting ready for Us/Them.


It is time!  The world is ready – tired of the old and worn out paradigm of fear, power and control.  And ready – ready for something new.  Something rooted in love, working for acceptance, compassion, peace and harmony.  It is time!  Time to set aside the cultural lens of fear.  Time to stop listening to the fear-based manipulations of politics, journalism, the media, Wall Street, and Madison Avenue.  Time to make our own decisions based on love – and rooted in REAL knowledge and authentic discernment.   Not the knowledge those manipulating us through fear want us to know (ie: menopause is a disease, anxiety should be medicated, you need to know what Kim Kardashian is wearing today and if you aren’t carrying a Louis Vuitton bag there is something wrong with you), instead, knowledge that comes from our hearts and is governed by our intuition.  Let’s use the gifts God gave us to reason, discern and exercise truth.

The time is NOW!  To restore the world to love and walk away from fear.  Become part of the Superhero movement – healing and changing the world.  If you live in the Oshkosh area, Join us Monday evenings 6:30 – 8:30 or Tuesday mornings 9-11 am.  If you are outside of Oshkosh, subscribe to the Superhero/AuthenticFreedom Report for spiritual tools, practices and inspiration. Subscribe HERE:  subscribe botton

Lauri Lumby is also available for one-on-one mentoring and support.  Contact Lauri at (920) 230-1313 or email  Let us join hands and restore the world to love.   It’s time!



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Show Me the Way to Go Home

Through the metaphorical Adam, the human conditional was born, providing for us the (false) perception of separation and the sensation of having fallen from Grace. In birthing the human condition, we now know fear and suffering in contrast to the love and peace we knew “at home.”  Jesus (among other prophets) discovered the remedy to the human condition and through his teaching and example, shows us the way to go home. 


Agape’ Meditation Practices Newsletter for Sunday, November 23, 2014

Supplement to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church Service

 But first:  a little humor!  🙂


Scripture Reading:

Brothers and sisters: Christ has been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since death came through man, the resurrection of the dead came also through man. For just as in Adam all die, so too in Christ shall all be brought to life, but each one in proper order: Christ the firstfruits; then, at his coming, those who belong to Christ; then comes the end, when he hands over the kingdom to his God and Father, when he has destroyed every sovereignty and every authority and power. For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death. When everything is subjected to him, then the Son himself will also be subjected to the one who subjected everything to him, so that God may be all in all.

1 Cor 15: 20-26, 28


Additional Readings:

Ez 34: 11-12, 15-17

Psalm 23

Mt: 25: 31-46


Jesus Shows Us the Way

“Since death came through man,

The resurrection of the dead came also through man.”

When the metaphorical Adam chose power over obedience to God, the human condition was born. Instead of the peace, love and joy experienced in our original state of Oneness with God, humans now knew fear – fear that then led to a whole host of fears and their resulting compulsions. Inside of our beings, in this place of perceived separation from God, we felt as if we had fallen from Grace. As a loving parent, understanding our need to explore and to learn, God allowed us this choice, knowing that in this choice, we would suffer and experience the burden of guilt for turning away from God. God, however, did not leave us abandoned, neither did God leave us to our own devices, instead, God sent prophet after prophet after prophet to help remind us of our original nature and to help us find our way home. The greatest of these prophets (in the Christian tradition), was Jesus. Jesus, in his own longing and search for God, found the remedy to the suffering of the human condition (the remedy didn’t alleviate the suffering, but provided a means to transcend it), and generously shared what he learned with others. Thankfully, some of his disciples remembered bits and pieces of what Jesus taught and others wrote it down. Through scripture, specifically a prayerful reading and reflection on scripture, we find glimpses of what Jesus taught and sparks of what he remembered. What is even more remarkable is that like the gurus before him and since, Jesus’ very spirit is accessible as a teacher and a guide to those who seek out and cultivate a deeply intimate and personal relationship with Jesus as the Christ. In this way, Jesus, himself, becomes our teacher – helping us to see the deeper truths beyond the words of scripture, leading us to other resources including human teachers who can guide us. We even find that Jesus can come to us himself to teach and guide us.

The “sin” of Adam allowed us to experience the human condition. Jesus helps us to find our way home.

How have you cultivated a personal relationship with Jesus?



Spiritual Practices – Inviting Jesus to be our Teacher



Look at the created image of Jesus above. Let it sink into your consciousness.

Close your eyes.

Imagine Jesus, as you saw him in the picture above, standing before you.

Rest with that image of Jesus standing before you. Remain in this visualization for 15 – 20 minutes.

Know that as Jesus stands before you, he is gazing back at you with unconditional love and acceptance.

Allow yourself to receive that love.

Be attentive to any thoughts, feelings, emotions that may arise as you imagine Jesus standing before you.

Record any thoughts, feelings, insights received, etc. in your journal or notebook.


Authentic Freedom

In Authentic Freedom, we acknowledge Jesus as our teacher and as the example of one who learned authentic freedom and taught it to others. Every story, parable, lesson, example that Jesus taught, can somehow be brought back to the core wound and the resulting fears explored through Authentic Freedom. Jesus, while experiencing the fullness of the human condition, found his way to freedom – a freedom, he discovered, was found only in God. This is the freedom we are called to discover, cultivate and embrace through Authentic Freedom. God is the remedy to the suffering of the human condition. Jesus showed/shows us the way.


What is the suffering you currently want to transcend or have healed?


How might Jesus invite you to turn toward God as a source of healing and support?

Authentic Freedom is available for purchase on Amazon.  Learn more HERE. 


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Freeing the Feminine Voice

Today’s blog is a guest-post from Kathy Walczyk from Spiritual Middle Ground, about book burnings and freeing the feminine voice.  Throughout history it has been men who have spoken for women, and Kathy and I had a great rant over the way two women (in particular) were spoken for by men who (in my opinion) may have missed the point.  Kathy poses the question, “Isn’t it time we let the women speak for themselves?”


Hi, my name is Kathy Walczyk. In September I completed the Authentic Freedom facilitator’s course with Lauri. During our time together we sometimes talked about saints of old. Hildegard of Bingen and Rabi’a Al-‘Adawiyya (of Basra) were two spiritual leaders we discussed. On the evening following our last class together I had an impromptu ceremonial book burning.

If we go back in history, hundreds of years ago, we find a limited number of people who could read or write. The majority of them were men. The stories of historic women mystics and saints are often written from a male perspective, penned by a man or have been translated through the years by men. It was often men scribes, theologians, historians and storytellers who have interpreted the lives, thoughts and feelings of these women prophets. That is just the way it was. And if it weren’t for these gutsy male writers going against societal norms, many of the stories would have been lost. Thank you men! Still, I long to hear the voices of women and the interpretation of these matriarchs from a woman’s perspective!

In my late thirties, about 15 years ago, I picked up a bible and began reading. I began with the Hebrew Scriptures and then skipped around making my way through it all. It was the first time I really let the words sink in. And when they did, I was shocked and disturbed by many of the stories. But it was more than just the stories themselves; something else was disturbing. What was it? It wasn’t until one day when I found myself sobbing uncontrollably after reading Judges 19: 22-28 did I realize what was missing. The scripture stories lacked a view from the hearts of the women. Story after story, told from the perspective of men left me longing to hear the story from the woman’s mouth. It was during that time I wrote the following on the inside cover of my bible:

If women had written the bible, would they have written a book of: pain ~ suffering ~ sorrow? Would it have been of the small wonders and beauties they saw around them? Would it have been of birth and creativity? Would it have been about resentment…. resentment of how they were treated? How would they have written about the wars and suffering around them? How would they have written about God? In love? Anger? Pleading? They must have had so much to say. I long to hear their words ~ thoughts ~ prayers. Do I carry their voices with me in my heart? Do I let those voices and mine be heard?

The poems, words and wisdom of Rabi’a, Hildegard and other women have found their way through history and into our hands today. Beyond that, I believe that these women live on in the divine spirit that is within us and surrounds us all.

In the quiet of the evening and after my husband went to bed, I tossed the two books into the fire ~one Lauri’s and one mine. As I watched the books burn I could feel a gentle release. It was a sense of freedom permeating the atmosphere. In my arrogance I felt maybe I was helping to free Rabi’a and Hildegard. I have a sneaking suspicion that these women, already free, were helping to free me.

KathyWalczykKathy Walczyk in her own words: My specialty is challenging you to see your beauty and potential. I facilitate this discovery by supporting your spiritual growth through one-on-one mentoring and group classes. The tools I utilize include Authentic Freedom and creative expression, including photography.  I am also an advocate for spiritual responses to trauma – specifically clergy sexual abuse.  My undergraduate is in Art and Photography and I hold a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies and Pastoral Ministry.  I have completed extensive study in the areas of spirituality, sexuality, trauma, and healing.  I live and work in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  You can reach me at or (920) 609-2657. My website is





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What is Your Magic? Part 6

Continuing the conversation on charisms – the unique and special way each of us is called to be a vehicle through which Divine love finds its expression in the world.  Charisms are our own special magic and the way in which we participate in God’s unfolding plan of turning the world from fear into love (aka “salvation”).  Charisms are gifts that we possess that when utilized facilitate results far beyond which we know we are humanly capable.  In today’s blog, we will explore the charisms of leadership, mercy, missionary and music.


In speaking of the charism of leadership, I’m going to borrow from the Catherine of Siena Institute in their Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory: “People with the gift of leadership are God’s catalysts (Weddell, 1997, p. 40).  Those with the charism of leadership are problem-discoverers, able to see the world through the eyes of “what needs are not yet being met,” and “what could be made better here?”  Leaders have the ability to come up with a vision and share that vision in a way that makes others want to come together to make it happen.  Leaders tend to see with an eagle vision, seeing the big picture and content to leaving the details to others.  As problem-discoverers, leaders are not to be confused with the gift of administration which is about problem-solving. When I reflect on this distinction, I am reminded of the relationship between myself and my editor (who has interestingly found herself in administrative roles with a wide variety of people I suspect as possessing the gift of leadership).  I see the big picture, I write the big picture, she challenges me to pay attention to the details.  She sees the problems in the text, and I’m content to let her fix it.  🙂



While all human beings are called to tend to the needs of the hungry, the poor, the homeless, the imprisoned, the sick, and the disenfranchised, those possessing the charism of mercy, are called to do so in a unique and special way.  Possessing a deep sensitivity to the needs of the marginalized and oppressed, are sensitive to their suffering, those with the gift of mercy are compelled to help and do so in a cheerful and effective way.  Careful to respect the dignity of those with whom they work, those with the gift of mercy lift up the lives of the oppressed and in the process feel energized and renewed.  It is through their deeds that that lives of others are transformed.  Mother Teresa is the perfect example of one who possesses the charism of mercy.



Again quoting the Siena Institute, “Men and women with this gift (missionary), love to live cross-culturally and are remarkably effective channels of the love of Jesus when they do so. (Weddell, 1997, p. 42)”  I would argue that this gifts goes beyond those of a Christian faith and is present within anyone who is passionately attracted to cultures outside their own and who effortlessly and passionately adapt to another culture’s language and customs.  The distinction around what makes simple interest in the culture of another a charism is that the cultural interest leads and blossoms to a service to that culture.  In this I think of my friend, Peggy who yearns and hungers for opportunities to travel to third-world (specifically Asian) cultures to be of service to children.  In Peggy, the missionary and mercy charisms are combined and she does so with an effortless grace and ease.  Peggy’s example reminds us that the missionary charism never stands on its own, but is accomplished in conjunction with one or several other charisms.

oscar romero


Amy Grant anyone?  Click on the following YouTube link and you will see the perfect example of music as a charism put to action!  🙂

As you have reflected on the charisms presented so far, what do you think might be your magic? 

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Who is Your Teacher?

We are interrupting this discussion on midlife, menopause and the dark night of the relationship to explore another critical topic that is also relevant to the midlife journey (and beyond).  Relevant to midlife is the search for our Soul – the uniquely gifted part of ourselves through which we find meaning, purpose and fulfillment and the way in which we contribute to the betterment of the world.  In order to discover our Soul, we need to take time to listen and hear the whispering voice of our truth.  In distinguishing the voice of our truth from the voice of our ego (which is comfortable with status quo and will at all costs resist the voice of our truth) it is sometimes, maybe even critical, to have a teacher.  Today’s blog asks the question, Who is your teacher?

Defining Teacher

Authentic teachers have worked hard at their own self-actualization and in the birth of their soul and are happy to guide and support others along that same path.  Sometimes our teachers are living.  Sometimes they have passed and guide us through their spiritual presence and through sacred teachings which they have left behind. Sometimes our teacher is simply the intimate relationship we have developed through our higher power, or that which some might call God.  Whatever form our teacher takes, it is their job to guide and support us in the journey of discovering the voice of our Soul – the divine truth that lives within us – and finding ways to live that out.


My Teacher/s

As a way of helping you identify your teacher/s, I want to share a bit about mine.  My ultimate teacher, is that which I call God.  I’m not talking about the old man in the sky God, my God is way too big for that.  My God is the ultimate source of all that is and all that is coming to be.  As such, my God is neither male nor female, but simply is.  Also, my God doesn’t live in a heaven light years away, my God is in everything, including me  (and you).  It is ultimately to this indwelling aspect of the Divine where I go for guidance, direction, comfort, support, healing and inspiration. God is the voice of my truth, urging, encouraging and compelling me along the path of my Soul.  Being raised Catholic, the way in which I came to know God is through my other teacher, Jesus.  Jesus was my first teacher and while I have explored the teachings of other holy men and women, it is always to Jesus that I return. I have found through Jesus, teachings and guidance which are universal and which transcend the limitations of dogma and orthodoxy.  Jesus figured it out.  He found his way beyond the veil of separation into the universal flow of compassion, love and peace.  In piercing through the veil, Jesus found his true self – his Soul- that which provided him meaning and purpose and through which he contributed to the betterment of the world.  Jesus, at first, led by example, and then left behind teachings to help others in their own journey toward peace.  And to those who turn to Jesus for personal guidance and support, he is here as the Christ, the spiritual presence of the man who once lived, and who is able to be with us in intimate and personal ways as teacher, guide, healer, friend and guru.

Now, who is your teacher?

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“Mischief Managed” – Book Review for Wild Mind by Bill Plotkin

I’ve recently been enjoying the books of Bill Plotkin, psychologist, author, wilderness guide and cultural visionary.  I just completed his latest book, Wild Mind, and I LOVE IT!  Wild Mind provides a map for the journey of birthing our Soul, offering tools for spiritual and psychological healing and growth.  I love this book! 


Assuming the guise of modern-day wizard, Bill Plotkin is his latest release, Wild Mind, presents readers with a gift akin to the Marauder’s Map of Harry Potter fame.  The Marauder’s Map is gifted to only the bravest of wizards and can solely be opened by those clever enough to uncover the incantation for its opening, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”  Upon opening the map, the wizard discovers insight into the potential obstacles and dangers along the path of their quest.  The Map of the Human Psyche serves this very purpose in the human quest for the Soul – defined by Plotkin as “a person’s unique purpose or identity.”

With Plotkin’s guidance, readers are invited to plunge into the depths of their psyche so that they may uncover and then transform all of the ego-constructs, defense mechanisms, and inner obstacles to living their Soul’s purpose.  With a breadth and depth akin to the Enneagram, Plotkin presents a comprehensive approach to spiritual and psychological growth that speaks in images and symbols that are universal and fully grounded in our indigenous spirit.  In his nature-based map of the psyche, Plotkin gives readers the tools and support they need to face all that they have hidden in the darkness so that they might bring them to the light in service to their unique identity and purpose.  In freeing their imprisoned Souls and enjoying the contentment, fulfillment and joy that this brings, readers can then confidently close the map, tapping it with their wand while proudly proclaiming, “Mischief Managed.”

Wild Mind is perfect for psychologist, therapists, counselors, ministers, and spiritual directors; for self-directed seekers of spiritual and psychological growth and would be well suited for an intentional group gathered around this same intention.

billPlotkinBill Plotkin, PhD, describes himself as a “psychologist gone wild.”  A cultural visionary, author and wilderness guide, he’s been blazing new trails for decades.  His ecocentric re-visioning of psychology invites us into a conscious and embodied relationship with soul and with the natural world.  His previous books are Soulcraft and Nature and the Human Soul.  He lives in southwestern Colorado.  You can learn more about Bill, his programs and services at

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Everyone Needs a Fairy Godmother

In the journey of birthing our Soul – the way in which we are uniquely, creatively and spiritually gifted to contribute to the betterment of the world and in doing so, finding meaning, purpose, connection and fulfillment – we often get in our own way.  Hindered by our fears, insecurities, compulsions, addictions and false perceptions, we stumble and sometimes fall.  It is during these times of struggle that it is important to know that we need not accomplish this journey alone.  We all need guidance, help and support from those who have taken the journey before us.


Fairy Godmothers, Good Fairies and Mary Poppins

Fairytales and children’s stories are rich in their ability to reveal to us deeper and higher truths.  Like every good myth, fairytales reveal the deeper truths of the human condition, specifically, the journey toward birthing our Soul.  Every fairytale is in some way a representation of the hero’s journey, as Joseph Campbell would call it.  One valuable truth often portrayed in fairytales is that we do not need to accomplish the journey toward our creative and spiritual potential alone.  Instead, there are helpers available to assist us, maybe even magically, in accomplishing  our goal.  Cinderella had her Fairy Godmother.  Pinocchio, the Blue Fairy.  Snow White, the seven dwarves.  Briar Rose (aka Princess Aurora) had the three fairies. Dorothy had the Good Witch of the North. And the Banks children had (my personal favorite) Mary Poppins.  What is common among these helpers is a sort of higher knowledge and wisdom, mixed in with a little bit of magic.

Spoons full of sugar and bibbity bobbity boo!

The gift in these magical helpers is their ability to see beyond the fears, illusions, addictions, compulsions and insecurities of those they are helping.  Glinda knew that Dorothy had within herself the ability to return.  The Blue Fairy saw the real boy hidden beneath the rigidity of Pinocchio’s fears.  Mary Poppins saw the love and compassion beneath the Banks’ attachment to work and the longing for attention beneath Jane and Michael’s mischief.  Magical helpers are there to see the truth beyond the illusion and to hear the truth beyond the words so that they can help us to identify what is really standing in the way of our creative and spiritual fulfillment.  Then, it is their job to provide for us the resources and tools which will shake us from our attachment to the status quo, help us through our fears and restore us to the path of our Soul.  To us, these resources and tools are no less magical than a spoon full of sugar and bibbity bobbity boo!

Today’s Magical Helpers

The Fairy Godmothers and Mary Poppins of the real world are those people who show up in our lives as a source of wisdom and support as we seek the remedy to our restlessness, longing, impatience and frustration.  Spiritual Directors, Therapists, Life Coaches, Creative Mentors, etc. are all there to help us find our way to our Soul, magical helpers who help us to identify the inner obstacles, unhealed wounds, unresolved fears, false perceptions and attachments that are keeping us from the creative fulfillment that God/dess intended for us to have, and who are then there to provide us with the tools and resources for releasing, healing and moving past those inner obstacles.  The greatest gift in working with these magical helpers is that if they are good, really good, we discover our own greatness and our own unique brand of magic which we are then called to share with others – thereby making us the next generation of Fairy Godmothers and Mary Poppins’.

SOUL is the unique way you are creatively gifted to find meaning, purpose and connection. Soul, when engaged, leaves you feeling fulfilled, content and whole.  My mission is to help you BIRTH YOUR SOUL.  For support in this journey, call me at (920) 230-1313 or email

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Satan’s Redemption

Satan: gateway to hell or guide to heaven?  The benevolent role of temptation leading us to the goal of our spiritual journey – the birth of our Soul and the discovery of our uniquely creative gifts.


The Hero’s Journey

In Joseph Campbell’s immortal work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, he demonstrates within mythology and sacred text the universal story.  This story illustrates the process through which we are called to our destiny and the journey of getting there.  Our destiny is no less than the birth of our Soul – the way in which we are creatively gifted to find meaning, purpose, fulfillment and connection in our life and through which we are called to serve the betterment of the world.  This path is referred to as the hero’s journey because in order to accept the call, persist, endure and succeed, one must be courageous and brave – the hero with the shining blade. 

The Road of Trials

For the hero brave enough to accept the call, the second stage in the journey toward the birth of their creative and spiritual destiny, is initiation. Campbell refers to the first stage of initiation as the road of trials.  It is during this stage in the initiatory journey that the hero encounters the supernatural helper.  Much to the chagrin of the one who journeys, however, the supernatural helper is not there to take our hand and lead us through the field of daisies to our destiny, instead, the role of the helper is to lead us through the labyrinth of our fears,  illusions, false perceptions, ego attachments, addictions, compulsions and excuses.  The helper is there to give us an opportunity to confront everything within us that stands in the way of naming, claiming, nurturing, cultivating and ultimately living our destiny and that includes everything that tempts from our path and tempts us from being the person God made us to be.   The helper leads us into the shadows so that we can return to the light.

SOUL is the unique way you are creatively gifted to find meaning, purpose and connection. Soul, when engaged, leaves you feeling fulfilled, content and whole.  My mission is to help you BIRTH YOUR SOUL.  To schedule a workshop or retreat or set up a one-on-one mentoring session, contact Lauri Ann Lumby at (920) 230-1313 or


In the Hebrew tradition, this is the role that Satan plays.

Satan is a heavenly angel who was created for the purpose of tempting man, who must in turn exercise his free will to overcome the temptation.  . . . temptation exists so that people can demonstrate and increase their moral strength, thereby turning potential evil into good.  Accordingly, the Sages comment that the expression, “God saw that all He had created was very good,” refers also to the creation of the evil inclination, for its ultimate goal, too, serves man’s attainment of perfection.”   – Rabbi Michael L. Munk, The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet.

In the Christian scripture, this is also the role that Satan plays in providing Jesus with the opportunities to confront his own inner obstacles.  Satan appears at pivotal points in Jesus’ journey – once after his baptism by John and Jesus’ subsequent temptation in the desert, through Peter in his attempts to dissuade Jesus from his path or in his desire to name Jesus King, and finally, in the Garden of Gethsemane.

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The Horned God, Pan, Herne, Cernunnos, Gwynn ap Nudd

In the pagan traditions of Western Europe, there is a rich history of supernatural helpers in the guise of nature gods.  Pan, Herne, Cernunnos, Gwynn ap Nudd, Hades are just a few of the names given to the god of the underworld, the one who guards the world of rest and repose between lives, the shadow world (of our fears, illusions, etc.) and fertility.  He is a warm, moist, salty God (to borrow the words of Edwinna Gately), sexual, erotic, dark, mysterious and alluring.  In the journey toward our destiny, the god of the underworld, is the supernatural helper who gives us the opportunity to confront our inner demons – the obstacles to our creative and spiritual fulfillment.  While his arrival strikes fear in the hearts of even the bravest women and men, his intention and purpose is benevolent and in service to our greatest good.


Get Behind Me Satan

The Catholic tradition in which I was raised  taught us to fear temptation and to do everything we can to avoid it, to push it away, to bury it, ignore it, confess it, feel shame and guilt for it.  This fear was then further compounded by the threat of eternal damnation, or worse, demonic possession.  Jesus, however, demonstrated another path.  Jesus did not run from temptation, he did not ignore it or bury it.  He never felt shame or guilt (as far as we know) when tempted, and did not confess or apologize for being human.  Instead, Jesus looked Satan square in the face, listened to what Satan had to say, moved through his own fears, confronted his inner obstacles and found the way to his destiny.  When temptation, the supernatural helper shows up on our path, our job it to stay put, maybe even welcome it, for it is only in confronting our own inner fears, illusions, obstacles that we can ever hope to arrive at the place of our Soul – where we find fulfillment in our spiritual and creative purpose in service to the betterment of the world.  And it is in welcoming the supernatural helper that Satan shall be redeemed.

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SOUL is the unique way you are creatively gifted to find meaning, purpose and connection. Soul, when engaged, leaves you feeling fulfilled, content and whole.  My mission is to help you BIRTH YOUR SOUL.  To schedule a workshop or retreat or set up a one-on-one mentoring session, contact Lauri Ann Lumby at (920) 230-1313 or