My Love Child

For the past several years, I have been operating two distinct and separate businesses: Authentic Freedom Academy and Temple of the Magdalene. While there has been much overlap between these two aspects of my offering to the world, they individually represent two aspects of my own being.  Authentic Freedom Academy represents the more linear, pragmatic, … Read moreMy Love Child

We Can Only Save Ourselves!

The deeper we move into our inner spiritual work, the more we become aware of the subtle temptations of the ego – especially those we would never have thought of as ego-attachments because our cultural conditioning tells us these are good and benevolent traits. For me, this has come more and more fully to light … Read moreWe Can Only Save Ourselves!

Enlightenment Means Being Fully Human

enlightenment, Jesus, self-actualization, psychology, human development

In no way, shape or form do I profess to have attained enlightenment. In fact, if someone has to tell you they are enlightened, they are not.  Those who have reached true enlightenment, like Jesus, have come to know that: “… though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God … Read moreEnlightenment Means Being Fully Human

Denying Death – Jesus’ and our own

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Denying death seems to be the primary preoccupation of Western culture. Our religions reflect (or maybe inspired) this in their wholesale denial of Jesus’ death.  How can we stop denying death so that for once we might live? As I was moderating and reflecting on the student discussions in my online Magdalene Priest and Priestess … Read moreDenying Death – Jesus’ and our own

What Does it Mean to be Like Jesus?

Jesus, being like Jesus, Children of God, Oneness, Aramaic Lord's Prayer

Jesus did not come to teach us how to get to heaven. Jesus came so that we might know how to experience heaven on earth. We experience heaven on earth when we, like Jesus, we come to understand the truth of Oneness: The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that … Read moreWhat Does it Mean to be Like Jesus?

Lovers and Liars: You Say You’re a Christian?

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If we say that we are Christian but are selective about who and how we love, we are liars. Rather, we are wounded and broken people who have not yet come to know the fullness of God’s unmerited and unconditional love. In order to love in the way Jesus calls us to love, we first have … Read moreLovers and Liars: You Say You’re a Christian?

Jesus and the Path to Love

Jesus Christ Shepherd

Jesus came to know and then sought to teach the Path to Love. During Holy Week we reflect on Jesus’ journey on the path to love and on how we are invited to do the same. excerpt from Authentic Freedom Weekly Newsletter Christ Jesus, though he was in the form of God, did not regard … Read moreJesus and the Path to Love

Jesus as a Model for Self-Actualization

enlightenment, Jesus, self-actualization, psychology, human development

Jesus became self-actualized and sought to teach others how to achieve self-actualization. Today’s blog explores Jesus and his teachings as a model of psychological and spiritual development through which we are empowered to become self-actualized and through which we are able to be freed of the obstacles which prevent us from reaching our full potential … Read moreJesus as a Model for Self-Actualization

We Are All Called to Be Priest

Yesterday morning, I had the great honor of ordaining six women as High Priests in the Order of Melchizedek. In addition to having already completed the Authentic Freedom Mastery program, and for several, The Magdalene Priestess Training, these women committed themselves to eleven months of diligent study in the ancient, alchemical rituals and practices of … Read moreWe Are All Called to Be Priest

A Witch! A Witch!

Responding to the Catholic self-appointed inquisition. Just when I think I am off their radar and free of the wrath of the Catholic self-appointed inquisition, they rear their fearful head. This morning as I was enjoying a glimpse of the new and expansive opportunities that are coming my way, not the least of which is … Read moreA Witch! A Witch!

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