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The Magdalene Image Shop is Now Open

I have spent my lifetime coming to know myself. As an educator and counselor, writing has always come easy, but art has come as a great surprise.

When asked by a friend if I could do any kind of art, what would it be.  The answer was easy:  ICONS!  If you came to my home you would understand why.  My walls are plastered with sacred images of holy (and not so holy) people.  I collect religious icons and the icon-esque work of Kelly Rae Roberts.  I also have a collection of tarot and oracle decks – one of my favorites featuring the art of Robert M. Place and another with the iconography of Shiloh Sophia McCloud,

After responding to my friend’s collection, I suddenly found myself “writing” icons.  But these were different – spiritual art with a universal message transcending the perceived separation of religion and belief.

Thanks to a butt kicking from a couple dear friends, I am now making my sacred art available to the public in a wide range of media – greeting cards, prints, apparel, journals, mugs and more. My art comes from my heart and has its own message for those for whom the message is intended.

Images below available as prints, on canvas, t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, laptop and cellphone skins, journal covers, and more!

Three Collections NOW Available:

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New Icons to Love

In honor of the women in our country who are currently experiencing ridicule and condemnation, I have created two new icons – one speaking to our South-American, Central-American and Mexican sisters and brothers.  The other giving honor to our Muslim sisters and brothers who are seeking only peace in an otherwise intolerant world. (images available on a wide variety of medium in my online store.  Click on the images below to learn more)

Let me introduce you to:


Chicomecoatl – Aztec Goddess of Hearth and Harvest


Hagar-Keturah:  Mother of Islam


Visit my online store to view all available icon images: