The Benefits of Using Authentic Freedom with Reiki

Reiki, hands on healing, laying on of hands, Authentic Freedom and Reiki

Reiki is one of many modalities of energy medicine incorporating hands-on-healing or the laying on of hands for the purpose of supporting the body in returning to its natural state of wellbeing. With knowledge of the Authentic Freedom process, a Reiki practitioner can greatly enhance the benefits of a traditional treatment, both for their client … Read moreThe Benefits of Using Authentic Freedom with Reiki

Healing the Wounded Masculine

wounded masculine, distorted masculine, holy masculine, healing the wounded masculine, patriarchy, divine masculine

Healing the Wounded Masculine For three nights in a row I have had dreams about the wounded masculine – specifically the wounded masculine within me. As the ancients have said, when things come in threes, it is a clear message from Spirit. In this case, it is an invitation to recognize and then heal the … Read moreHealing the Wounded Masculine

Staying Sane in an Insane World

staying sane, anxiety, insane world, peace, contentment, joy, mindfulness, meditation, spiritual practice, tools for staying sane, support for times of stress

Staying sane in an insane world is about tools, practice and support. Below are my thoughts on staying sane along with resources and support for doing so: It’s getting pretty crazy out there! Just yesterday I posted two comments on Facebook, one about not knowing what to believe, or if there is anything to believe … Read moreStaying Sane in an Insane World

Ending Violence by Healing Our Emotional Wounds

emotional wounds, healing emotional wounds, ending violence, emotional wounds as the cause of violence

Before having a discussion about ending violence, we need to explore and then do the courageous work of healing the emotional wounds that cause violence in the first place. Unfortunately violence has become so much a part of American culture that we hardly even think about it until a horribly violent act takes place, such … Read moreEnding Violence by Healing Our Emotional Wounds

School Shootings – Had Enough Yet?

School Shootings: Had enough of innocent children and their teachers dying yet?  I know I have! The Dilemma From a friend who suffered the trauma of school lockdown as a nearby school was being attacked: 18 school shootings in 45 days… My heart is breaking that this is the “New Normal”. I can’t even imagine … Read moreSchool Shootings – Had Enough Yet?

Recovering Catholics – 42.7 Million Strong

The Second Largest Religious Denomination A few years back, I learned that the second largest religious denomination in the United States (reported by PEW Research, second only to the Roman Catholic Church), is made up of non-practicing Catholics.  I sat down and did the math and the number of people who still call themselves Catholic, … Read moreRecovering Catholics – 42.7 Million Strong

No Reward for Being Good

A letter to all healers and change-makers My Dear Sisters and Brothers, Yesterday I was gifted with a startling realization – one that I believe applies to many (if not all) of the amazing women, men and children I know who are here to heal and change our world.  The roots of this lie within … Read moreNo Reward for Being Good

Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Video Blog with Kayla Burger

This morning, I was so honored to be contacted by Kayla Burger, a lifestyles Video blogger.  Yesterday she posted a video blog on the topic of Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks and referenced some of my writing.  I found her work to be inspired, articulate, authentic and empowering.  Check out Kayla’s Vlog here and learn … Read moreAnxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Video Blog with Kayla Burger

Heal Yourselves! Lessons on Detachment

It is said, “The good Lord helps those who help themselves.” The key here is “help themselves.” The Lord (or whatever name you give to the transcendent aspect of the Divine that is said to be a source of guidance and support) cannot help those who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives, their … Read moreHeal Yourselves! Lessons on Detachment

When the Devil Comes to Call

 The closer we move toward our Soul’s purpose, the harder the “devil” works against us. I don’t mean the dude in the red tights with horns carrying a pitchfork who is really the Christian appropriation and demonizing of the pagan fertility god.  I mean the “devil” that resides within all of us.  Another name for … Read moreWhen the Devil Comes to Call

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