No Reward for Being Good

A letter to all healers and change-makers My Dear Sisters and Brothers, Yesterday I was gifted with a startling realization – one that I believe applies to many (if not all) of the amazing women, men and children I know who are here to heal and change our world.  The roots of this lie within … Read moreNo Reward for Being Good

The Truth Cannot Stay Hidden

This weekend, I had the profound confirmation of a theory to which I have long-subscribed – the theory that no matter how hard one tries, truth will not stay long hidden. Truth always finds its way to the light where it can be readily seen by those who have the eyes to see, bringing justice … Read moreThe Truth Cannot Stay Hidden

“God” Does Not Save

I am going to bet that a whole lot of people are going to be either offended or frightened by a blog that suggests that “God Doesn’t Save.” Bear with me here…..I promise there is a happy ending!  🙂 Yesterday while working through some specific areas of trauma – healing and releasing them through a … Read more“God” Does Not Save

How “Praying for Our Enemies” Works

Among all of Jesus’ teachings, the most difficult is the one where he asks us to love and pray for our enemies: “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” Matthew 5:44 How are we supposed to love our enemies and why on earth would we pray for them? … Read moreHow “Praying for Our Enemies” Works

Taking Back Our Power through Forgiveness

When you hear a message three times…’d better pay attention! For me, it was the reminder of the critical nature of forgiveness in freeing OURSELVES from past hurts and pain as we free others of the strands we hold of theirs. This is not forgiveness in the traditional a sense as an intellectual exercise of … Read moreTaking Back Our Power through Forgiveness

There’s Nothing Noble or Courageous about Being Poor

I share my stories of personal growth and transformation because I learned long ago that as I heal these wounds in myself, similar wounds are somehow being healed in others…especially when I am courageous enough to share. So….here goes another sharing….this one confessing a long-held jealousy and hatred of the rich – especially those who … Read moreThere’s Nothing Noble or Courageous about Being Poor

Shining the Spotlight on Clergy Sexual Abuse

I was not sexually abused by a priest, but I know and have counseled many people who were.  I was not sexually abused by a priest, but I worked in the Church when the insidious legacy of priests sexually abusing children and having inappropriate relations with other vulnerable populations began to come to light.  I was also … Read moreShining the Spotlight on Clergy Sexual Abuse

When Old Wounds Come Back to Haunt Us

After Monday’s global message about Building the New World, and yesterday’s call to resurrect the Magdalene and feminine principle with her, I’m turning to a more personal experience, and yet one to which I suspect you can relate and from which we can all learn. The VOID MOON sucks! After the glow of love that … Read moreWhen Old Wounds Come Back to Haunt Us

The Fear of Rejection – Superhero Report

Superhero Report for the Week of October 26, 2014  At this week’s Superhero Academy gatherings (Monday 6:30 – 8:30 and Tuesday 9-11 am), we discussed rejection – specifically, the fear of. In everyday life, and especially in claiming and engaging our Superhero gifts, we experience rejection.  In claiming our Superpowers, cultivating, and sharing them, we … Read moreThe Fear of Rejection – Superhero Report

Permission NOT to be Enlightened when Grieving

Perfectionist and the quest for enlightenment As a recovering perfectionist, the quest for “enlightenment” (ahem….perfection) has been high on my list of desired accomplishments. I’m nowhere near attaining that goal, but it is still on my wish list. Enlightened people are perfect you see….calm, cool, responsible, unflappable. Enlightened people have a high set of standards and they live by … Read morePermission NOT to be Enlightened when Grieving

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