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Looking Back

I am feeling in every cell of my body Pluto stationing and getting ready to turn direct. As a 23 degree Capricorn, Pluto has been all up in my business since 2008, but acutely so since the end of 2019.  Whether you are a Capricorn or not, Pluto is having an impact on your journey  – as its work this time around is about global transformation.  Pluto represents the journey of death and rebirth.  And boy have we been experiencing a lot of death – and not just because of the pandemic!

As I’m not an astrologer and don’t even know enough to get myself in trouble, the focus of my sharing today is on all that we have been through, especially since January/February 2020 when Pluto and Capricorn became strange bedfellows.

Ummmmm……let’s see:

  • A violent election (in the US) followed by an insurrection.
  • A global pandemic.

These two alone are enough to stir our memories of all that we have been through in the last almost two years (or what feels like a lifetime). We can make no bones about it, the past two years have ushered in an overwhelming amount of:

  • Death
  • Violence
  • Conflict
  • Separation

Think on this:  How many deaths have you witnessed or heard of in the past 2 years? How many people who you thought to be friends are friends no longer?  How much of your family members are still standing by your side?  How much of what you once called normal have you had to release?  What in your social life, work life, family rituals have you had to let go?  What did you once think to be true but may no longer be true? How have your routines changed? Where is your safety?

Related to safety:  how much energy have you had to expend keeping yourself and your loved ones safe?

We are living in a mad world and the Pluto plunge is giving us an opportunity to REALLY SEE how truly mad the world has become.  Day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute we are forced to see the conflict, hatred, division, and death.

It is exhausting!

I asked a friend this morning, “Is this what the fall of Rome felt like?”  He responded, “likely.”  I said I thought this was worse.  WAAAAAAYYYYYY worse!  Who else but those in power knew Rome was falling?  We, all, on the other hand, are forced to watch every single symptom and cause of this death…… seems……to the bitter end.

It is exhausting!

And to use a word that is soon to lose its meaning through overuse:  triggering!

I was reminded of all of this in working with a client yesterday as they expressed how TIRED they were  – for no other reason than all that has transpired over the past two years – death, violence, division, separation.


My client’s words reflected the very same questions I have asked myself and have been fielding from friends, loved ones, students, clients, etc.


And for good reason. The world around us is dying and if we’re not in the middle of the dying, we are front and center watching it all happen.

My invitation for all of us today is to:

  • Acknowledge our exhaustion.
  • Give ourselves credit for all we have TRULY been through in the past 2 years.
  • Give ourselves double credit for all we’ve had to do just to survive, and a pat on the back for doing just that:
  • Breathe a heavy sigh for all we’ve lost and will continue to lose.
  • Allow ourselves to be fully present to our grief – the pain, the sorrow, the anger, the denial and bargaining, the trauma, and the deep weight of grief.
  • Take a moment to acknowledge gratitude for those who are still with us and who have been sources of love and support for us as together we move through the violence of a dying work with our eyes open to the new that is on the other side of this death.

We are in this together!

With love,





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The Great Upheaval

We are living through the time of the Great Upheaval.  Everything in our world that was built on the foundation and for the purpose of fear, power, oppression, and control is in some form of collapse. Governance, education, healthcare, the capitalistic-corporate culture, the industrial model, etc. etc. etc.  Everywhere we look, we see systems on the verge of collapse.

As is true for all experiences of loss, there have been several responses to this collapse:

Denial.   Bargaining.  Depression.  Rage.  Sorrow.  Acceptance.

Denial:  “Everything is fine.  Nothing’s wrong with the current system.  Let’s just continue with things as they always have been.”

Bargaining:  “If people just had the work-ethic of my generation, all would be well. If  younger people would just get off their devices…”

Depression:  “I had to close my business because no one would work.”

Rage: “It’s ‘their’ fault that the world is like this.  Let’s wage a war/protest against ‘them.’”

Sorrow: “I’m deeply sorrowful for the changes I see happening in our world.”


Acceptance:  “I see and understand all these external symptoms as signs of impending death and I am hopeful for the new world that will come forth out of these long-needed changes.”


The world in which we have been living and the systems that have created this world are not and have never been sustainable.  We have created for ourselves a feudalistic system in which the many are slaving away for the benefit of the few.  Corporations and their shareholders are reaping the benefits of their employees work while hoarding wealth for themselves.  Educational systems are geared toward churning out obedient workers for the system while ignoring the growing needs in our culture for innovation and creativity and the specific educational needs of those primed for the future and not for the past.  Post-secondary education has turned into a capitalistic/money-making corporate scheme. Healthcare flounders because it is no longer geared toward the care of the patient.  Instead, healthcare has become about profits and the wealth of stockholders.

These are just a few examples of how the upheaval is presenting itself in the systems in need of change.

Other examples of this upheaval are evident in those who were born to help bring about the change and who are here to plant the seeds and nurture the growth of the new world.  Let me offer a few examples as I have witnessed them as both a mother and an advocate to the generations who are bringing forth this change:

  • Young adults refusing to work in environments where their needs for respect, a living wage, work/life balance, etc. are not being met.
  • Young adults finding innovative and create ways to make a living (entrepreneurial ship, online businesses, social media, making a living through their creative abilities, etc.)
  • Technology: our young people intuitively know how to work with emerging and the ever-increasing advances in technology. They have harnessed this ability and daily come up with new ways to use technology for the greater good of our world.
  • Global Awareness:  The younger generations think globally and locally, with an eye to how our local actions impact the larger world.
  • Acceptance of Diversity:  The younger generations are far more accepting of diversity and are finding increasing ways to honor and celebrate this.
  • Education:  Children and young adults rebelling against an educational system that doesn’t work for them.  Young adults refusing to invest in a university education because that model no longer guarantees good work with adequate pay, more importantly, the current model of higher ed has not changed to meet the needs of a changing world.
  • Connectivity: Our young people are more connected than we ever thought of being.  Thanks to technology, they are able to communicate with the world, have found their tribes, and are working together to bring forth change.

These are only a few examples, but ones that are likely to spark judgment and condemnation from those benefitting from the status quo. 

This judgement is another face of grief.  If we judge the young ones for their “strange behavior,” then we can condemn them and continue in our comfort with the status quo while ignoring a world on the verge of collapse.”

As is true of any death, it is appropriate to grieve, but we can only remain in denial for so long. Eventually the truth comes to bear. Death is the only outcome of a system beyond repair.  When we open our eyes to the symptoms of that death and look toward the possibility of new life on the other side of this death, we find comfort and hope.  I, for one, am beyond excited for what the youth among us will do to bring forth the new world after the current one is gone.  The good news is that they are already doing.  We must simply open our eyes and release our temptation to judge, then we shall see it clearly.

What are you seeing as signs of a new world coming into form?



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A Nation at War with Itself

I find myself at a loss for how to begin this post. For years, it seems, we have been in the death throes of an empire in collapse. Just when we think we can breathe and it seems as if there is a light breaking on the horizon, another hammer falls. As we begin to believe compassion has gained a leg up, that leg is torn out from beneath us. Texas’ successful ban on abortion and the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to take action against the ban is the most recent in a long line of seeming victories for patriarchal oppression. Voter suppression is another of those patriarchal “victories.”

Between the events of our nation and the personal attacks against compassion I have witnessed on social media, it has been a discouraging time for many. Those of a compassionate heart see and understand the dire need facing the oppressed in our culture. Today, the oppressed include all people of color, women, the jobless, the underemployed, the poor, homeless, mentally ill, cognitively diverse, sexually and gender-diverse people, the planet itself – essentially anyone/anything not benefitting from the current system. We see the need. We feel the need.  We are likely experiencing some level of that need ourselves.  And, we want to see significant societal and systemic change to remedy these needs.

On the other side of the need, however, are those who benefit from a system of oppression, or see their own need as somehow the fault of the oppressed (in psychological terms, this is called transference).  These folks are fighting to maintain their privilege. Many are fighting dirty. When the compassionate come face to face with this violence, it feels like an attack, because it is.

These are challenging times as we find ourselves, literally, as a nation at war with itself. When we really think about it and cast a wide net, we could also say that we are a world at war with itself. The likely question is, “Who will win,” but the deeper question is how can we be a vehicle for change in a way that brings benefit to all? This is the question compassion would ask of us, but the hard reality is that to bring compassion and balance into our world, those benefitting from a system of oppression will have to let something go.  Hence, the violence behind their fight to maintain power and control.

We must not lose hope, however, as the other hard reality is that the current system simply cannot sustain itself. By its own hand, the system will fall……and falling it is. The increasing violence against the oppressed is itself a symptom of the system’s impending collapse. The harder the patriarchy clings to its control, the more swiftly it will slip through its fingers.  This is the nature of control. On the surface it may look as if things are getting worse for the oppressed but, it is the death throes we are witnessing.

As we witness the death of an imperialistic system, we are invited to discern our role. We cannot stop the death, neither should we try.  We can, however, be a source of support for each other, for those who may be called to activism, and for those who are suffering in the increasing violence brought about by this death.  Like every good death we all have a role to play. Most importantly, we must take care of ourselves, because if we are not caring for ourselves, we are no good as a source of support for others as together we witness the end of the patriarchal system of oppression and the hopeful birth of something new.


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As the Veils Keep Tumbling Down

I am writing today  with a deep sorrow in my heart.  We have come upon a time in our human evolution that is painful for all.  And it’s not over yet.

As the pandemic rages and it seems the U.S. in on the brink of “The War on Terrorism Part 2,”  (just in time for the 20th anniversary of 9/11) more and more truths are being revealed – truths that may be painful to witness. Some are collective, and some are deeply personal. Let’s start with the collective:


The War Machine

This morning as I was preparing my coffee, it hit me how deeply insidious is the “war machine.”  As I posted on FB this morning:

I understand the value of the military and I am grateful for those who have made sacrifices to serve the cause of peace. I sometimes wonder, however, how much is actually for peace and how much is to fill the pockets of rich white men. How many young men have to die so that the corporate war machine can continue to make their CEO’s and shareholders wealthy?

The next question that hit me is, “Who all is involved in this?”  When I asked this question, a really old white man for whom I cast my vote, presented himself before me, swiftly followed by an old white woman who I was glad hadn’t won the nomination. I have become increasingly convinced that none of “them” are innocent.

I will leave this here simply as something to ponder.  This is indeed an existential question – how deep and how wide is the corruption of the system that (for example) keeps us in a constant state of war?


The Pandemic

The next question arises in response to the pandemic.  What the actual F..k? To date, 38.6 million Americans have contracted Covid-19 and 635,000 have died.  And still we are fighting about vaccines and masks?  Without going down the rabbit hole of collective finger pointing, I will simply ask this question:  WHO BENEFITS FROM A PEOPLE DIVIDED?  The short answer:  follow the money.


Now let’s look at where the collapsing veils are hitting us in the most personal of ways….


People Showing their True Face

As the outside world grows increasingly strained and people are reaching their last nerve, their true faces are being revealed.  Many are stepping up to the plate and proving their mettle.  They are reaching out for support when in need and are being open and honest about their anxiety, frustration, and fear.  For the authentic, and willing to be vulnerable among us, their true strength is being revealed.

Such is not the case for many/most.  Instead, what is being revealed is a whole range of defense mechanisms that will eventually prove to be their downfall.  Defense mechanisms like: secrecy, deception, betrayal, an attachment to control, guilt as a weapon, manipulating through victimhood/martyrdom, giving over their power to an outside perceived authority, looking for fulfillment outside of ones self, hoarding their perceived security, self-centered narcissistic behavior, deflection, blame, and soooooo much more.

It’s one thing to witness these behaviors in strangers, it is another to realize these as long-standing patterns in people close to us.  As we continue our movement toward the collapse of the world as we have known it, peoples’ true natures are becoming increasingly apparent.

We cannot control whether people are willing to do the work necessary to deal with their shit.  We can, however, deal with our own.  WHEN we are triggered by those far from us and those close who are engaging in unhealthy defense mechanisms, first we deal with the wound in us that is being triggered by that behavior.  Then we grieve.  We grieve for our own loss of innocence (isn’t it a lot easier NOT to see people’s true face?).  We grieve over what this new found knowledge might mean as it relates to the relationship in question.  We discern a change in boundaries if necessary while holding the other in compassion. Then we move on to continue to do our own work. As the airline safety manual tells us, we have to put on our own oxygen mask before we can help others with theirs.  This is the model we must follow if we hope to survive what is yet to come as the world continues in its collapse.


If you find yourself in need of support and guidance as the world falls apart, do not hesitate to reach out.






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Care without Caring

My dear sisters and brothers!

This week’s “Authentic Freedom Weekly Lesson” will be less of a “lesson” and more of what I hope will be a source of encouragement and support as we move into the school year, the approaching winter and what promises to be a stressful time for individuals and the collective alike.

We are continuing in our movement through the death of “the world as we have known it.”  As we’ve discussed time and time again, that which was not built on Love is in the midst of its collapse.  The system built on fear, power, oppression and control, and everything that is part of that system is imploding due to it being inherently unsustainable.  As Jesus himself observed:

“A house divided against itself cannot stand. (Mark 3:25)”

We are that house.  Humanity is that house.  As a species, we have built a world based on separation and division – and it cannot stand. We have seen the proof of this throughout history as one empire after another has brought about their own collapse.

Collapse, however, does not need to be thought of as a bad thing. The eternal promise of death is that new life is waiting on the other side. On the other side of the collapse of the Roman Empire, for example, was the Renaissance.  This is what we are here for – to bear witness to the collapse, while holding space for the new that is waiting to be born both within and on the other side of this collapse.

Bearing witness and holding on to hope, however, can be difficult when all the world around us is losing its sh*t.  As caring people, we can’t not feel the pain that others are suffering, and we can’t help but feel in our own bodies the anxiety and fear that seem to currently define our world.  Our hearts can’t help but break over the increasing division as human beings, who have no skills for identifying and managing their own anxiety, react in non-loving ways.  This is where the training and practice we have cultivated, perhaps for a lifetime, becomes critical.  In the face of collective collapse, we have to learn how to care without caring.

To care without caring is to cultivate the ability to hold the world in loving compassion without being negatively affected by the world in its death throes. To master this skill, we have to:

  • Hold ourselves personally accountable to our own anxiety and fear. Recognize when we are being triggered by the world “out there” and instead of reacting, turning our gaze inward to the unhealed wound within us that was triggered by “out there.”  Engage the practices you have learned to support the healing of that wound.
  • Maintain an ongoing, daily, spiritual practice. Whatever that looks like for you – DO IT!  Maintaining our practice does several things:  a) raises our resistance to anxiety, b) provides a foundation of inner peace that grows with practice, c) helps us to see through the eyes of the Truth, rather than through our conditioned seeing, d) helps us to develop and maintain witness consciousness, and e) helps us to develop equanimity – the ability to maintain peace amidst the tragedies and joys of life.
  • Unleash ourselves from our co-dependent conditioning. We cannot save that which needs to die. We cannot save people from themselves. We must care for ourselves before we can be a source of support for others.  As Sr. Judy Miller once told me:

“The most loving thing we can do for those we love is to do what is most loving for ourselves.”

  • Seek out support when we feel like we are hitting the wall. Have your “doomsday” team on speed dial and reach out when needed.  Seek out more professional support when that isn’t enough (
  • Create the space you need to witness the world in its dying, feel the world’s sorrow, and grieve it. It’s appropriate to be heartbroken when we witness the violence our species has done to itself, our world, and one another.  We can’t fix it, but we can grieve it.  Remember that grief includes:  shock/trauma, denial, bargaining (“if human beings would just…….”), anger/rage, depression (and all its faces) and deep sorrow.  Cry. Take a day in bed. Whatever you need to do to survive the world’s dying.
  • BUT DO NOT get dragged down into your own destruction by the dying world. DO NOT let it destroy you!  DO NOT die with it. And for Goddess’ sake, DO NOT SACRIFICE YOURSELF OR YOUR NEEDS FOR THE SAKE OF A DYING WORLD!  As the prophet Hosea spoke on behalf of God:

“I desire mercy (compassion), not sacrifice. (Hosea 6:6)”

Caring without caring is ultimately about watching the world as it destroys itself while not getting caught up in the destruction.  We cannot stop the world (as we know it) from dying, nor should we try.  We cannot convince anyone of anything they do not want to believe, neither can we change the minds of those caught up in separation. All we can do is watch while holding those caught up in the death in loving compassion.

The Divine irony of caring without caring is that in doing so, we are creating the safe space that is needed for the seeds of the new to take root and begin their germination and growth.  In caring without caring, we are doing our part in creating the new world that will be waiting for humanity on the other side of this collapse.

Thank you for being a part of the new!


With love,



*This post is a public sharing of the weekly Authentic Freedom lesson normally available for members only.  To learn more about our membership community, go HERE. 

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Turning a Corner – Whew That Was Rough!

Authentic Freedom Energy report 2/22/21


I don’t know about you, but the weeks since January 1 have been a DOOZIE!  I guess none of our prayers for relief in 2021 were answered – or rather, the answer was, “Oh honey, we’re not done with you yet!”

Since January 1, it seems we have experienced one crisis after another in what can only be described as a “nail biter.”  I’m sure our astrologer friends have some insights into how the planets have been involved, but since I’m not an astrologer, I can only speak to what I have been and am continuing to see.

In short – we, as a collective, are moving through what may be described as the greatest transformation in the history of humanity.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we are discarding old, outmoded systems and clearing space for something new to be born.  This discarding, clearing and rebuilding is at once personal and universal, microcosmic and macrocosmic, Einsteinian and Quantum, visible and invisible.  The transformation we are moving through is all-consuming and requires of us everything we have.  If you are feeling exhausted, this would be why.

I know I’ve said this a billion times, but we are clearing away 5000-8000 year old systems of fear, power, oppression and control.  Many of these symptoms are obvious (hierarchy, patriarchy, etc.), many are much more subtle.  The work to clear away these old and unsustainable systems is a full-time job and require, if not our undivided attention, our complete involvement.  That involvement is sometimes obvious, more often subtle and even invisible.  It is certain, however, that we are involved in some way shape or form – whether we are aware of it or not.

On one hand, we have those who are playing the role of comply-ers.  These are the folks who are clinging to what has been.  Some of this clinging is obvious – as in the siege on the Capitol on January 6th. Some is much more subtle – as in the reactions of the older generations to the youth of today – expecting these children and young adults to follow the rules that had been laid out for the children of the 50’s. The comply-ers have benefitted from the old (dying) systems and want those systems to remain, and are doing everything in their power to defend those systems.

The deny-ers are those who are here to envision and/or build the new world.  We are the ones who came here to call out that which no longer serves, to break our own chains of bondage to those systems and clear the space for something new to be brought forth. We are the ones witnessing to the death of the old world and clapping the dust of the old off our hands as we gratefully walk away. We are the shit disturbers, the catalysts, and the grim reapers – cutting out the old to make way for the new.


Finally there are the builders.  This group has been mostly silent.  They are lying in wait for their time to come.  Some are stealthily planting the seeds of the new while at the same time, bringing the powers that be to their knees (ie: Gamestop/Reddit).  Others are quietly defying the old systems while standing wholly in their own truth.  These are the ones who have discarded outmoded hierarchical expectations and power-over cultural conditioning.  These are the ones for whom respect and trust has to be earned, and authority is never assumed.  One will never see blind obedience in this group as to them, everything is questioned – and rightly so.  They are wise and intelligent, and they apply sound reasoning and discernment to every experience in their lives.  These are the old souls who have come to build us a new world.

I mention these three groups because we are all here to play our role.  We are comply-er, deny-er or builder and we are all necessary parts of the working design that is carrying us out of the old and into the new.  As every machine requires friction to operate, so too does the grand design that is bringing us into a new world.  Forget about Spaceforce 1, this is New Earth NOW!

The actions, interactions, and friction that are the product of this working design are being felt by all of us.  We are weary, worn out, frustrated, and grieving as we witness the ongoing struggle for the NEW while the old fiercely clings.  The degree to which we are struggling with this transformation is proportionate to the degree of our clinging.  If we have expectations for things to be a certain way and are disappointed to find out they are not, it is our expectations that have gotten in the way.  If we are hurting because we have been given another opportunity to leave something behind to make way for the new, then we are human.  Every human being is part of this grand design and we are all playing our roles – and it is hard.

The past two months have been especially difficult – which is to be expected as we carry our dreams of being free of the past year into the new.  2020 wasn’t over on December 31st!  In fact, we are only now approaching the true energies of 2021.  Can you feel it?  It’s subtle, but it’s there.  It’s like a tiny whispering gentle breeze has blown in – like a warm spring breeze (even as Texas is freezing).  We have successfully made it through seven harrowing weeks of deep inner and outer transformation.  AND WE ARE STILL HERE.  Congratulations!

Now, give yourself permission to take a deep breath.  Leave 2020 behind. Congratulate yourself on a journey well-done.  Comfort yourself for what you have grieved and been made to leave behind. And ready yourself for whatever is next for you in the grand design plan.  It is not something that can be sought after, or even planned.  But you will know it because it will be standing right before you, offering itself to you.  In the meantime, be compassionate toward yourself and even more compassionate toward others.  We are all playing our role in the grand design and unlike the old system that makes winner and losers, in the grand design, everybody wins.


Lauri Ann Lumby

Authentic Freedom Academy

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Not Surprising in the Least!

Responding to the events of January 6, 2021


Second only, perhaps, to the effects of 9/11, our nation sat in rapt collective horror over the events that unfolded in our Capitol as our congresspeople attempted to make the final pronouncement on the outcome of the presidential election.  I don’t need to explain what happened.  We all saw it with our own two eyes. To quote the 90’s sitcom Seinfeld, “It was loathsome and hideous yet we could not look away.”

Thanks to yesterday’s events, the shadow of American has been seen.  While some claimed shock and surprise, this terroristic act was not the least bit surprising to me.  In fact, I have been seeing and predicting this very thing FOR MONTHS!  The United States has become a ticking time bomb and yesterday was simply another example of a nation about to go off.  You know, like those tiny earthquakes that happen before THE BIG ONE?  Yeah….like that.  What that likely means is that “THE BIG ONE” is yet to come.

Death of a Nation by Lauri Ann Lumby

I am at once saddened and disgusted by yesterday’s events.  Saddened that it has come to this.  Disgusted that it has come to this.  The shadow(s) of our nation have been increasingly showing themselves and yet, we continue to do nothing about them.  As a collective, we continue to sweep the sad realities of the so-called “American Dream” under the rug. Racism shows itself and we look the other way. People of color gather in protest and we call them violent and ungrateful. The poor reach out a hand for support and it is slapped away. People are dying by the thousands and we whine about having to wear a mask (grow the fuck up!). We claim our liberties are being infringed upon when we don’t even know what freedom means.  Freedom doesn’t mean getting to do whatever you want simply because you want to.  Freedom is a privilege that has a price and a HUGE part of that price is personal responsibility and self-restraint.

I could go on and on and on, but I won’t.  If you are reading this post, it is likely we are of a similar mind anyway. My point is that none of us should be surprised when the shadows of our nation come forth to be seen.  And we should not be surprised when we start seeing more of this.  We are a nation that is broken and disabled by our own narcissism, self-centeredness and rugged individualism.  Until we address the injustices that are inherent in late-stage Capitalism, we will only see more of the same.  The rich getting richer.  The poor getting poorer.  A growing chasm of division.  And those on the fringe finding ways to violently exercise their frustration.

While it will take years, perhaps lifetimes to heal our broken nation (if it even can be healed), the first step is simple:  BE KIND and start thinking of someone other than just our own damn selves.

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Transformation of the Patriarchal Wound

Oh my dear sisters and brothers,

We are deep in one of the most profound transformations we have likely ever experienced in our collective evolution, most definitely in our collective memories.  The impact of this transformation will ultimately prove to be as species-altering as the time some 8000 years ago when humanity chose fear/power/control and oppression over the harmonious collaboration we once knew.

The unfortunate term that has been given to that 8000 year old choice is patriarchy.  I say unfortunate because today, this term has come to be associated with men in a not-so-good way.  The temptation when using this term is to believe that one is suggesting “men” are bad.  They are not.  But the truth remains – patriarchy means “a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it.”  By definition, those who control and benefit from a patriarchal system are largely male. While there are most certainly women who benefit from patriarchy, they hold no power or influence over the designs of the system.  Their benefit is simply by association.

So please be assured that as I continue with this unfolding, my words are not anti-male.  My words are to point out a system that is dying and the suffering currently being experienced by those who have benefitted from the system; those who do not know what to do when that which has supported their “success” is quickly crumbling beneath them.  They also don’t know how to respond when the very lies that have held up this system are proving to be untrue.

The cold hard truth is that the patriarchy is facing its own death.  As a result, the responses of those who have benefitted from the dying system are typical of anyone experiencing a death or a loss:

  • Denial
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Sorrow

Acceptance will eventually follow these typical faces of grief, but likely not without a fight. Those who have benefitted from the patriarchal system are clinging hard to what they have known and are (sometimes) viciously defending the system that has been their source of support and means of validation.

What happens when we learn that what has been validating us, giving us our sense of self-worth, provided our income and our perception of success, is all a lie?  If you have been deep in the throes of spiritual transformation and the ego death that ensues, you know of what I speak.  Some find their way through the death of “self” to the Truth within.  Many do not.  And we live in a culture where transformational work is not only ignored, it is often dismissed as “witchcraft and sorcery.”

It goes like this – to keep a lie going, there has to be an enemy.  The enemy of patriarchy is self-knowledge and inner growth.  Pride is the compulsion that fuels the patriarchy, leaving those who benefit terrified of the truth of the human condition – our inherent powerlessness.  In order to fully enter inner growth and transformation, we have to become humble and accept the fact that as a species, we cannot do it alone.  We are not the sole proprietor of human agency.  As a species we thrive in community.  When we embrace the patriarchal mantra “every man for himself,” we die.

Patriarchy is built on that lie, as is the economic system of Capitalism.  In a “dog eats dog” world, eventually everyone gets eaten.  All of this is what has brought our world to the brink of its own destruction – a destruction of humanity’s own making.

And yet, those who built and thrive in the patriarchal system continue to deny the consequences of their actions.  They deny culpability pretending the “liberal agenda” is the cause of the world’s destruction.  The destruction of our world is not about conservative or liberals, it is about a system built on fear, power and control which benefits few while enslaving those “beneath” them.  By design it is an unsustainable system that is on the brink of collapse.

To the point of its last dying gasp, the patriarchy will deny these facts.  It will fight to maintain power by every means possible.  It will demonize, threaten, argue against anyone and anything that points out the fact that they are dying or the lies that have allowed them to live. This goes for men and women alike who benefit from a system of fear, power and control who are benefitting at the expense of others.  Probably to their dying breath they will continue to repeat the mantras that have justified their actions:


  • I (alone) am the source of my success.
  • I am successful because of MY hard work.
  • There is a magical formula for success and I know it.
  • If people are suffering, it is their fault. It is because they didn’t follow the magical formula, didn’t work hard enough, or didn’t think the right thoughts.
  • I deserve what I have because of how hard I worked.
  • I am a good person because God has blessed me. (because apparently God is busy doling out financial success to those who deserve it and withholding money from those who does not).


Pre-patriarchal systems knew otherwise.  They understood the inherent vulnerability of the human animal.  They knew that our survival depended on collaboration – that we would only survive as a species if we learned how to harness the inherent gifts of the individual in collaboration with the whole.  They understood that our survival literally depended on our relationship with the earth – because the earth itself was our means of survival.  Everything we need to survive comes from our earth – food, as well as the materials that close, house and provide protection.  We also knew that like every other species, we were vulnerable to sickness and disease and that the earth (sometimes) provided the medicine we needed to maintain wellness or restore our health.  Perhaps most importantly, they understood the reality and sacredness of death.  Everything has its season, including the human being. And when someone’s time came to and end, the community celebrated the life and mourned the death while remembering the nourishment that person’s presence brought to the community and the nourishment their decaying body would bring to the earth when they were laid to rest.  Before patriarchy destroyed these systems, they thrived in peaceful harmony (at least within the tribe) because they understood that their survival was dependent on mutual honor and support.

Patriarchy has made us forget this truth, and the consequences of this forgetting are obvious (at least to those with eyes to see).  The time of the patriarchy is coming to an end and something new is in the process of being born from within it.  Our task at this time is to be witness to the death throes of the patriarchy and the flailing about of those still clinging to that system while simultaneously holding the vision of the new world that is seeking to be born. One rooted in love, seeking out and supporting the inherent gifts of each and every human being, and harnessing these gifts in collaboration and cooperation with mutual honor and respect that naturally and effortlessly brings forth a world where decisions are made, not for the benefit of the few, but for the good of the all.







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Creating Our New World Now!

My dear sisters and brothers,

As I mentioned in our spiritual service on Friday, there is a great turmoil approaching – one even greater than what we have experienced before.  The death throes of the old world are even more palpable than before which I am currently feeling in every cell of my body in the form of an underlying anxiety that is most definitely NOT my own.  I have nothing to be anxious about in my personal life which means it can only be coming forth from the world at large.

I recently heard myself saying, somewhat jokingly, but not really, that if a certain outcome happens in November that “I am going underground.”  Then two things struck me:

  • No matter the outcome in November, mass chaos will prevail, and from November 3rd until likely mid-January there will be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth. I don’t like to suggest doomsday, but it may be a good idea to be prepared in the event of massive civil unrest and the initiation of martial law.
  • Why am I waiting until November to go underground and what exactly does underground mean to me?

While I have no control over the outcome and the consequences of November, I am in complete control over how I choose to live my life.  Underground has always sounded good to me – who doesn’t want to live in a cave in the woods?  While I’m not currently living in the woods and there are no caves nearby, and it is unlikely that I will be moving location anytime soon; none of this prevents me from creating my own underground in the world in which I am currently living.

Underground begins with a few simple steps:

  • Unplugging from any activity, relationship, endeavor, etc. that are no longer life-giving.
  • Eliminating those things which drain me emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • Examining my Soul for those things that nourish, support and enliven me, and then making these a priority.
  • Setting boundaries around my time and my use of time.
  • Saying no to people, activities, etc. which are not life-giving.
  • Being open to TRIBE. Watching for those of similar resonance and connecting with this individuals as a source of mutual honor, respect and support.
  • Have my doomsday team on speed-dial – those I know I can call on (and visa versa) when I hit the wall or am about to have a meltdown.
  • Clearing my field of anything that takes me away from my own well-cultivated field of inner peace and contentment.
  • Be open to how my Soul is being called to serve and doing it.
  • Saying NO to any societal conditioning, expectations, etc. that are not in resonance with my own truth.
  • Living my own truth, unapologetically.

As it turns out, going underground is really my own way of creating the world I want to live in in the midst of the insanity and instability of a dying world.  Building our own world is first an inside job – we have to feel it inside of ourselves first.  Our new world becomes a reality when we begin to choose that which supports the inner contentment, peace and fulfillment we have cultivated within.  We don’t need the world to be finished with its dying before choosing our new world and living in it.  We simply need to choose it each and every moment of each and every day.  If I could give an image to my own new world and what underground looks like to me, it would be something like this:



What does your new world look like and how can you begin to choose it?


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When Evil Comes Out to Play


Good morning sisters and brothers.  After a rough couple days, I awoke this morning feeling somewhat back to my abnormal self.  🙂  The energy for the past few days has been exceedingly disruptive and I found myself caught up in the yuk – not on purpose – I just couldn’t NOT feel the tremor of fear that raged across our planet.  A certain someone is supposed to pay a visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin today and there is much trepidation about the increasing division that his words might ignite.  I am roughly 100 miles from Kenosha, in Oshkosh, WI so the anxiety is palpable.

This anxiety is simply one more symptom in a long line of symptoms of our dying world.  That which has been hiding in the shadows (racism, classism, supremacy cults, the dark web, organized hate groups, violence, hatred, ignorance, etc. etc. etc.) continues to come out to be seen and it is HORRIBLE.  The potential for evil that dwells within humanity is appearing to be infinite.  And for those “of the good,” IT IS EXHAUSTING and disheartening.

In the face of all this evil, it is good to remember, this is nothing new!  This evil and hatred for “the (perceived) other” has always been present.  We simply live at a time that has fed these evils and that has allowed them to thrive – albeit in the darkness. Then a few years back something happened that invited them all to come out and play – and be seen.  On many days, it seems as if a war is waging in the heavens between “the evil” and “the good” and we are the unwitting pawns in this game. I can assure you, such is not the case, but knowing this doesn’t change how it feels.  We are definitely experiencing the depths of the YUK.  The sad thing is that this is a YUK of our own making and has absolutely nothing to do with that which some might call “God.”

This is why I often say, “Human beings suck.  I’m glad I’m not one of them.”  I say this (somewhat) tongue in cheek – but in many ways this is true.  Human beings, while perfect as Divine creations, are also broken and flawed.  Broken by the original wound of separation and then further broken by other wounded human beings.  We are all wounded in some way – some are simply wounded more than others.  What we call “evil” is the consequence of unacknowledged and unhealed brokenness.  This means that the “evil” can be healed.

When I look out over our broken world and ponder the healing of all this evil, I become overwhelmed and shutdown.  It seems an impossible task.  (It is an impossible task) I have learned that the world is not mine to heal.  I used to think it was, but not anymore.  I have come to understand that the only person we can truly heal is OURSELVES.  Part of healing ourselves includes letting go of all the things outside of ourselves we believe we are responsible for healing.  Like the story of the oxygen masks on airplanes.  If the plane is going down, you have to grab your own mask first before helping your neighbor with theirs.

Saving ourselves does not mean we do not have compassion for our dying world.  Neither does it mean we refuse assistance for those seeking help.  We help the world heal itself by first healing ourselves.  As we do this, those close to us begin to heal and transform.  The more authentic and whole we are with ourselves, the more those around us feel safe to do the same.  This healing begins to ripple out from us to the people we meet, the encounters we have in the world and the gifts we share with those who are ready to receive.  Saving the world begins by saving ourselves and keeping the focus on our own healing and wellbeing.  The rest simply unfolds from there.

This doesn’t mean that Lauri Lumby in Oshkosh Wisconsin by her simple acts of kindness will get a white supremacist to lay down his gun, but it might inspire the next generation to look for non-violent ways to resolve perceived conflict, or to work to eradicate the social injustices that inspire hate in the first place.  At the end of the day, all the angry voices are simply people who did not feel seen or heard somewhere along the way or who did not get their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, safety and love adequately met.  Angry and hateful people are simply very sad people in disguise.

As the world (as we have known it) continues in its death march, growing louder and more angry as it reaches its ultimate demise, we would do well for ourselves to remember a few things:


  • Keep our head down!
  • Stay out of the fray!
  • Heal ourself!
  • Care for our own!
  • When tempted to meet hate with hate, remember the deep woundedness that created all this evil and PRAY FOR THEM!


When facing times like these, I find myself drawn back to my Catholic roots, especially to the intercession (support) of the saints.  Mother Mary, in particular is one I turn to.  When invoking her support, I pray these words.  Perhaps you will feel inspired to do the same:


Hail Mary, Full of Grace.

Love is with you.

Blessed art thou among women

And Blessed is the fruit of your Love.

Holy Mary, Mother of Love.

Pray for us.

Now and at the hour or our death.