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10 Ways We Are Like Hogwarts!

Authentic Freedom Academy isn’t any old academic institution.  We don’t teach history or ‘rithmetic; instead, we offer programs and services in support of your journey of self-actualization.  The roots of our work are in education, psychology and spirituality and the pillars are mindfulness, creativity and active imagination.  The end result is transformation and empowerment.  No, this work isn’t for everyone….but it is for the strong and courageous, the brave and insane, and those who believe there is more to life than Kanye and Kim and what might be reported on Fox News.   In short, Authentic Freedom Academy is a lot like Hogwarts.  Let me show you how:


1) Here there be MAGIC!

Life is a miracle and fantastically magical. Our desire is to help you see that magic!

2) We solemnly swear we are up to ALL GOOD!

To those attached to status quo, things as they are, a fearful, materialistic world, then it might look like we are entirely up to no good…….but for those with magic in their hearts and who can see past the illusion…’s all good!

3) Mischief Managed! Every day.

Giving you the tools you need to overcome the inner and perceived external obstacles to your own magical magnificence!

4) Platform 9 ¾:

The only way to get here is to close your eyes, point your luggage cart in the direction of that brick wall in front of you, run and TRUST.

5) Defense Against the Dark Arts:

Yes, there is darkness in our world. Fear too. We help you name those fears and give you tools for transcending them.

6) Lord Voldemort:

We all have an inner adversary – that voice of fear that keeps us small and seeks to keep us from the magical purpose for which we were born. We help you distinguish this voice from the voice of your Truth and give you tools for quieting “He who must not be named” so that you can hear the still, quiet, voice of your own SOUL.

7) Pensieve:

Through mindfulness, creativity and active imagination practices, we help you remember and retrieve the forgotten pieces of your Soul.

8) Fantastical Creatures:

Why can’t there be dragons, pixies, mermaids, talking pictures, griffins, giants and shapeshifters? In the world of magic….all things are possible….and everything we can imagine is here to teach us about ourselves. Here, we embrace them.

9) Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore:

Each and every person is uniquely gifted and called to be a source of love and transformation in the world. Our teachers and guides are here to help you find yours.

10) Harry Potter of course!

We all need our heroes – those who have gone before us in search of their inner treasure and who have found it. We look to the great spiritual teachers of our human (and non-human) past to learn how to get there!

To learn more about Authentic Freedom Academy, please contact our “Head Mistress” (wink!)  Lauri Ann Lumby or (920) 230-1313.   Or….check out our weekly Superhero Gatherings and discover your magic!





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Birthing Announcement!

I’m excited and proud to announce the birth of Authentic Freedom Academy!  It only took us 20 years to get here….but here we are.  Finally understanding what we are here for.

Authentic Freedom Academy –

Transformational Education and Empowerment since 1995!


Nothing really has changed – only a more focused mission using a more universal language…..with a little magic slipped in (watch tomorrow’s blog for the 10 reasons we are like Hogwarts!)

Please note our new URL (website address)  Add us to your list of favorites.  Bookmark our site. Include our address on your favorite browser.  Add us to your address book:  Put our phone number on speed dial  (920) 230-1313.

And even better…..spread the word!  Subscribe to our blog.  Subscribe to our Constant Contact newsletter and get updates on programs and services.  Share us with your Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, etc. social networking friends.  Copy and paste our website address and email it to your friends.  Hit “SHARE” when you see receive our blog or see our posts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkdIn.  Help spread the word…….and tell everyone you know who might be looking for meaning, purpose, fulfillment and a little bit of SOUL in their lives!


Please and thank you!


Lauri Ann Lumby

Authentic Freedom Academy

Oshkosh, WI (and beyond)

(920) 230-1313


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Self-Actualization: Where education, psychology and religion have failed

We stand at an important crossroads in our evolution as a species where everything we formerly looked to as keeping us safe; and supporting our health, development, and wellbeing; has failed.  Education.  Government.  Medicine (here including psychology). Capitalism.  Religion.  All have failed.  As it relates to Authentic Freedom Academy, I will focus on the three related to our mission of providing transformational education and empowerment:  education, religion and psychology.

Education, religion and psychology have failed.  Perhaps not from the perspective of some inside these institutions, but from the perspective of human development, they have failed.  Psychology is treating pathology only, and everything is pathology (anxiety, depression, panic attack for example which are just as often signals of our Soul’s desire to awaken!).  Religion teaches doctrine while ignoring the deepest need of the human heart which is to know ourselves and to know that we are loved.  Education remains primarily within the 19th century paradigm of creating obedient factory workers. While religion, education and psychology all insist their desire is to support human development, none in fact, are doing so.  Instead, they are, more often than not, working to keep people small, contained, frustrated and unhealthy.

Authentic Freedom Academy hopes to change this fact by being a resource through which people of all ages can be supported in their human development, the ultimate goal being self-actualization.

Self-Actualization is the term that Abraham Maslow used to describe the ultimate goal of the human journey – to become the fullest expression of our greatest self while harnessing our individual and unique giftedness, not only for our own fulfillment but for the sake of the betterment of the world.  Other pioneers in the field of psychology have used such terms as individuation, self-fulfillment, whole self, etc. to describe the deepest desire of the human animal to find inner fulfillment and satisfaction.  All agree that this satisfaction comes not from what is outside of us (money, power, wealth, material possessions), but is an inner quality experienced when our Soul comes to its own realization.  The Soul’s realization is called self-actualization.  The inner state of contentment and fulfillment I call authentic freedom.


Self-Actualization/Authentic Freedom is the mission of Authentic Freedom Academy.  Toward this end, we provide you with the tools and support you need to achieve your own self-actualization. We provide these tools (one-on-one mentoring, classes and publishing) because we believe that self-actualization is the answer to what ails our world.  Self-actualized individuals are more peaceful and content, problem-centered instead of ego-centered, live more simply, have a deep sympathy for the human race and a desire to serve their fellow human beings, are naturally democratic, collaborative and cooperative, enjoy an inner state of harmony and seek to create that in their world.  Self-actualized people are content within themselves and are no longer looking for something outside of them to make them happy so they are less likely to take from others and are more likely to give.  Self-actualized individuals know themselves and have come in contact with their own unique gifts and have taken time to cultivate these gifts.  After doing so, they are motivated to share these gifts not only for their own fulfillment but for the sake of the betterment of the world.  While detached and self-contained, self-actualized individuals can’t help but support the betterment of our world – sometimes just by being present.

Authentic Freedom Academy has made it our goal to support people of all ages in their journey of self-actualization, empowering them to experience authentic freedom in their lives.

If you are interested in enjoying the benefits of becoming self-actualized, consider scheduling a one-on-one session with Lauri Lumby (920) 230-1313 or email 

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Transformational Education and Empowerment

What for the past 10 years has been Authentic Freedom Ministries, is getting a facelift – complete with a more finely tuned vision, mission, a new look and a new name.  We are now:

 Authentic Freedom Academy

This facelift more accurately portrays the programs and services we provide which go far beyond just spiritual formation in supporting individuals and a society in its current stage of evolution – moving from disempowerment to self-actualization.

From the “About” page on our website:

Authentic Freedom Academy provides transformational education and empowerment for people of all ages.

  • Transformational education is that which supports the psychological, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical development of an individual and a society.
  • Transformational education is a whole-person approach with self-actualization as its goal.
  • Self-actualized individuals are empowered to harness their own unique giftedness for the sake of their own inner peace and fulfillment while serving the betterment of the world.
  • Self-actualized societies enjoy a greater sense of peacefulness and harmony with all working together in creating a healthier and more compassionate world.


Authentic Freedom Academy, founded by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS, provides transformational education through a world-wide network of professionally trained and accomplished educators who fulfill their mission through:

  • Local, on-line and e-courses
  • Workshops and Retreats
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Writing and Publishing
  • Professional Consulting

Please do your part in creating a new model of education that is focused on supporting self-actualization and empowerment for both individuals and society by sharing this page with your friends!  Share on Facebook, Twitter, via email, anyway you can help get the word out there! 

Thank you for your support!






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Education in the New World – Part I

Education in the New World – Part I

I’m presenting today’s blog as an invitation to enter into a creative dialogue – specifically around the topic of education.  I don’t know about you….but I’m FED UP with the current system of education (and our government’s insidious involvement therein). While I’m “enlightened” enough to recognize this isn’t changing today and grateful for the way in which my own children are being mostly well cared for…I can’t help but KNOW there has to be another way.  As our governor, the infamous Scott Walker, proposes $2.6 billion cuts to public education and has cemented $300 million in cuts to higher ed., the time is NOW to start this discussion.  In today’s blog, I will set the stage and later this week, I will share my dreams about what education could look like in the new world.  As I know I am not the only one concerned about the direction of public education, I ask you:  What are your dreams?????


Who am I?

Who am I to speak on the topic of education?  I am a mother of school-age children.  I have been a student myself and I am currently a student in a graduate-degree program.  More than this, I am an attentive parent – closely involved in my children’s education.  I have set standards for their achievement and hold them accountable to those standards.  When these standards are not met, we look first at why…..have they been applying themselves, is there a learning style issue or is the issue with the model of education being put forth?  Is it the teacher (while rare, this is sometimes the case). Then, we work TOGETHER in making sure THEIR needs are being met in achieving what I know they are capable of.  We reach out to teachers for further support where necessary and overall we foster a team approach.  All that being said, I acknowledge that I can only really speak to the question of education from my own perspective and within my own area of expertise – which BTW is human development in general, and supporting women, men and children in becoming self-actualized, specifically.


Teachers – it’s not their fault!

The current debacle of public education is NOT the teacher’s fault.  While there are exceptions to the rule, I have found that the VAST MAJORITY of teachers have nothing but our children’s highest good in mind and they work very hard to support our children’s learning.  Teachers work hard, put in long hours (many more than what they are paid for) and often fund the supports they want to offer their students out of their own pocket.  With the current system of public education, teachers are not, in fact, allowed to use the gifts and passions they have been given to TEACH, but have instead been made slaves to data entry and standardized tests, imprisoned by the common core, and bound and gagged by the requirements of No Child Left Behind….which many now understand has failed in its mission, now leaving EVERY CHILD BEHIND!  In order to facilitate education reform, we need the help of our teachers – to inform us of what we can do to help them do what they do well when they are allowed the freedom to do so.

Please add your voice to this discussion and stay tuned later this week for more on Envisioning a new model of education for a new world!