Help for the Dark Night of the Relationship

The Dark Night of a Relationship is an important stage in any long-standing, committed relationship.  This is a stage that no one tells us about, neither would we believe it could happen to us as we stand doe-eyed awaiting the celebratory nuptials.  The Dark Night of the Relationship is real, it is necessary and when committed … Read moreHelp for the Dark Night of the Relationship

You Don’t Complete Me!

Damn, You Don’t Complete Me! Many relationships entered into in our youth are established upon the illusion that the other person will complete us.  We look to the other to fill the emptiness and longing we feel inside.  Eventually, we realize that the other person is not completing us as disappointment and resentment rush in.   … Read moreYou Don’t Complete Me!

Happily Ever After Online Course

Jerry Maguire lies. This movie has provided the single most damaging phrase to our hope for intimate partnership – “You complete me.”  When we are looking outside of ourselves for someone else to complete us, we are indulging the compulsion of co-dependency. Co-dependency arises out of the false perception that love, satisfaction and fulfillment exist … Read moreHappily Ever After Online Course

The Gift of Celibacy?

This afternoon, one of the students of my “What’s Your Magic – Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts” course, asked me to further elaborate on the “gift of celibacy.”  “Who would EVER think of celibacy as a gift?” you might ask.  Find out here…..and while you’re at it, ask yourself what your unique spiritual gifts might be…..and … Read moreThe Gift of Celibacy?

Relationship Support

As we usher in the new world, a new model of intimate human relationship is being called forth.  In the new world we move beyond co-dependency (looking for the other to complete us) to interdependency, or what I call Beloved (or Sacred) Partnership. Beloved Partnership is known by two healthy and whole individuals (or at … Read moreRelationship Support

10 Characteristics of Healthy Love

10 Characteristics of Healthy Love Leave it to Abraham Maslow to be generations ahead of the curve!  In his groundbreaking work, Toward a Psychology of Being, he perfectly articulates the difference between co-dependent love (what he refers to as “deficit love”) and interdependent love (what he calls “B-love”).  The latter, is what I believe we … Read more10 Characteristics of Healthy Love

Beloved Partnership? How You Can Love Me!

The purpose of my e-course Happily Ever After, is to support those who long for a new paradigm in human intimate relationship – one that is not rooted in co-dependency, as our past models have been, but one rooted, instead, in mutual respect and interdependence – the relationship I call “Beloved Partnership.”  Below is a … Read moreBeloved Partnership? How You Can Love Me!

Second Most Common Reason Relationships Fail

Last week I wrote about the number one reason relationships fail.  (Read that post HERE). Today, I am writing about the second more common reason for relationship failure: Unmanaged Anxiety Anxiety is Normal! First of all….anxiety is normal and we all have it!  Anxiety can be mild as in the case of “butterflies” before an … Read moreSecond Most Common Reason Relationships Fail

The Number One Reason Relationships Fail

In the twenty-plus years I have been counseling individuals and couples, I have identified the number one reason relationships fail: Looking for the other person to complete us. Co-Dependency In the recovery world, co-dependency is limited to addictive/compulsive patterns of enabling.  Here, co-dependency is expanded to include any behaviors, attitudes and relationship dynamics which are rooted in … Read moreThe Number One Reason Relationships Fail

Unrequited Love – Help is on the Way!

In my upcoming e-course, Happily Ever After – from co-dependency to the fulfillment of love, one of the demons we tackle is patterns of unrequited love, including all those potential partners who show up that end up being bad for us.  In the lesson “Kissing Frogs” we learn to identify all those who are not, … Read moreUnrequited Love – Help is on the Way!

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