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Sex Addiction – Causes and Compassion

In yesterday’s blog, we explored the subject of sexual addiction and ways to identify this behavior in ourselves or our loved ones so that we might seek out help.  In today’s blog, we will examine some of the possible causes of sex addiction, specifically the deeper emotional and spiritual wounds what are ultimately seeking healing.

Causes of Sexual Addiction

As is the case with other addictions, there are no cut and dried formulas in their cause.  There are, however, some reported similarities between sex addicts which warrant examination:

  • Sex addicts often come from dysfunctional families
  • Many report a past history of having been physically, verbally or emotionally abused
  • 82% of sex addicts reported having been sexually abused as children
  • 80% reported substance abuse as present within their family of origin
  • Many report parents as distant, uncaring and rigid
  • It is theorized that abnormalities in brain chemistry may predispose a person to addictive behaviors, including sex addiction

(Source:  Herkov, M. (extracted 2013). What causes sexual addiction?

Behavior modification

As discussed in yesterday’s blog, sex addiction is recognized in compulsive, uncontrollable behaviors most often driven by anxiety.  Addiction language speaks of this anxiety as the “emotional trigger.”    Learning effective methods for dealing with this anxiety or confronting the specific emotional trigger goes a long way in supporting recovery and healing in sex addicts and allows the addict to create new and healthier ways of responding to these triggers.  It has been my experience, however, that in many (if not most) cases, the addictive behavior ultimately has nothing to do with the behavior itself (ie: fantasizing, masturbation, use of pornography, etc.), and simple behavior modification, while necessary, is not enough to facilitate long-term recovery, and more importantly, does not help the addict learn how to cultivate and enjoy healthy, loving, intimacy. For as long as they are indulging their addiction, sex addicts are incapable of experiencing or participating in true intimacy.

Sex Addiction and Need

Instead, sex addiction has much more to do with deeper, unhealed spiritual and emotional wounds that are seeking to be made known so that they may be healed.  Sex addiction, contrary to the belief of many addicts (and their partners), is not about love or intimacy.  Sex addiction isn’t even really about sex.  Sex addiction is about seeking the remedy to a deep, inner, often unnamed pain.  As mentioned above, many sex addicts report having been emotionally, mentally, verbally, physically and even sexually abused as children.  For sex addicts, sexual behaviors (including fantasizing) allowed them to disassociate from the on-going trauma and provided temporary relief from the pain.  In order to facilitate enduring recovery, the addict needs to acknowledge this pain and identify the needs that were left unmet in their childhood.  Some of these needs might include:

  • The need to feel safe and that their needs for food, clothing, and shelter were being met
  • The need to feel of value and as if they had something significant to contribute
  • The need to feel supported in being and living as their most authentic self
  • The need to feel unconditionally loved
  • The need to feel free to express their needs and their truth
  • The need to know their truth and their path
  • The need to feel as if they were not alone

As the addict works on healing these deeper unmet needs and unacknowledged childhood wounds,  learns strategies for getting these needs met and tending to themselves in adulthood, while developing healthy interventions for managing anxiety, the addictive behaviors become less and less necessary.  Addressing these deeper wounds then provides the foundation upon which the addict can begin to cultivate what they have been missing all along – healthy, loving intimacy.

If you believe that you or your partner is suffering from sex addiction, please seek help and support through counseling, psychotherapy or 12-step recovery groups tailored to the needs of sex addicts.

To learn more about sex addiction, check out Out of the Shadowsby Patrick J. Carnes, PhD.


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Latte’ Love and other Ways to Nurture the Soul

Deprivation as Health?

In Tuesday’s blog, I explored the connection between the way we nourish our body and the ability of the Soul to awaken and be realized through us.  In this culture of EXCESS, nourishing our body and awakening our Soul is unfortunately, most often experienced as a form of punishment.  I believe that this is due in part to the extreme departure from wellness we have taken as a culture.  As such, in order to be “healthy,” we have to deprive ourselves of all the things that give us joy. As a result, we see many embracing militaristic diets which might be nourishing, but are in no way joyful.  In my experience, this militant approach to nutrition is just as detrimental to our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health as the gluttonous production and consumption of highly processed, lifeless food, and usually ends up backfiring as the participant grows tired of deprivation and then begins to gorge on all the things that used to give them comfort.  (Just think of Miss “O” and her yoyo journey of weight loss and weight gain.)

Moderation is Key

When we make healthy and living foods our priority, we soon realize the benefits thereof and are less likely to backslide. We feel better physically, we have more energy, our emotions move into a greater state of equilibrium and our blood sugar is balanced which makes us less likely to gorge.  The goal with preparing and nourishing ourselves with healthy and living food meals is to keep them simple, pleasing to the eye and pleasurable to the palate.  Nourishment should be enjoyable, not just a matter of necessity.  There is nothing worse than munching on rice cakes because they are “healthy” and wishing it were a chocolate shake and then wondering, “where was the pleasure in that!?” So instead of depriving ourselves of the things we love, it is important while maintaining a diet that nourishes the body while supporting the awakening of our Soul, to allow ourselves an indulgence from time to time.

Latte’ Love

If you want that piece of apple pie, enjoy it (while paying attention to how your body feels after eating it.).  If Chocolate is your go-to treat, keep a few Hershey Kisses nearby and allow yourself a few from time to time.  And by all means, if there is nothing better than a latte’ for making you feel loved and cared for, then allow for that latte’ love! The key to obtaining a natural state of health and wellness is MODERATION and ATTENTION.  Pay attention to how you feel after consuming these “special treats” and then make future decisions based on that.  For example, I have learned I can handle a half-caff latte’ at 10 am, but a full-caff makes me anxious and my brain scattered.  A piece of apple pie puts me in a sugar coma, so I usually choose to skip it.  A small bowl of Breyer’s natural mint-chip ice cream before bed gives me no negative effects, but a glass of red wine causes me to lose sleep.  So, I choose what makes me feel good, energetic, clear-headed and healthy vs. those things which wreck havoc on my emotional, mental or physical well-being. Now it is your turn to choose!  🙂

Latte' Love
Latte’ Love
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Nourish the Body and Awaken the Soul

Nourishing the Body

DSCF3029I have discovered that there is a direct relationship between nourishing our body and the awakening of the Soul.  When we eat healthy, nourishing, living foods, the Soul feels nourished and supported and it has room to move.  When the Soul has room to move, it has room to grow and to be birthed through us. When we fill our bodies full of chemically-laden, over-processed, dead and deadening foods, our Soul gets grumpy and lets us know by either making us physically ill or creating emotional havoc.  The old adage is true, “We are what we eat,” and if we fill our bodies full of garbage, then we feel like garbage.  When we treat the temple of our body as sacred, magnificent and holy and nourish it with magical, life-giving foods, we become magical and full of life.

Every Body is Unique

DSCF3027Now, that being said, I am not one to tout one specific philosophy of eating over another.  Instead, I encourage you to experiment and see what feels right to you.  Start listening to your body and your Soul – they will tell you what they like and what they do not.  For example, recently, I am finding my body leaning toward a alkaline/raw/vegetarian approach, but I have also learned that in the fall and winter, my body prefers some cooked meals, and there are days when my body CRAVES meat – mostly beef or venison, preferably grass-fed and hormone free.  I have also discovered that whole grains are sometimes a necessary complement to my other food choices.  I have also learned that processed grains (ie: White bread, pasta) and refined sugars are not my friends. Neither are spicy, nightshade (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant), or acidic foods.  The point is – listen to your body and see what is says to you – it doesn’t matter if you choose vegan, vegetarian, raw, ovo-lacto, or carnivorous, as long as it works for YOUR body and that your choices are healthy….and living foods. PS:  You can tell if the food you are eating are living foods by how they make you feel.  For example, Taco Hell’s Cantinabeana Bowl (though promoted as “healthy”) is made of dead food.  And I’m pretty sure what they are serving at McD….(you know who) is Soilent Green!  YUK!

Making Nourishment Fun

wusthofNow, here is the most important part of nourishing your body so as to awaken the Soul – MAKE IT FUN!!!!  And what that means is treat yourself to pretty, fun and good quality food preparation equipment and whatever you do, do not skimp on the single most important cooking tool – A GOOD KITCHEN KNIFE!!!!!!   Believe me, you will thank yourself for investing in a knife (or knives) that cut cleanly, remain sharp and don’t snag on your chopping block!  I swear by Wusthof knives….and Macy’s often has them on sale!   A good knife makes cooking easy and fun and when it is easy and fun, we are more likely to give our energy and attention to it!

Feed your Belly, Feed your Creativity

saccralWhen we take the time to feed our belly through the preparation of healthy, colorful, living foods, not only are we feeding our belly – we are feeding the creativity center in the center of our belly.  The sacral chakra – responsible for creativity, procreation and co-creation, resides in the center of our lower abdomen.  Food preparation is a creative activity.  When we engage in this activity, we are stimulating and supporting our creativity center.  When we stimulate and support our creativity, our Soul is happy and starts to sing and dance which further stimulates our creative leanings.  Each of us has been uniquely and creatively gifted to find fulfillment, love, joy and peace in our lives and this creativity resides in the center of our belly.  Our job is to take care of it so that it can mature, grow and be brought forth into the world.  When we nurture our Soul through preparation and consumption of healthy, living foods, we are providing for its growth and development in the same way we have provided for the growth and development of our children.  Nourish the Body.  Nourish the Soul!

Then…..share your joy with others

DSCF3034Being raised in a family of six, I only know how to cook for 6-10.  As such, I always have leftovers and way more than I could eat before the freshness fades.  So what do I do?  I make one for me and one to share!  There is a certain sense of satisfaction in sharing our fruits with others, and in the process we are helping to nourish another’s body so that their Soul may also awaken.   In the spirit of sharing, check out the new page on my site:  SOUL FOOD for my favorite nourishing and healthy recipes for awakening the Soul!  And feel free to submit your favorite recipes and photos to be included.  Let’s share the food love! 🙂

What are you doing to nourish your body so as to awaken your Soul?

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Nature and the Human Soul – Book review

During my own journey through midlife (including perimenopause leading to menopause), I have found in one author an enormous amount of guidance, support, validation and affirmation about where I have been and where I think I might be going.  Bill Plotkin, in his books, Soulcraft, Wild Mind and now, Nature and the Human Soul, presents a roadmap for the entire human journey, from birth to death – especially for those interested in living in a more peaceful, loving and harmonious world.  Nature and the Human Soul, the most recent of his books that I have read, provided me with affirmation and support for the midlife journey while affirming the choices I have made in my parenting and giving me hope for my elder years.  I love the work Bill is doing in the world and I highly recommend all of this books.  In today’s blog, I review Nature and the Human Soul


Moving beyond Maslow, Erickson, Piaget, Fowler and Westerhoff (among others), Bill Plotkin presents a model of human development which promises to transform our culture from one rooted in fear to one embodied in love.  Transcending the ecocentric, materialistic ideals of Western Society, Nature and the Human Soul – Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World,  re-imagines a culture in which the deepest yearnings of the human heart are met, at every age, by those charged with care, guidance and support and where every person is empowered in the birth of their Soul – the uniquely creative way in which they have been gifted to find meaning, purpose, fulfillment and through which they are called to serve the betterment of the world.  Through his own personal insights and experiences, informed by modern psychology and indigenious traditions and practices, Plotkin presents practical advice and simple tools for cultivating a culture that is rooted in Soul and working for the benefit of all of creation.  Nature and the Human Soul would be of interest to anyone concerned with restoring our world to a state of sustainability, peace and harmonious co-existence and is a must-read for parents and teachers and others responsible for the formation of future generations.

Lauri Ann Lumby, author of Authentic Freedom – claiming a life of contentment and joy and Returning – a woman’s midlife journey to herself.

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The Discomfort of Change

The human journey is a continual process of changing and growing – a cyclical process of dying and birthing – letting go of that which no longer serves us and making room for the new life that wants to be made known through us.  These life changes are often accompanied by feelings of discontent, boredom, loneliness, anxiety, depression and even despair.  How do we know our life is ready for the next cycle of change and what do we do about it?


The Constant Process of Birthing Ourselves

Life is a continual process of birthing ourselves.  Beginning with the moment our father’s sperm meets our mother’s egg,  life consists of a constant process of evolution, growth and change.  And change does not cease once we reach our full height sometime during adolescence or because we achieved certain milestones like graduating high school or college.  In fact, I sometimes think that once we reach “adulthood,” our growth accelerates – especially at significant times such as marriage, childbirth, midlife and elderhood – we just do a really good job of resisting or altogether ignoring the continual unfoldment necessary for Soul.


Soul is the uniquely creative way in which we have been gifted to find meaning and purpose in our lives and the way in which we are gifted to contribute to the betterment of the world.  As we move through the journey of life, Soul desires to reveal itself in deeper, more meaningful and more expansive ways.  Soul is never done revealing itself…..if we let it.  Unfortunately, we tend to spend more time resisting or ignoring Soul than allowing it to be born.  Fortunately, the desire of the Soul is greater than any resistance we could throw at it and it will persist in trying to be born…or die trying.   Yes, we can ignore and even deny the continual revelation of our Soul…even to the point of the Soul’s “death” (the Soul never really dies it will just feel that way) but the harder we resist the more uncomfortable things will become.

Heralding the Soul

While the birthing of the Soul is a deeply spiritual and mysterious process, its effects will be felt on both an emotional and physical level.  Soul, when it is ready to be done with a current phase of our life and is preparing to move to the next more expansive, more fulfilling state, starts to get restless, and we along with it.  Restlessness, discontent, boredom, are all feelings there to alert us to the Soul preparing for its next stage of unfoldment.  As the restlessness sets in, anxiety is sure to follow as our very human fear of change begins to resist the Soul….knowing that if Soul is ready to be born anew, that something will have to die or be set aside.  Like the plant that must die in order that it can reseed and be born anew, part of what we have known our life to be will need to pass away in order to make room for something new.  If we acknowledge this anxiety for what it is, identify what it is that is calling for release, grieve the loss and let it go, then we can gently surrender to the new opportunities Soul is promising for us.  If, however, we resist the call of the Soul and continue to resist it, then all hell breaks loose.  Resistance to Soul is known by feelings of profound anxiety, panic, debilitating despair and depression.  And if we further resist the birth of Soul, sensations move beyond our emotions and take root in our body through physical pain and even disease.  Chronic pain, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, panic attacks, auto-immune disease, are all thought to be related to resistance to Soul.  (Birthing the Soul also means naming, claiming, standing up for all of our truths….especially the ones we’d rather forget or keep hidden).  The harder we work to resist our Soul (and our truths), the more drastic measures Soul/Truth will engage to try to get our attention.

Surrender to Soul

To alleviate the discomfort associated with the transitions of Soul, we only need to do one thing.  LET OUR SOUL BE BORN!  When we GET OUT OF THE WAY and SURRENDER to the Soul as it is trying to be born, we are relieved of the pain that accompanies the Soul’s transition.  Like labor, the birth of the Soul is never pain free, but when we surrender to the process, accept loving support from family, friends and professionals, we are able to move through the transition in a smoother and easier way.  When we acknowledge that which needs to be released in order to make room for the new and grieve that loss, when we employ effective tools for moving through our own fear and resistance to the new life that is not yet known, then we find grace and ease in the process of the Soul’s birthing.  And, like the birth of a child, when we allow Soul to be born, we are rewarded in greater and more miraculous ways than we ever could have imagined before.

For assistance and support in the transitions of birthing your Soul, contact Lauri Lumby at (920) 230-1313 or

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Ignoring the Spiritual Hampers Recovery

Today’s blog explores how the spiritual is often overlooked, even shunned by some of the helping professions and why this hampers our road to healing and recovery.


Faith-based vs. Spiritual

I was recently contacted by an organization looking for a presenter for a support group of individuals in various stages of recovery from trauma.  The concern was raised that my work is “faith based” and the organization is not allowed to discuss or implement any “faith based” materials.  Sadly, many in the helping professions are still operating with the misconception that faith and spirituality are the same.  As such, many people are prevented from receiving the healing and support they need when facing recovery from trauma, addictions, co-dependency, abuse, rape, incest, chronic illness, etc. etc. etc.  because the spiritual is never addressed.  While the physical might be addressed through medical treatment, lifestyle changes or medication and the emotional and mental might be dealt with through therapy or recovery programs, the spiritual often gets left on the shelf because using the “God” word might offend…or because the person receiving treatment has been so harmed by someone else’s use of the “God” word, that they cannot be open to anything that might resemble “God.”  The end result is that healing is hampered and full recovery thwarted.

God is Bigger than the Boogieman

In my world, God is way bigger than any lame human attempt to define.  As such, I do not have a problem with the “God” word.  Unfortunately, this is not true for all.  While in MY world, our spiritual self cannot be divorced from God (because I truly believe them to be one and the same)…..that does NOT mean that “God” (by someone else’s definition) HAS to be part of the spiritual approach to healing!  In fact, we would do well to come up with a new definition of SPIRITUAL that doesn’t use the GOD-word so that the spiritual no longer offends and so that people can get the help they really need to heal.

Toward a New Defintion of Spiritual

With the help of my self-appointed board of directors, I have come up with a new definition of the SPIRITUAL that speaks to the universal search….but doesn’t include the “God” word:

The spiritual is that which compels us to search for and obtain:

  • meaning
  • purpose
  • connection

And when accomplished, we are contented and fulfilled.

Spiritual Wounding

We are wounded spiritually by anything that threatens, hampers, harms, thwarts or causes us to doubt or question this search for meaning, purpose and connection and by anything that hinders our feelings of contentment or fulfillment.  Anytime we are made to feel unsafe, insecure, afraid or threatened, our spiritual self is wounded and retreats.  Anytime we are made to feel “less than”, a part of our spiritual self shrivels up.  When we feel betrayed or experience a disappointment or loss, the hope that is inherent in our spiritual self deflates.  When we are ill and unable to function at our normal capacity, our spiritual self grows restless and impatient and if not tended to, eventually grows tired and despairing. Anytime we experience a loss, a trauma, a diagnosis, a disappointment or a tragedy, it is perhaps our spiritual self which suffers the most….and yet, it is the part that is either last to get addressed or altogether forgotten.

The Greatest Irony

The greatest irony in our quest to ignore the spiritual is that if we could address the spiritual FIRST….we might not even need to address the emotional, mental or physical, because the deepest wounding lies at the spiritual. If we can do the work of allowing the spiritual to find healing, the emotional, mental and physical often take care of themselves.  What would happen, for example,  if instead of having surgery for back pain we acknowledged all the places in our life where we were punished for asking for our needs to be met and all the places we were told that our needs did not matter? And what would happen if we allowed ourselves to feel the frustration in the face of these obstacles to getting our needs met and then released these wounds through tears?   What would happen if instead of numbing our anxiety through anti-depressants, we recognized all the places in our lives where we were told we were unimportant or not of value or that someone else’s wants were more important than ours, and then grieved the pain we carry in our hearts over all these nonloving messages?  What would happen if instead of having knee surgery, we started to name and claim our own needs or became more open to movement and change in our lives?  What if instead of medicating our “fretful mind” we searched our lives for all the places we felt unsafe and began to recognize how we had turned to anticipatory thoughts to try to create a “safe” and “predicatable” world, then wrote a letter releasing all of the anger, fear, frustration, sorrow, we experienced in those places of danger, and then burned the letter in a ritual of release?

Reclaiming the Spiritual

I’m not saying that addressing the spiritual will cure all disease or unrest in our lives, but it goes a long way toward healing us where we really need to be healed – in our hearts.  As such, my challenge to those of us in the helping professions is to reclaim the spiritual and open the door through which profound and enduring healing can take place.  While we can separate the religious, we are never separate from the spiritual…it is an integral part of our journey toward wholeness and like our body, mind and emotions, it is part of our very nature and not something to be ignored.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom

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The Center of Creativity, Pro-creation and Co-creation

In Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and many forms of energy medicine, there is an awareness of an energetic force that runs throughout our body, specifically up and down our spine.  This energy force is then perceived as having seven (or more) nodes or energy centers that reflect and govern our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being.  These energy centers are called chakras.  

The chakras are perceived as spiraling vortexes of energy.   The first (root) chakra is located at the base of the spine and it pointed downward toward the earth, the seventh chakra is located at the crown of our head and is pointed upward toward the heavens.  The remaining five are located at specific points in between. 

The sacral chakra, is the second chakra and is located in the center of our belly, below the navel.  The sacral chakra is perceived like a horizontal hourglass with the narrowest part along the spinal column and expanding outward in a spiral-like fashion out of the back of our body at the sacrum and out the front of the body through the reproductive organs and outward.  The sacral chakra reflects and governs our creativity, pro-creation and co-creation.  This is the chakra we look to for our call to bring forth new life – literally and figuratively.  This is the energy center that responds to the desire of the Divine to find its expression uniquely through us.  Returning to the image of the acorn seeking to become the oak, it is through the sacral chakra and its correpondences that we can be aware of the Divine call within to name, claim, cultivate and express our own unique truth in the world.  Becoming aware of the physical, emotional and mental correspondences of the sacral chakra helps us to recognize when the Divine creative call is seeking to be made real through us and when we might be denying, suppressing or repressing this call.

Physically, the sacral chakra is specifically related to the organs of pro-creation and their related glands.  Suppression of the Divine truth that seeks to be expressed through us can manifest in dysfunctions and disease related to these organs and glands.  Infertility, erectile dysfunction, cancers of the ovaries, cervix, uterus, prostate, fibroid tumors, etc. can all be negative manifestations of denying the Divine creative call – not as a form of punishment, but as a natural effect of blocking the creative energy within.  (This is for another discussion, but please also note that men and women who have been victims of physically, sexual, emotional or mental abuse will also frequently experience unexplained disease or dysfunction in these areas.) 

Emotionally, when we suppress the Divine creative call, we may find ourselves feeling depressed, suffering from anxiety or panic,  experiencing moments of hysteria.  This has been well documented in the study of peri-menopausal or menopausal women.  (See the writings of Christiane Northrupp for more on this).  Unexplained rage, impatience, sadness, longing and fear can all be linked to the denial of our creative truth.

Mentally, suppressing our creative gifts can lead to confusion and a feeling a “being crazy.”  When we block the flow of our creative energy it can leave us feeling mentally “undone.”  We might have a difficult time focussing, staying on task, we might even feel a little nuts. 

The benefit of understanding the chakra system and their physical, mental and emotional correspondences is that we are able to look more deeply into our unexplained physical, mental and emotional states.  So, if you or someone you know is experiencing any of the above, it may be helpful to ask if there is a creative call that is seeking to be made known, cultivated and revealed in the world.  (Again, this is for another discussion…..but it might also be helpful to explore if there are any unhealed emotional wounds related to physical, sexual, emotional, verbal or mental abuse that might be manifesting in the above mentioned symptoms.)

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The Physical Face of Truth

As we embrace the contemplative life, we find that there is no separation between our spiritual, emotional, mental or physical bodies.  All are interconnected in a complex web of interaction and reflectivity.  What this means is that our physical body reflects what is going on within us, spiritual, emotionally and mentally and visa versa.  Keeping with our theme of truth – we will reflect today on how our physical body reflects the energy of truths seeking to be expressed through us.

When the truth within us is seeking our attention, it will reveal itself through dreams, intuition, inner knowing, learning opportunities, visual and auditory experiences.  When we resist recognition of this truth, it will manifest in emotional, mental and eventually physical symptoms.  It is through the Chakra system of the Eastern Medicine traditions that we become aware of this intimate connection.  It is through the throat and brow chakras that truth is received and expressed.  When we fail to acknowledge these truths that seek to be known, we may suffer the following symptoms:

confusion, doubt, unexplained headaches, visual disturbances, ringing in the ears, clenching and grinding of teeth, neck and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, TMJ, vertigo, and inability to concentrate, anxiety, panic attacks, throat pain, laryngitis, illnesses of the throat, mouth, eyes.


When we acknowledge the intimate connection between our physical symptoms and our spiritual/emotional bodies, we are then able to begin the work of healing.  If we find ourselves suffering from otherwise unexplainable aches, pains, physical, mental or emotional symptoms, it is helpful to dig a little deeper and ask ourselves if there is a deeper truth within seeking to be known. 

If you need help making these connections, it is helpful to consult an alternative health care practitioner such as one trained in Reiki, Quantum biofeedback, Healing Touch, acupressure or acupuncture or trained Spiritual Director with knowledge of energy medicine.  (Hint:  Authentic Freedom Ministries provides Reiki and Spiritual Direction)

Also watch for my upcoming book Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy to be released this fall through St. Johann Press which will explain these connections in detail!