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Dragons and Feminine Power

This week, we’ve been unraveling and debunking the patriarchal degradation of symbols of feminine power. We started the week with Eve and continued with the serpent.  Today, we tackle the dragon.

In biblical lore, the dragon is cast in the role of demon – devil, Lucifer, Satan, the Leviathan, the dragon who carries the Whore of Babylon and the one that threatens the woman standing “with the moon at her feet” and her newborn child. To the patriarchy, the dragon represents evil, temptation, sin, and the threat of eternal damnation. But why?  Why is the dragon cast in this role of death and destruction?

My sense is that this association between the dragon and temptation has more to do with the patriarchy’s fear of feminine power (their own feminine power) than it does with a literal demon seducing us into sin. When we look at the ancient cultures that preceded the warring patriarchal hoards, we see nothing but a benevolent relationship between dragon and human beings.  In Chinese culture, for example, the dragon represents abundance, wealth, and good fortune; and with its Yin counterpart, the phoenix, portrays the perfect harmony intended between male and female in intimate partnership – each supporting and elevating each other in their unique giftedness. Even in Chassidic Hebrew beliefs, especially in the mysticism of the Kabbalah, the dragon (as a serpent) is welcome as the inner force that awakens us, that carries our true power and which leads us toward embracing and harnessing that power so that we might fulfill our Soul’s mission.

Gnostic Tarot of the Saints by Robert M. Place Llewellyn Press

It is in Christianity where we see the most damning portrayals of the dragon – most notably the dragon that wishes to devour the holy child, thereby thwarting the Divine purpose of liberation. But here is something interesting, in Christian iconography, we see contrasting images of the dragon and its role in the human journey of transformation.   St. Michael the Archangel holds his sword aloft poised at the ready to pierce the dragon’s heart, thereby destroying the source of temptation.  St. Margaret, on the other hand, does not fear or resist the dragon when it swallows her, instead, she walks steadily through the perceived darkness, finding her way to the light and in doing so, discovering the untapped power within her to move through her fears so she could discover and live her truth.

There is a profound lesson in the story of St. Margaret for all of us – that which we perceive to be our demon, our dragon, our “darkness” is not there to destroy us, neither is it meant to be destroyed. Instead, the dragons in our lives are meant to be welcomed for it is in and through our challenges that we find our strength.

This is the secret power of the Divine feminine and that which the patriarchy has attempted to destroy – the power to stand in the darkness and through the darkness finding our way to the light – even if that means (most especially when it means) staring death itself in the face. As every true queen knows, the dragon is not to be destroyed. Instead, we are invited to meet it face to face, harness its power and let it carry us.

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Divine Masculine Course Bundle

Course Bundles are a terrific way to enjoy the courses you want at a discounted price. This bundle is specifically for the men in the crowd!  THREE powerful online courses for harnessing your Divinely ordained masculine strengths, while supporting you in naming, claiming and moving through any inner obstacles (fears or unhealed past wounds) that might be hindering your ability to live fully from your TRUE DIVINE giftedness.  When living from your Divine gifts, you will experience a life filled with meaning and purpose, fulfilling your own needs while being of service to the world.

Three online courses targeted to men for only


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Course Bundle for Men includes:


The Hero’s Journey- Authentic Freedom for Men: Learn the seven core fears that prevent you from being your most powerful and fulfilled self, along with proven tools for moving through and conquering those fears.

Claiming Your Divine Masculine Power: The purpose of this course is to support you in claiming the Divine Masculine power that dwells within you. In this, we discard outmoded models of the masculine rooted in fear, power and control and wield the inherent masculine traits of compassionate and loving action, provision and protection that bring wholeness and balance to all.

Unleashing the Wild Divine Male with Gwyn ap Nudd: This course will be a guided vision-quest into the wilderness of shadow work. Through the archetype of Gwyn ap Nudd (Celtic Lord of the Underworld and God of the Hunt), you will be invited to identify and release all that stands in the way of your own Wild Divine masculinity – virile, potent, and a powerful activator of change.





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Healing Your Money Fears

Click on image to learn more and register.

A powerful healing practice for freeing yourself of the fears and woundedness you have experienced around money and a practice you can return to again and again when your money fears are triggered.


  • Learning
  • Self-Reflection
  • Automatic Writing
  • Meditation
  • Guided Visualization
  • Touch
  • Current and Ancestral Memory
  • Light Language
  • Breath
  • Your own Divine power to heal.


Created and Facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby

Only $9.99 with unlimited access.

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For the vast majority of people, MONEY is the greatest source of anxiety and unrest. Whether we do not have enough, or we have plenty but spend time worrying about how long our money will last (or how much we should lock away for the future), money is a trigger.  Money triggers fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, jealousy, and shame which then trigger our compulsive behaviors around money.

Scripture says that “Money is the root of all evil,” but I would suggest that money is not the cause of the compulsive nature of our world. Instead, the cause of what harms us is our unhealed wounds around money. Specifically, places and situations around which money has been used as:

  • Manipulation
  • Control
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Punishment
  • Coercion

For centuries we have been conditioned to be under the control of the power forces that manipulate through fear and money has become one of their greatest weapons. When we give our power away to this fear-based conditioning around money, it drains us of our own Divine power, leaving us unable to fulfill our mission on this plane. As we heal the money wounds within us, the space is cleared for our Divine inner power to take over, empowering us to experience the life of joyful fulfillment that is meant for all of us to enjoy.

This healing process is completed in three stages. Please set aside 60-90 minutes to complete the whole process and then return to it every time you find your money wounds triggered. Each time you revisit this process, you will be less prone to being triggered by past money wounds and more free to pursue the life of your dreams.


With all my love!


Lauri Ann Lumby







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Strong of Heart

The tagline on my website now reads, “Self-Mastery for the Strong of Heart.” As my own work continues to evolve, so does my understanding of what I do and who I am here to serve.  Or rather, how I am called to support others by sharing the tools that came through me in support of my own journey of “self-mastery.”  (Trust me, I’m not there yet!  I’m not sure anyone is truly a “master” and if they have to say they are, it most certainly means they are not!)

Back to the matter at hand……What does strong of heart mean? I really grappled with this one because why use so many words when we have words like courageous and brave? The answer to this is simple.  Both courageous and brave have been used in our culture to our detriment.  When we speak of one who is courageous or brave, the implication is that they are free from fear.  This is not courage or bravery, it is stupidity, foolishness, or psychosis.  In the face of danger or the unknown, one should be afraid.  Additionally, when one is acknowledged as courageous or brave, rarely is their fear or vulnerability recognized.  Instead, all we hear about are their daring acts of bravery and their victory in the face of certain defeat.

It saddens me that our societal conditioning has done such a disservice to these words, most especially courageous, which from its Latin roots could be more accurately understood as “full of heart.” Brene Brown (I Thought It Was Just Me: Women Reclaiming Power and Courage in a Culture of Shame) says it well:

“In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”

But unlike Brene, I could not bring myself to use the word courage to describe those who are willing and able to do the tough work required in the journey of self-mastery. While still imperfect, strong of heart more fully grasps the inner resources needed in the journey toward self-mastery…

Full content reserved for Plus and Premium Members. Click here to learn more on how you can become a member and enjoy the tools that have helped me in my own journey.

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Who are you….really?

Who are you? No, who are you really? This is the quintessential quandary of the human experience and one we spend a lifetime trying to answer.

I used to think I knew who I was:  strong, powerful, confident, craving attention, wanting to be seen, wanting to be famous, wanting to possess material wealth, accomplished, energetic, filled with the desire to take on the world so as to make it a better place, cultured, cosmopolitan, well-educated, articulate, independent, self-sufficient and able to do it all myself.

Then life happened.  Life has a funny way of doing that – stepping in to tear down the illusions of who we think we are so as to reveal who we really are.  When life happened, I learned that some of the above is true – some of the time.  I also learned a whole lot more about myself than I ever could have imagined would be true.

What I learned about myself is that I am courageous while at the same time mostly being scared shitless! As one teacher observed about me, “Lauri, I don’t know how you survive in the world except by force of will.”  She was not kidding.  I’m scared all the time, but somehow I get my ass out of bed, face the day and try to move through any demons that might be trying to stand in my way.  This must be one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit Paul forgot.

I’ve also learned that unlike the Lauri of my youth, I no longer crave attention. I don’t want to be famous, rich, or successful by Western standards.  I’m not looking to convince anyone of anything and I care not for other people’s approval (most of the time…..but when someone who doesn’t even know me condemns my gifts, criticizes my work or questions my integrity, my heart is broken – not because I give a shit about what the other person thinks, but because I know their words are untrue.)

Which brings me to this – VULNERABILITY!  I’m vulnerable!  Who knew?  Before “life happened” I thought I was bulletproof.  I believed I was a strong, impenetrable fortress.  Well, I was, but that fortress was built out of anger and resentment – both masking a broken heart.  Then life happened and the fortress came crashing down, and there I stood, alone, vulnerable, naked and afraid.  Sigh!  I’ve had to come to know, understand and accept my vulnerability.  I have also learned all the ways in which my vulnerability has taught me about myself.

My vulnerability taught me this:

I’m an introvert and I need quiet, solitude and time away from the world to recharge. And the older I get (or maybe the more I come to know myself), the more quiet I need.

I am sensitive. Sensitive to the energy of other people and to the world.  Where I used to feel energized by chaos, now I HATE IT!  I find chaos overstimulating, overwhelming, soul-sucking and in the face of it today, I want to shut down.  I have spent the vast majority of the past 25 years unraveling from a life built on chaos.  NO MORE!  I have worked really hard to create a quiet, gentle and peaceful life.  You can have your chaos, but please keep it to yourself! (PS  Same with drama!)

I am fragile and there are parts of me that are (likely) damaged beyond repair. Medication helps but there are somethings I can simply no longer do for myself. I’m also not sure I could ever return to “a real job” because of the sensitivities I am now coming to embrace.

I want only to move gently and quietly upon this earth.

I want to create and be creative. My creations (including my books, classes, one-on-one mentoring, creating a home that is a sanctuary, cooking healthy and nurturing meals, spending time with those I love) are my way of sharing and showing my love.

I want to simply be. To meditate and pray.  To send healing to the world.  To hold those I love in prayer.  To make every moment a prayer.  This is how I commune with the God of my understanding and the way I share that love in the world.

I want to enjoy – books, movies, theatre, dance, art, and music that inspire.

While I love the arts and all that big city life provides (I have often thought of myself as a city girl), I find now I crave the slow, quiet, gentle flow of the country – specifically where there are woods and water. (Lumby literally means, “man/woman of the woods”).

My vulnerability has also taught me the value of deep and true friendships. Having moved around a lot as a child, I never really experienced true intimate friendship – only brief friendships.  Then life happened and I have found true and deep friendships which I now cherish!

Then there are my children – another who knew!? My children have been the greatest gift in my life. They are my greatest teachers and have taught me sooooo much about myself – most especially that I am a damn good mom!  My children are my greatest accomplishment (if we can actually say that about our kids….I didn’t do anything, I just let them be themselves and I loved them unconditionally through it). At 19 and 21, they are proving themselves to be the most amazing human beings on this planet.  Each with their own gifts and challenges, I love them for who they are and celebrate all of it.  They make me laugh.  They bring me joy.  And every time I sit and reflect on who they have become my heart wants to explode.  I LOVE MY sick, twisted, hilarious, unique, too smart for their own good, mischievous, creative, thoughtful, kind, shit=disturbing children….who aren’t really children anymore. They are grown-ass adults!

My kids who aren’t kids anymore.

And I want love. Deep, true, intimate, whole hearted, mutually honoring love. My vulnerability has also taught me that if this kind of love is not meant to happen for me in this lifetime, I will have to be content with that while feeling the pain of knowing that one of my deepest longings is going unfulfilled.

Knowing who we are is not all wine and roses. And yet, it is the very reason for our human experience – to come to know who we are and in knowing who we are, discovering how we want to move and be upon this plane.  I am grateful for the Authentic Freedom process that revealed itself to me as “life happened” and forced me on this journey of self-discovery.  It is for this reason that I share this process with you here.

Which brings me to the question: WHO ARE YOU?






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50% off Authentic Freedom. Today only!

On Veteran’s Day, we acknowledged and gave honor to all those courageous women and men who have served our country through military service.  These are our warriors.

We are warriors too.  Each and every one of us who has the courage to move through the inner fears which prevent us from living as our true and most authentic self.

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This special pricing is good on either Authentic Freedom course – The Heros’ Journey for Men and Authentic Freedom the Way through Your Fears.  The latter course is for women and is part of the Magdalene Priestess Training.

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Shattering Election Day Illusions

Trigger Warning!  If you believe your life depends on the outcome of today’s elections, you might not want to read this blog as it will poke a hole in whatever attachment you have formed around the election and your personal hoped-for outcome.  While I support our right to vote and wish, dream and hope for a government that actually lives by the principles upon which our country was established, I’m no longer sure that is possible. There is no person “out there” who is going to save us and if we are attached to an outcome of today’s elections, you will likely be disappointed – maybe not immediately, but later as we learn that really nothing has changed.  Here are my ponderings on this day of midterm elections:

I voted….and I have no delusion or attachment to the outcome.  As I recently told a friend, I suspect that one of two things will happen:  Democrats will win and nothing will change or the Republicans will win and nothing will change. Why?  Because the change we are all looking for has absolutely NOTHING to do with what is happening outside of us. That is the lie we tell ourselves to keep us believing we have some measure of control over our lives.  As the death of two friends, the terminal diagnosis of another and the son of another friend who is currently fighting to stay alive from an as-yet diagnosed illness reminds me, we are NOT in control of whether we live or die and the outcome of today’s elections will not change that.

The truth is that we have no control over what is happening outside of us. We only have control over what is happening within.  And if we want to see change outside of us, we first have to change what is within. This is the truth of all spiritual systems. What we see in the political world as polarization and division will continue until it is healed – and that healing is an inside job.  It’s all an inside job. As I recently shared on my own blog, “when the ship is going down, the only one we can save is ourselves.” I call this the “Titanic philosophy.”

As a friend recently reminded me, what we see on the outside of the political game has nothing to do with what we can see and what is reported in the media, and everything to do with what is behind the curtain – the hidden, insidious power brokers who are actually running our government. But again, we cannot change what’s behind the curtain, we can only support ourselves in learning how to see….to pierce through the veil of lies, manipulation, distractions, etc. and live from a place of our own truth.

There is no magical day where the world will suddenly be peaceful and free. There is not a person outside of us (most especially among politicians) who is going to save us or our world. The human condition IS the human condition and it is our individual task to remember and then live our divinity within the human condition. Will there be a day when critical mass is reached and the world becomes a nicer, kinder, gentler place? Perhaps. But until (and if) that happens, we can only create that peaceful, kinder, gentler world within ourselves and live from that.

I, for one, am done waiting for the world to wake up (one of those illusions we tell ourselves) and am taking care of myself. In doing this, I am giving others permission and an example for doing the same. This is all I can do and all (I am coming to believe) any of us are asked to do. If the world “out there” is causing us distress, it is simply because it is triggering a fear within us that has not yet been healed. Observe our reaction. Identify the fear. Heal the fear. Return to peace. It is that simple.

Now, if everyone in the world followed this method, then YES our world might become a peaceful magnificent place. But, in my experience, few are willing to do this work which is why the world remains as it is and will continue on this path. Which brings me back to this truth – the only thing we can change is ourselves and that is solely an inside job.

Get out and vote. Or don’t.  The outcome has no bearing on your ability to live within or from a place of peace.  That is up to you.



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Weekly Love Letter

The greatest need of the human Soul is to know love. The ancients knew this and provided resources and tools to help us remember, not only that we are loved, but that we are the very nature of LOVE itself.



(dot) Love is a subscription service through which you will receive a weekly reminder of the love that you are, along with the support you need to:

Be that Love!


Incorporating the wisdom of the ancients with inspirational words and powerful tools of support, (dot) Love is like a warm mug of coffee on a cold winter day or the hug that you need when you are sad or feeling alone!

(dot) Love inspires you to take time out of your busy week to savor the nurturing and support you most need for yourself, and so you can go back out into the world being that love for others.


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(dot) Love Weekly

(sample 1)


When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were all in one place together. And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, and it filled the entire house in which they were. Then there appeared to them tongues as of fire, which parted and came to rest on each one of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different tongues, as the Spirit enabled them to proclaim. Now there were devout Jews from every nation under heaven staying in Jerusalem. At this sound, they gathered in a large crowd, but they were confused because each one heard them speaking in his own language. They were astounded, and in amazement they asked, “Are not all these people who are speaking Galileans? Then how does each of us hear them in his native language? We are Parthians, Medes, and Elamites, inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the districts of Libya near Cyrene, as well as travelers from Rome, both Jews and converts to Judaism, Cretans and Arabs, yet we hear them speaking in our own tongues of the mighty acts of God.”

Acts 2: 1-11


The Holy Spirit and Kundalini

In the Pentecost narrative, the Holy Spirit is depicted as something outside of us, coming down upon the disciples, as if from the heavens. The purpose of the Holy Spirit, as described in this narrative, is to empower the disciples to live fully out of their unique spiritual gifts (here described as speaking in tongues) in service to God and for the betterment of the world. The Holy Spirit empowers them to act in ways beyond what they might have previously thought possible.

In the Hindu and Yogic traditions, there is a similar kind of empowering energy and experience known as Kundalini. Kundalini is thought to be the seed of our potential, carrying within it our unique giftedness and call to service. As we grow and mature spiritually, the Kundalini is awakened and empowers us to live our potential to its fullest. The difference between Kundalini and the Holy Spirit, as it is depicted in the Pentecost narrative, is that Kundalini resides within us and eventually explodes out of the top of our head as opposed to coming into the top of our head from outside of us. I often wonder if Kundalini and the Holy Spirit are not in fact one and the same.

How have you become aware of a spiritual awakening happening in you?

How have you supported this spiritual awakening?


Spiritual Practices – Welcoming the Holy Spirit

Set aside 20-30 minutes to enter into this meditation practice. You will need your computer or personal music device to access the music that will be used in this practice.

  1. Sit in silence. Begin your practice with a personal prayer/request/statement of intention that your desire is to welcome the Holy Spirit – to be open to awakening the Holy Spirit’s within (or outside) of you. In stating this intention, you are agreeing to accepting the gifts the Spirit wishes to awaken and empower in you.
  2. Listen to the following song, Veni Sancte Spiritus, from the Taize community:
  3. As you are listening, imagine that the Holy Spirit is either coming down upon you, or awakening from the center of your belly and arising within you.
  4. Listen to the song a second time and repeat the visualization if you feel so called.
  5. Be attentive to any physical, emotional or mental sensations you may experience during the meditation.
  6. Record your thoughts and reflections in a journal or notebook.


Authentic Freedom

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”                    

(1 Cor 3: 17)

In the Epilogue to Authentic Freedom, we speak of the process of discernment. Discernment is the process we use to distinguish the voice of Truth (God) from the voice of our ego. The primary distinction between God and ego is concisely articulated by Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians. Truth leads us to freedom. Freedom, however, is not something that is measured outside of us, but is known in an inner experience of expansiveness. Freedom leads us to love, peace, joy, contentment and fulfillment. Freedom is known in a life where there is meaning and purpose through which we are freely and generously sharing our own unique giftedness in service to God for the betterment of the world. This is Authentic Freedom.


How are you experiencing the freedom that is your Divine heritage?  

Where are you experiencing this freedom as being constricted?

What are the fears that are causing you to live a life that is anything less than free?


(sample 2)

Jesus said to the crowds:
“This is how it is with the kingdom of God;
it is as if a man were to scatter seed on the land
and would sleep and rise night and day
and through it all the seed would sprout and grow,
he knows not how.
Of its own accord the land yields fruit,
first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear.
And when the grain is ripe, he wields the sickle at once,
for the harvest has come.”

He said,
“To what shall we compare the kingdom of God,
or what parable can we use for it?
It is like a mustard seed that, when it is sown in the ground,
is the smallest of all the seeds on the earth.
But once it is sown, it springs up and becomes the largest of plants
and puts forth large branches,
so that the birds of the sky can dwell in its shade.”
With many such parables
he spoke the word to them as they were able to understand it.
Without parables he did not speak to them,
but to his own disciples he explained everything in private.

MK 4: 26-34

When it’s Appropriate to Cease from Striving

Each and every one of us are on this plain for the sake of fulfilling our Soul’s purpose.  Our Soul’s purpose is that which gives our life meaning and a sense of purpose and through which we are empowered, through our unique giftedness to be a vessel through which the Divine is made real in our world.  We are the vessel of God’s love and it is through our Soul’s purpose that we are able to be and do this.

The fulfillment of our Soul’s purpose requires effort on our part.  We take steps to discover who we are and what our unique gifts are.  We do the work of identifying, healing and releasing that within us that might otherwise hinder the fulfillment of our Soul’s purpose (fears, unhealed wounds from our past, compulsive behaviors, etc.).  We connect with the Divine within for guidance on how we are called to live out our Soul’s purpose and we take steps toward that end.  These are the appropriate and necessary steps in striving toward our Soul’s purpose. But, at some time, we have to cease from striving.

Like the farmer who has cultivated her field and planted his seed, at some point the hard work must end.  Now it is time for nature to take its course.  The sun shines.  The rains fall.  And the seed grows.  Not because the farmer is standing over the seed yelling at it to hurry up and grow, hurry up and produce fruit.  The seed grows because that is what a seed does.  It grows in its own time, in its own way and the growth depends upon the whims of nature.  None of this is within the farmer’s control.  At this point, all the farmer can do is wait and hope….and in some cases, pray.

The same is true for us.  When we have done everything we can do to support the fulfillment of our Soul’s purpose and when any additional effort toward that end simply feels “like work,” it is time to stop.  We have cultivated the soil.  We have planted and tended the seeds.  Now there is nothing left to do but wait, hope, and pray.

Where have you witnessed these cycles of planting and waiting in your own journey?

Spiritual Practice – Waiting

When we are at the stage of our spiritual development and the Soul’s unfolding where our work is done, all we can do is wait.  Waiting is probably the most difficult part of the journey because in it, there is nothing we can do to hasten things along and our “doing” only ends up being counterproductive. So we wait.  But in the waiting is where all our “demons” show themselves – doubt, fear, unbelief.  It is also in the waiting where we find ourselves seeking, grasping, trying to find something “to do.”  It is also during the waiting where we might be tempted to give up on our Soul’s unfolding all together.  It is in the waiting that our spiritual practice is ever-more critical. In the waiting we double up on our spiritual practice and we employ every practice we have to DO NOTHING.

Sitting in silence is one of the most challenging of all spiritual practices.  But during these times of waiting, it is ever more important to seek after the silence.

For your spiritual practice this week, I invite you to SIT IN THE SILENCE.  Just be.  Just sit.  Do not do.  Do not think, ponder, reflect.  Just be.

Observe the depth of transformation that takes place by allowing yourself to simply be.

Authentic Freedom – 

Last week we spoke of the sacral chakra and its relationship with shame.  This week, we address the sacral chakra as the center of our creativity and where the seed of our Soul’s purpose resides.  Who we are and who we are meant to be in this life dwells within the center of our lower abdomen.  It starts there as a seed – the seed of God that is planted within us.  Within this seed is the knowledge of who we are and who we came to be in this life.  Our life journey is about nurturing and cultivating that seed so that we can be the people God made us to be.  This is our unique contribution to the world and the way in which we are called to be God’s love in the world.  The fear related to this energy center is the fear that “I will not be able to bring forth life that will persist.”  When we heal this fear, we come to understand that we have been uniquely gifted to be a vessel of Divine love in the world and we work toward being this.  Fortitude is the virtue that arises out of us when we understand our giftedness and our call and fortitude supports us in working toward the fulfillment of that call.

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What is Authentic Freedom?

Authentic Freedom Academy supports the spiritual awakening and self-actualization of change agents. As a center for experiential education, we support the transformation of human consciousness through the integration of Western psychology and Western Spirituality, equipping students to be agents of positive, non-violent change in the world.

We accomplish this mission through:

  • writing and publishing
  • one-on-one mentoring (spiritual counseling)
  • local and online courses
  • on-going service to the community


Outer change begins with inner change.

Inner change begins with self-knowledge.

Self- Knowledge leads to self-actualization.

Self-actualized individuals, are inherently non-violent, cooperative and collaborative, and are naturally motivated to use their unique gifts in service to the betterment of the world.


Authentic Freedom™ is a trademarked protocol developed by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS, founder and director of Authentic Freedom Academy. Authentic Freedom™ integrates specific tools and practices of Western Psychology with those of Western Spirituality, resulting in a powerful process through which participants are supported in becoming self-actualized and are then empowered to share their unique giftedness in service to the betterment of the world.

Authentic Freedom has applications in:

  • Personal Development
  • Parenting
  • Relationship Support
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Business Management

As a tool for professionals in the fields of:

  • Counseling
  • Psychology
  • Ministry
  • Education
  • Spiritual Guidance/Spiritual Direction
  • Life-Coaching
  • Reiki, massage, acupuncture, and any other hands-on healing protocols


Specific Tools used in Authentic Freedom™:

  • Western, Eastern and Indigenous Mindfulness, Contemplation and Journey practices
  • The Spiritual Exercises and Rules of Discernment of St. Ignatius
  • Creativity Practices
  • The Myers-Briggs Personality Profile
  • The Enneagram Temperament Tool
  • The Spiritual/Personal Gifts Inventory
  • The Authentic Freedom™ protocol



From Western Psychology, Authentic Freedom™ draws from:

  • Carl Jung’s creative imagination, archetype and shadow work
  • Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and theories of self-actualization
  • The humanistic theories and creativity practices of Carl and Natalie Rogers
  • The stages of spiritual development of James Fowler and John Westerhoff
  • Bill Plotkin’s development of the human Soul

From Western Spirituality, Authentic Freedom™ has its roots in the original teachings of Jesus* which were then formalized into the meditation, contemplation and service practices of Western Monasticism, specifically those favored in Benedictine, Franciscan, and Ignatian spirituality.

*The original teachings of Jesus are those rooted in the universal (and non-religious) call of love:

  • love of God (the God of your own understanding)
  • love of Self
  • love of Neighbor – recognizing that all of humanity is our neighbor

and then:

  • lived out through acts of compassion
  • working for justice



Enjoy the benefits of Authentic Freedom through:

One-on-one mentoring with Lauri Ann Lumby.

The Authentic Freedom Online Course:

Read the book and the companion user’s manual:

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Training Programs which include the Authentic Freedom Protocol:

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My Approach to Scripture: You will notice that scripture plays a predominant role in my writing and in most of my local and online courses. Please note that my approach to scripture is unlike any you have likely experienced before!  I do not approach scripture from a dogmatic or doctrinal perspective.  Neither do I use it as a way to instill fear or manipulate specific actions or behaviors.  Instead, I approach scripture as the ancients did – as a collection of stories which have the opportunity to reflect back to us aspects of ourselves.  In this way, scripture becomes a vehicle through which our highest self can speak to us – providing guidance, support, inspiration, nourishment and even healing.  When we pierce through the veil of other people’s interpretations and allow the Divine to speak to us personally and directly through these ancient texts, we discover the transformational power of The Word as it was originally intended – as a tool to guide and sustain us on the path of love.


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