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Care without Caring

My dear sisters and brothers!

This week’s “Authentic Freedom Weekly Lesson” will be less of a “lesson” and more of what I hope will be a source of encouragement and support as we move into the school year, the approaching winter and what promises to be a stressful time for individuals and the collective alike.

We are continuing in our movement through the death of “the world as we have known it.”  As we’ve discussed time and time again, that which was not built on Love is in the midst of its collapse.  The system built on fear, power, oppression and control, and everything that is part of that system is imploding due to it being inherently unsustainable.  As Jesus himself observed:

“A house divided against itself cannot stand. (Mark 3:25)”

We are that house.  Humanity is that house.  As a species, we have built a world based on separation and division – and it cannot stand. We have seen the proof of this throughout history as one empire after another has brought about their own collapse.

Collapse, however, does not need to be thought of as a bad thing. The eternal promise of death is that new life is waiting on the other side. On the other side of the collapse of the Roman Empire, for example, was the Renaissance.  This is what we are here for – to bear witness to the collapse, while holding space for the new that is waiting to be born both within and on the other side of this collapse.

Bearing witness and holding on to hope, however, can be difficult when all the world around us is losing its sh*t.  As caring people, we can’t not feel the pain that others are suffering, and we can’t help but feel in our own bodies the anxiety and fear that seem to currently define our world.  Our hearts can’t help but break over the increasing division as human beings, who have no skills for identifying and managing their own anxiety, react in non-loving ways.  This is where the training and practice we have cultivated, perhaps for a lifetime, becomes critical.  In the face of collective collapse, we have to learn how to care without caring.

To care without caring is to cultivate the ability to hold the world in loving compassion without being negatively affected by the world in its death throes. To master this skill, we have to:

  • Hold ourselves personally accountable to our own anxiety and fear. Recognize when we are being triggered by the world “out there” and instead of reacting, turning our gaze inward to the unhealed wound within us that was triggered by “out there.”  Engage the practices you have learned to support the healing of that wound.
  • Maintain an ongoing, daily, spiritual practice. Whatever that looks like for you – DO IT!  Maintaining our practice does several things:  a) raises our resistance to anxiety, b) provides a foundation of inner peace that grows with practice, c) helps us to see through the eyes of the Truth, rather than through our conditioned seeing, d) helps us to develop and maintain witness consciousness, and e) helps us to develop equanimity – the ability to maintain peace amidst the tragedies and joys of life.
  • Unleash ourselves from our co-dependent conditioning. We cannot save that which needs to die. We cannot save people from themselves. We must care for ourselves before we can be a source of support for others.  As Sr. Judy Miller once told me:

“The most loving thing we can do for those we love is to do what is most loving for ourselves.”

  • Seek out support when we feel like we are hitting the wall. Have your “doomsday” team on speed dial and reach out when needed.  Seek out more professional support when that isn’t enough (
  • Create the space you need to witness the world in its dying, feel the world’s sorrow, and grieve it. It’s appropriate to be heartbroken when we witness the violence our species has done to itself, our world, and one another.  We can’t fix it, but we can grieve it.  Remember that grief includes:  shock/trauma, denial, bargaining (“if human beings would just…….”), anger/rage, depression (and all its faces) and deep sorrow.  Cry. Take a day in bed. Whatever you need to do to survive the world’s dying.
  • BUT DO NOT get dragged down into your own destruction by the dying world. DO NOT let it destroy you!  DO NOT die with it. And for Goddess’ sake, DO NOT SACRIFICE YOURSELF OR YOUR NEEDS FOR THE SAKE OF A DYING WORLD!  As the prophet Hosea spoke on behalf of God:

“I desire mercy (compassion), not sacrifice. (Hosea 6:6)”

Caring without caring is ultimately about watching the world as it destroys itself while not getting caught up in the destruction.  We cannot stop the world (as we know it) from dying, nor should we try.  We cannot convince anyone of anything they do not want to believe, neither can we change the minds of those caught up in separation. All we can do is watch while holding those caught up in the death in loving compassion.

The Divine irony of caring without caring is that in doing so, we are creating the safe space that is needed for the seeds of the new to take root and begin their germination and growth.  In caring without caring, we are doing our part in creating the new world that will be waiting for humanity on the other side of this collapse.

Thank you for being a part of the new!


With love,



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Taking Up the Veil of the Magdalene

Below is a reflection from one of the recent graduates of the Magdalene Priesthood Training. Her words perfectly describe the Magdalene calling and I am grateful to V. for being willing to share these words – both a reflection and a testimonial!  

“It is time for you to take up the veil and teach!” Jesus said to me in meditation his loving eyes piercing into my soul. As he speaks these words, I feel a veil being placed upon my head by two women. This 15 month journey has been a process of remembering and owning who I truly am and how I am uniquely called to be of service to the world. I have always been a Magdalene. One of many who are called to be love in the world, each in her own unique way.

How am I uniquely called to be of service in the world? First in my own healing and then in service to the world? My path is the path of the healer, but not in the traditional sense. The main gift I have been given is the gift of encouragement along with love of learning (knowledge). Through the vehicle of teaching, am I to create a safe place so that a person can be uniquely themselves in all its messy glory of being human at this time on this planet. From a place of non-judgement and acceptance a person can begin to remember their own unique gift and purpose. As the spark of remembrance ignites in each of us, we become a light in this world. Our individual light will combine with others to illuminate this world with love. It is a collaborative effort and we are each needed. My job is to be that support and encouragement as someone begins the process of clearing away all that stands in the way of them radiating their own light in the world.

So how did I get to this point? This is what the 15 month journey has been about. What did I need to clear away? The false perception that I am separate from God. We are all one with God. Always have been, always will be. This wound acts out differently in people but the source is the same.  All of the courses in the Magdalene training were about digging into and clearing that wound.

For me in particular, this wound showed itself as not feeling worthy. As the false belief that God would choose everyone else but me to be of service in the world. The belief that I had nothing of value to offer that the Divine would be interesting in using. But, that is a lie! We all have immense value! Each and every one of us. We have just forgotten who we truly are. We are unique manifestations of the Divine. As we heal from the false perception of separation from God we begin to beautifully radiate our own individual spark of the Divine.

The tool that has had the most profound effect on me, helping me to stay in alignment with this truth is the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. I spent a lot of time with this. Learning each phrase and how it feels in the body. I continue to start and end each day with this prayer. Does it mean that life is smooth sailing? Not at all! But it does mean that I have the tool to re-center myself.

I don’t know that the future will look like or how I will ever be able to put this knowledge into practice. I am in the unknown and it causes discomfort and doubt at times. However, I draw strength from remembering a meditation experience I had during the Resurrecting the Magdalene course. I am in red, disheveled and weary, my dress worn and dusty. I am following a path that takes me to a mountain top. Jesus is there smiling and waiting for me. He takes my hand. I am rejuvenated and joyful. My beat up garment becomes white and pristine. We look out across a mountain view. Lights are coming on all over the place. This is continuing across the face of the earth. Love will save the Earth! My heart sings! I turn to look at the path that I have just trod. There are many more like me. They are coming up the path battered and weary, but they have made it! They have remembered the spark of the Divine within them. They are becoming a light in this world. I am one of those lights and so are you!

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Magdalene Mastery Live/Online Course

an introductory course for those new to the Magdalene calling and a refresher for those long on the path. 

Seven Live Lessons via ZOOM

Selected Wednesdays starting October 6, 2021

10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 12/1

6:30 – 7:30 pm central time US

(lessons will be recorded for those unable to attend the live gatherings)

Learn more and Enroll Now for only $69.00!

Since the Gospel of Mary Magdalene became readily available, and the DaVinci Code popularized the Magdalene, many interpretations around what it means to be called to the Magdalene path have been set forth.  Few, however, are authentic to Mary’s own words or to the title bestowed on her by her teacher and beloved, Yeshua.

Mary alone is recognized by Yeshua as the one among his disciples to have achieved the fulfillment of his teachings. Applying both the public and private lessons bestowed on her by Yeshua, Mary, like Yeshua, became anthropos.  To be anthropos is to become fully integrated and whole within oneself such that one’s Divinity might be fully embodied within one’s humanity.

The Magdalene Mastery course introduces the Magdalene calling as it is set forth in Mary’s own gospel.  Here you will get a glimpse into the essential principles and practices of the Magdalene calling – that which is required to follow this calling with integrity and what you will be invited to continue as you live this calling in the world.  This course can be approached as an opportunity to more fully discern this calling, in preparation for further study, or as a refresher for those who have already completed the full Magdalene Priesthood Training.

The Magdalene Mastery course has been researched, developed, and tested by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS, scholar of the Magdalene. adherent to her path, creator and facilitator of the Magdalene Priesthood Training and spiritual director of the Order of the Magdalene.

Learn more and Enroll Now for only $69.00!

Course Outline:

Week One: The Magdalene Calling

Week Two:  The Foundation

Commitment to a Spiritual Practice

Week Three:  The Motivating Force

Mission and Purpose

Service to self and the world through the identification, nurturing and sharing of one’s unique gifts.

Week Four: The Sacred Pillars

Dedication to Personal Development


Continuing study and exploration

Week Five: Soul Retrieval

Shadow Work

Identifying and transforming unhealed wounds

Releasing trauma (personal and ancestral)

Undoing societal conditioning

Week Six:  Dedication to the Path

Radical Personal Accountability

Ongoing exploration of wounds, triggers, etc.

Freedom from blame/victimhood

Week Seven: Fulfillment

Empowerment through Love

Transcending Division to live in love.

Exercising compassion for self and others

Being Love in the world.

Learn more and Enroll Now for only $69.00!


spiritual counseling, Lauri Ann Lumby, transformational counseling, empowerment, healing and transforming fears and unhealed woundsLauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS is a Priestess of the Magdalene and the founder of both the Order of the Magdalene and the Temple of the Magdalene.  Lauri has been a dedicated student of the Magdalene since first experiencing her portrayal in the rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar in 1978.  Lauri has since studied every scholarly work that has been made available on the Magdalene, and many works of fiction.  Lauri has come to believe that Mary Magdalene was indeed Jesus’ closest disciple, possibly his wife, and that it was Mary who was ordained to continue Jesus’ mission of transforming the world from fear into love.  Rejected by the patriarchy, the Magdalene influence has flourished in the mystical traditions of Christianity, though few would acknowledge this. The Magdalene has been a profound influence in Lauri’s own mission and has been the inspiration for Lauri’s writings, books, teachings and online courses all available through Authentic Freedom Academy.

Lauri Ann Lumby has her BBA in Marketing, a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and has certificates in Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Direction.  She is a Reiki Master in both the Usui and Karuna traditions and is an ordained interfaith minister.

Learn more about Lauri at

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The Principles and Practices of Magdalene Mastery

While the world is busy chasing after shiny objects, Authentic Freedom Academy and the Order of the Magdalene focus their attention and intention on that which will remain.  Shiny objects are those things which provide temporary satisfaction, momentary titillation, and excitement.  Shiny objects make us feel good and might give us a thrill but the satisfaction never remains.  Human beings seek after shiny objects in an attempt to fill the emptiness and longing caused by the common human wound of separation.  Shiny objects, however, can never fill that void of separation.  The wound of division cannot be filled from something outside of us.  It can only be fulfilled from within.

Satisfying the longing and emptiness left behind by the wound of separation can only be fulfilled by healing that wound. Healing the wound of separation is only accomplished through a disciplined, persistent, practiced approach of identifying, healing and transforming our deepest and most stubborn wounds. The work of healing these wounds require courage, the willingness to be vulnerable, and most importantly, the ability to be honest with ourselves around the topic of our wounds and the ways in which our wounds might come out sideways in non-loving behavior toward ourselves or others.  With consistent attention to this work, we soon come to realize that we are the shiny object we’ve been looking for. In clearing away our wounds, past traumas, and the guilt heaped upon us through societal conditioning, we see the beauty, brilliance and magic of our true and most authentic self – that which we’ve been seeking all along.

At Authentic Freedom Academy and the Order of the Magdalene, we are not another one of those shiny objects that you might be tempted to entertain.  We are not about to blow smoke up your ass, or make you feel good about yourself by feeding your ego. Instead, we support you and help guide you through the tools and practices we have developed which will help you find satisfaction with yourself.  Finding yourself includes discovering your gifts, being empowered to develop, cultivate and share your gifts.  Finding yourself also includes the deep, often challenging and messy work of soul retrieval – identifying and clearing away the debris of past woundedness and the behaviors that arose out of these wounds so that only your true, original, and untainted self remains.  Here you will find the confidence to live your truth along with the inner power that will fuel you in your work.  Shiny object will always leave you unsatisfied.  With Magdalene Mastery, you will find deeply rooted fulfillment, enduring satisfaction, contentment, joy, and peace in your own personal sovereignty.

Mary Magdalene, Magdalene and Easter, Mary Magdalene and Jesus, Mary Magdalene and women's ordination

The Principles and Practices of Magdalene Mastery:

I. Commitment to a Spiritual Practice

II.  Mission and Purpose

Service to self and the world through the identification, nurturing and sharing of one’s unique gifts.

III. Dedication to Personal Development


Continuing study and exploration

IV. Shadow Work

Identifying and transforming unhealed wounds

Releasing trauma (personal and ancestral)

Undoing societal conditioning

V. Radical Personal Accountability

Ongoing exploration of wounds, triggers, etc.

Freedom from blame/victimhood

Vi. Empowerment through Love

Transcending Division to live in love.

Exercising compassion for self and others

Being Love in the world.


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New Online Course: The Secret Teachings of the Holy Bride in Exile

The Secret Teachings of

The Holy Bride in Exile

Permission and support for those called to a more interior way of sacred living

Click on the image to learn more and register.

6 Lessons online and at your own pace: 

Mary Magdalene as the Bride in Exile

The Holy Bride in Exile in Mythology and Folklore

The Shekinah as The Bride in Exile

Personal Power Gained through Exile

The Promise of Provision in Exile

Creating and Being Your Own Temple

Learn more and register HERE. 


Genesis of this Course

The Holy Bride in Exile course has come about in both a logical and an illogical way. The logical includes almost thirty years of intensive study of the Magdalene, my own education and experience in scripture study, theology, religious history, human development, psychology, Christian and Jewish mysticism, etc. etc. etc.  Also logical are all the courses I’ve developed and facilitated including the Magdalene Priesthood training, the Order of Melchizedek Alchemist training, and my most recent courses on the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and Mary Magdalene and the Path of the Holy Bride.  All of this work, and my own integration of these studies provided the framework out of which exploration of the Bride in Exile became possible.

The illogical is the lightening bolt that pierced through me while reading Raphael Patai’s The Hebrew Goddess. When I came upon Patai’s words, “The Holy Bride in Exile,” the whole world turned on its axis, everything stopped, and the downloads began.  It literally felt as if the top of my head had been opened up and someone/something was pouring awareness and knowledge into me. If this wasn’t exciting (terrifying) enough, what was being shown to me validated and affirmed a calling that has likely been present within me my whole life, but now had become increasingly urgent:

The call to a more interior way of sacred living.

 It is because I know I am not alone in this calling that I share this course with you.  This, I believe, is so much more than a course, it is:

Permission and Support

 for a way of living that has been lost in our society – one that was once valued (more on that later), but with the advent of the patriarchy, and more recently of capitalism, interior living has been cast aside as ridiculous, or at the very least, counter-cultural.


“Only crazy or morbidly depressed people would want to spend most of their time in solitary contemplation and study, moving slowly and gently upon this earth.”


The Holy Bride in Exile says otherwise.  Not only is the Holy Bride in Exile an ancient archetype, it is, I believe, a critical stage in the Soul development of those who are either called to exile as a way of living, or who find themselves in temporary states of exile as part of their Soul’s journey of unfolding.  Society needs its hermits for reasons that we will uncover in this course.

My greatest heart desire in sharing this journey with you is that you feel validated and affirmed in your own unique calling and that you discover the empowerment that is inherent in our times of exile.  Additionally, I hope that through this support you can harness the courage and strength to boldly live your interior life knowing that by doing so you are offering a powerful gift not only to yourself, but also to the world.


Learn more and register HERE.