Freeing Ourselves from the Patriarchy

Please join me for this special ZOOM gathering: Temple of the Magdalene ZOOM gathering Wednesday, November 28th 7:30 pm Central time LESSON:  Freeing Ourselves from the Patriarchy (session will be recorded and made available for those unable to attend the live gathering) To join, you must have a (dot)Love Basic membership or higher. Become a … Read moreFreeing Ourselves from the Patriarchy

Conditioned by Shame

Shame is one of the forces of manipulation that we are currently unraveling from at this stage in our cultural/spiritual evolution. Specifically – the shame we have been conditioned to feel by the patriarchal/hierarchical power structures who for the past 5000 years have ruled our world.  These power structures, which are rooted in fear, power … Read moreConditioned by Shame

Healing Your Money Fears

A powerful healing practice for freeing yourself of the fears and woundedness you have experienced around money and a practice you can return to again and again when your money fears are triggered. Integrating: Learning Self-Reflection Automatic Writing Meditation Guided Visualization Touch Current and Ancestral Memory Light Language Breath Your own Divine power to heal. … Read moreHealing Your Money Fears

Strong of Heart

The tagline on my website now reads, “Self-Mastery for the Strong of Heart.” As my own work continues to evolve, so does my understanding of what I do and who I am here to serve.  Or rather, how I am called to support others by sharing the tools that came through me in support of … Read moreStrong of Heart

Who are you….really?

Who are you? No, who are you really? This is the quintessential quandary of the human experience and one we spend a lifetime trying to answer. I used to think I knew who I was:  strong, powerful, confident, craving attention, wanting to be seen, wanting to be famous, wanting to possess material wealth, accomplished, energetic, … Read moreWho are you….really?

50% off Authentic Freedom. Today only!

On Veteran’s Day, we acknowledged and gave honor to all those courageous women and men who have served our country through military service.  These are our warriors. We are warriors too.  Each and every one of us who has the courage to move through the inner fears which prevent us from living as our true … Read more50% off Authentic Freedom. Today only!

The Prophet’s Curse – Why Caring is Dangerous

As a prophet, we see too much, hear too much, feel too much and know too much.  We see the truth behind the veil and the face you hide behind your mask.  We see the truth beyond the illusion.  We recognize and see the sign of the times.  In our ability to see we are … Read moreThe Prophet’s Curse – Why Caring is Dangerous

Shattering Election Day Illusions

Trigger Warning!  If you believe your life depends on the outcome of today’s elections, you might not want to read this blog as it will poke a hole in whatever attachment you have formed around the election and your personal hoped-for outcome.  While I support our right to vote and wish, dream and hope for … Read moreShattering Election Day Illusions

My Love Child

For the past several years, I have been operating two distinct and separate businesses: Authentic Freedom Academy and Temple of the Magdalene. While there has been much overlap between these two aspects of my offering to the world, they individually represent two aspects of my own being.  Authentic Freedom Academy represents the more linear, pragmatic, … Read moreMy Love Child

Become a (dot) Love Member!

There are three levels of membership in the Authentic Freedom (dot) Love Community.   Free:  To participate at this level, all you have to do is subscribe to the Blog using the link in the right sidebar menu.  With this subscription you will receive my regular blog through your email.  It is through my blog … Read moreBecome a (dot) Love Member!

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