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New Online Course: The Secret Teachings of the Holy Bride in Exile

The Secret Teachings of

The Holy Bride in Exile

Permission and support for those called to a more interior way of sacred living

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6 Lessons online and at your own pace: 

Mary Magdalene as the Bride in Exile

The Holy Bride in Exile in Mythology and Folklore

The Shekinah as The Bride in Exile

Personal Power Gained through Exile

The Promise of Provision in Exile

Creating and Being Your Own Temple

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Genesis of this Course

The Holy Bride in Exile course has come about in both a logical and an illogical way. The logical includes almost thirty years of intensive study of the Magdalene, my own education and experience in scripture study, theology, religious history, human development, psychology, Christian and Jewish mysticism, etc. etc. etc.  Also logical are all the courses I’ve developed and facilitated including the Magdalene Priesthood training, the Order of Melchizedek Alchemist training, and my most recent courses on the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and Mary Magdalene and the Path of the Holy Bride.  All of this work, and my own integration of these studies provided the framework out of which exploration of the Bride in Exile became possible.

The illogical is the lightening bolt that pierced through me while reading Raphael Patai’s The Hebrew Goddess. When I came upon Patai’s words, “The Holy Bride in Exile,” the whole world turned on its axis, everything stopped, and the downloads began.  It literally felt as if the top of my head had been opened up and someone/something was pouring awareness and knowledge into me. If this wasn’t exciting (terrifying) enough, what was being shown to me validated and affirmed a calling that has likely been present within me my whole life, but now had become increasingly urgent:

The call to a more interior way of sacred living.

 It is because I know I am not alone in this calling that I share this course with you.  This, I believe, is so much more than a course, it is:

Permission and Support

 for a way of living that has been lost in our society – one that was once valued (more on that later), but with the advent of the patriarchy, and more recently of capitalism, interior living has been cast aside as ridiculous, or at the very least, counter-cultural.


“Only crazy or morbidly depressed people would want to spend most of their time in solitary contemplation and study, moving slowly and gently upon this earth.”


The Holy Bride in Exile says otherwise.  Not only is the Holy Bride in Exile an ancient archetype, it is, I believe, a critical stage in the Soul development of those who are either called to exile as a way of living, or who find themselves in temporary states of exile as part of their Soul’s journey of unfolding.  Society needs its hermits for reasons that we will uncover in this course.

My greatest heart desire in sharing this journey with you is that you feel validated and affirmed in your own unique calling and that you discover the empowerment that is inherent in our times of exile.  Additionally, I hope that through this support you can harness the courage and strength to boldly live your interior life knowing that by doing so you are offering a powerful gift not only to yourself, but also to the world.


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Within is the Goal

Authentic Freedom Academy Sacred Living Series

Part 1


Today, I begin a series of reflections in support of a growing trend, dare I say calling, that I have been experiencing in my own life, while also witnessing it in the lives of others.  This growing trend is a deep, inner calling for (what I am choosing to call):

Sacred Living

While the expression of sacred living is showing itself in ways as diverse as the humanity out of which it is emerging, the calling is the same.  A deep desire to go within and to choose a way of living and being that is reflective of the stillness we find there.  That which drives this calling harkens back to Jesus’ own words to his disciples:

Asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, he said in reply, “The coming of the kingdom of God cannot be observed, and no one will announce, ‘Look, here it is,’ or ‘There it is.’  For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”  Luke 17: 20-21

 This, is indeed, one of Jesus’ greatest messages to humanity.  That which we seek can never be found outside of us but can only be found within.

What is it that we seek in the human condition?  When we look beyond what we have been taught to seek after (approval, money, power, popularity, success, etc.) the answer is simple.  What we are all truly seeking is peace.  While the fullness of that peace may not be found until we have departed the human experience, Jesus reminds us that we can have the peace, right here, right now, and that this peace can only be found within.

Sacred living is both the pursuit and fulfillment of that search for peace.  When we know inner peace, we want to live in ways that support and are reflective of that peace.  Sacred living is the name I’ve given to that choice.

Sacred living is what I have seen specifically emerging from within the members of this (Authentic Freedom) community.  Women and men seeking a quieter, gentler, more authentic way of being, while detaching from the “values” that have been imposed upon us by our culture.  While some might be tempted to believe that it is the dysfunction of our culture that has driven us inward, I am more inclined to believe that the calling for sacred living comes from within and is at once a charism (spiritual gift) and a true vocational calling.

The call to sacred living is no less urgent or Divinely-driven than the call to ordination, matrimony, or vowed religious life.  It is simply a vocational calling that has not been given the credit, attention, encouragement or support it deserves. What sets sacred living apart from the aforementioned divine callings, is that it is happening outside of any specific institution and it is coming forth in human beings of all natures and walks of life.  One need not be single, celibate, or even accept a vow of poverty to be called to and embrace the calling to sacred living.  Instead, sacred living can be embraced and lived out from whatever state we find ourselves in our lives – married, single, with children, without children, working, retired, being of simple or prosperous means.  The externals of our lives have no bearing on our calling or ability to live sacredly.  Instead, we need only say yes to the calling and live it.

In the coming weeks, I will be offering reflections, encouragement and support for the calling of sacred living.  I invite you to share your own experiences of this calling and to share how you are living it out.  You can do that through the discussion area at the bottom of this page.  Thank you for hearing the call to sacred living and for choosing to live that out!


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