Elegy – Love Songs to Death and Other Poems

Elegy – Love Songs to Death and Other Poems, is a collection of poetry and prose exploring life’s most challenging questions including death, unrequited love, dark nights of the soul, and the end of the world.  Composed during a global pandemic, Elegy is both timely and timeless. Elegy is Lauri Ann Lumby’s eighth published work.

A note from the author:

Thank you for perusing this humble collection of poetry.  Most of these pieces were penned in the year of Covid-19 and reflect my ponderings on such impossible topics as death, unrequited love, my 19th (pun intended) dark night of the soul and what seems to be “the end of the world as we know it.” To say the collective experience was unprecedented would be redundant, but if we learned nothing else, perhaps this time in history prompted us to ask some tough, yet timeless questions. These are just a sampling of my thoughts on and experiences with these quandaries.

The style of my poetry is most often stream of consciousness, at times pithy, and for the most part, unedited.  I prefer my words raw and unedited so that the common reader (most of humanity) might find poetry not only relatable, but accessible. I also hope that in keeping it raw, my words might inspire you to write some of your own.

A big thank you to A. X. Salvo, whose work speaks to my darkness while giving me a place to find comfort when I am otherwise feeling alone; and to Abigail Larson and Iren Horrors whose art gives image to what I’m often feeling in the depths of my soul.  I love you all!

For professional purposes I am Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS, but to my friends and family, I am just Lauri.  To learn more about my professional work, including my online courses, professional services, books and Icons for a New World, please go to www.authenticfreedom.love or visit me on Instagram: laurilumby.


With gratitude and love,