A Mouth Filled with Flame

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In the deepest recesses of every woman’s heart are the secrets she dares not share with the world. Secrets of heartbreak, betrayal, abuse, and the constant oppression she endures simply for being a woman. These secrets make up the silent, seething rage hidden behind a woman’s practiced, polite smile. In giving voice to that rage, Lauri Ann Lumby provides women with validation and support for what they’ve endured along with an example for how they might find their own way to liberation. Men will also gain insight by reading this book.

A Mouth Filled with Flame is Lauri’s ninth published work and her fourth collection of poetry.

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Praise for Lauri Ann Lumby’s work

 From the foreboding opening of Fury to the contemplative conclusion of Resolve, A Mouth Filled with Flame is a bold, timely, and scathing exploration of trauma and abuse. Fans of Rupi Kaur and Amanda Lovelace will highly enjoy this new collection of poems by Ms. Lumby! 

AX Salvo, author of Beautiful Shadows and more.