Lauri Ann Lumby is the published author of nine books:

Authentic FreedomClaiming a Life of Contentment and Joy

Authentic FreedomStudent workbook

Christoucha Christ-centered Approach to Energy Medicine through Hands-on-Healing.

Returninga Woman’s Midlife Journey to Herself

Happily Ever After the transformational journey from “you complete me” to beloved partnership

Song of the Belovedthe Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

Only Lovethe Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene

Uniona Year of Spiritual Lessons and Practices with Mary Magdalene

Elegy – Love Songs to Death and Other Poems

A Mouth Filled with Flame – poetry collection

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Praise for Lauri Ann Lumby’s work


From the foreboding opening of Fury to the contemplative conclusion of Resolve, A Mouth Filled with Flame is a bold, timely, and scathing exploration of trauma and abuse. Fans of Rupi Kaur and Amanda Lovelace will highly enjoy this new collection of poems by Ms. Lumby!

  • AX Salvo, author of Beautiful Shadows and more.


Returning; A Woman’s Midlife Journey to Herself lays bare the complexity and beauty of the feminine archetype.  Author Lauri Lumby shares her own journey of naiveté, hope, disillusionment, longing, acceptance, wisdom, and empowerment with the courage and revelation only one who has been on this journey can muster.  She dares readers to share in this fearless exploration with writing prompts that invite deep reflection and self-acknowledgment.

  • Prudence Tippins, author of Faces of the Goddess


Lauri really delivers with Returning–A woman’s midlife journey to herself.  She is fearless in laying out her own transformation and gives us a much needed guide from a woman’s perspective on how to navigate our own. Returning is intimate, rich and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to women in midlife. It couldn’t be better for anyone wanting to unravel the very best of who they are.

  • Ann A. Hartenbach, author of Where Blue Birds Fly-Poetry for Ascension 


Lauri Lumby has a fire in her belly. You can call it the fire that ignites the Wild Woman Within. You can call it the fire that forges creativity. You can see it as the flame that burned above the heads of the Evangelists, spurring them on, inspired, to share their message of hope and love. You can see it as the fire of Creation Herself.

  • Nina Catanese, literary editor (, writer and artist


Lauri offers a deep look into a reality that many might deny – that life is hard and demands our full attention if we are to live in a meaningful way. Perhaps some people can skim along the surface and find happiness in a simple, non-confrontational manner. Not this author! This collection of poetry and interactive writing is aimed deep. It is directed toward those of us whose challenges in life have exacted a toll on the emotional fabric of our humanity. Yet we are not looking for a scapegoat. We are looking for answers and are willing to take as many steps as necessary to find them.

  • Dorothy Zerbe, musician and songwriter, Lands Where I Live


Song of the Beloved is a vivid and deeply moving memoir that transports the reader to another time and place. While reading, I felt I was actually there, witnessing and experiencing events and feelings first hand and being filled with the golden light of love emanating from the heart of Jesus and the Magdalene.

  • Toni Carmine Salerno, artist & author of Magdalene Oracle.


The phenomenon of Jesus Christ is a mystery so great it invites different ‘takes’ on it. This is a vivid and moving one written from the wise depths of the heart.

  • Gabriel Bradford Millar, poet


A fresh and exciting approach to some of the most deep-seated problems that vex

the human heart.

—Richard Smoley, author of Inner Christianity


In Authentic Freedom, Lauri Lumby skillfully washes away centuries of dogma to

reveal the powerful and life-changing message at the heart of Christ’s teachings

and the universal truths at the core of every religion.

—Darren Main, author of Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic