Children and Teens

“The Calling”  supports parents of children and teens who might be demonstrating “magical gifts” – children and teens who are sensitive, intuitive, empathetic; and who might be finding it difficult to fit into a world that doesn’t yet understand or accept their gifts. “The Calling” supports you in helping your child identify, nurture, cultivate and become empowered in the unique mission they are meant to fulfill in this life through their unique gifts and special abilities. Kind of like Hogwarts, we see the magic in our children and understand they are here to change the world and we want to give them the tools they need to fulfill that mission. The Calling is led by a team of magical adults who understand the longing of our children to find their place in the world.  Follow us on Facebook HERE. 


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Watch this page for local and online resources for children and teens or email to find out more or to share your ideas of how we can support you in this area.