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Complete and Total Surrender

Surrendering is a topic I have written about before as it is the invitation that shows up over and over and over and over in our journey toward the Soul. Whether we are asked to surrender, let go, or we find ourselves in a free-fall, SURRENDER is a persistent theme.  This is natural considering that we have been conditioned to believe (and many new age and new thought circles enforce these beliefs) that the circumstances of our lives are somehow in our control.  You know the routine – think the right thoughts and you will get what you want, working hard leads to reward, no pain no gain, it is by your efforts that you will be rewarded, your value is dependent upon how hard you work and what you accomplish, yada yada yada.  The stream of conditioned thoughts are endless.  Throw in our religious conditioning including the misperception of “faith” (believe you will be healed and you will); and the immigrant work ethic and we have a one mell of a hess!

The truth is, very little of what happens in our lives is within our realm of control. (GASP!).  We are told that we have free will, but do we really?  This is a question I have explored with many of my clients, students and colleagues.  It seems that the closer we get to our Soul, the less we are allowed free will.  In short, no matter how hard we work, no matter how strongly we believe (or think we believe) no matter how much we strive toward what we think is our Soul’s calling, our Soul’s purpose, our Soul’s mission…..if it is not our Soul’s calling, it will fail.  (and sometimes when it is our Soul’s calling it still fails because it is what the Soul intended). And we can know that it is not our Soul’s calling when in spite of all our efforting, belief, “faith,” wishing hoping and dreaming, all we come up with is a bloody forehead from beating our head against the wall.

The Divine path is easy. The effort comes when we are allowing the ego to drive instead of our Soul.  The Soul says, “Let Go!  I got this.”  The ego pleads, “BUT I NEED TO BE IN CONTROL.  I need to know what is happening, why it is happening and how.  I need to be able to decide, to choose, to see the road ahead and what will happen as the path unfolds so I can make plans.”  The Soul says, “Um….no, you don’t.  If you saw where I am leading you, you would freak the f-out and say NO!  You don’t need to know and you don’t get to know and while you are busy making plans, I am unraveling them for you.” God is kind of an asshole that way – but only because the Divine plan is better than what we could ever imagine, hope or dream of – but NOT from the limited perception of the ego – only from the infinite and expansive wisdom of the Soul. In this the Soul can see the good in suffering, sorrow, betrayal, loss and pain. Even death – especially death – serves the greatest and highest purpose….but to all of this the ego says NO!

Surrender is such a frequent theme because of the ministrations of the ego. The ego wants to be in control and believes that being in control, it is keeping us safe.  But at the end of the day, are we ever really safe?  Death, as we know, can come at any minute.  We can be taking our favorite route to the yoga studio and get hit by a semi.  We can be eating all the right foods and thinking all the right thoughts and still get struck down by cancer.  We can be enjoying a friendly game of soccer one day and find ourselves in the ICU hooked up to life support the very next day.  Life (shit) happens and we have NO CONTROL over it.  If it is the intended path of our Soul it will happen no matter what we do to try to “make it happen” or avoid it.

This is perhaps the toughest pill to swallow in our human journey. We are not in control.  The Soul will do what the Soul came here to do.  Period.  Jesus proved this.  Jesus came here to be and show love.  He came here to show us all how to find peace (the kingdom of God) within.  He healed the sick.  He gave sight to the blind.  He counseled the hurting.  He nourished and fed the spiritually hungry.  And then he got killed for it.  Jesus did everything right.  He listened to the calling of his Soul.  He did what his Soul asked of him.  He was “obedient unto death.”  And then he died – a slow and painful death on a cross.  And there was NOTHING he could do to stop it – because it was the path his Soul intended.  And at the end of it all, Jesus did what we are all invited to do.  He surrendered it all unto his Soul, “Into your hands I commend my spirit.”  The very same path his mother traveled before him, “Let it be done to me according to your word.”

Complete and total surrender is what the Soul asks of us. To meet each moment of every day with the understanding that what is showing up to meet us is EXACTLY what our Soul has intended for us to experience in this life.  We are not to know the whys or the hows, but to simply surrender.  This is especially true when we don’t really like what is coming for us – illness, poverty, suffering, pain, disappointment, (perceived) failure, etc.  We need to LET IT GO.  And when we are human (which we will always be), and we find ourselves struggling and all our efforts seem to be in vain, the invitation is there again – complete and total surrender as the Soul reminds us, “Let go.  I got this!”  And then, we let Her!


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Radical Surrender Leading to Freedom


As we celebrate the first of July and the new moon in Capricorn that marks this day, I breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a day (weekend) of pause after a six-month intensive of radical surrender.  The past six months have been a DOOZIE!

As we entered the beginning of 2015, I heard quite clearly the Divine invitation to LET GO.  I KNEW with every fiber of my being that I was being cleared of everything that was not supportive of the purpose for which I was placed in this world.  I KNEW it would be a time of letting go and releasing.  I just had no idea what I was being asked to let go of….or for what I was letting it go.  There was no carrot at the end of the stick calling me forth – just SHEER BLIND FAITH that if I was being invited into such radical surrender that there must be something amazing at the end of the journey.

hands open

Letting go

And let me tell you, looking back on the past six months, the letting go was ENORMOUS and far greater than I ever thought possible.  I was invited to be willing to let go of EVERYTHING – and that meant EVERYTHING.  I knew the invitation didn’t necessarily mean I would have to let go of everything – but that I must be WILLING to do so.  Thankfully, the things most important to me (my children, my friends, my family) still remain, but the things I was asked to release – if you had asked me to do so a year ago, I might have (would have) said no.  At this point in my journey, however, I had grown weary of clinging, exhausted from the effort of trying and beyond frustrated with all the failed efforts.  I no longer cared what God wanted from me….I just wanted to serve in whatever way I was being called….even if that meant giving up everything I had come to believe about myself and my call in this life.  I placed myself and my life in God’s hands and said – “Here.  Take all of it.  Take what you need to take from me.  I give up.  I surrender.  It’s all yours.  And if somewhere along the line there is something I need to know…let me know.”

The amazing thing about radical surrender, is that yes, many, many, many things fall away; but as they are falling away (if we are willing) we are able to see how silly our attachment to those things has been.  We see how truly unnecessary these things are to our lives – especially when we see how they have hindered our ability to love.  And, as we are letting go, we are not left empty.  Instead, we are being cleared and emptied so that we can be filled – filled with what God wants for and of us – not what our tiny little minds think we want for ourselves.  For example, some of the things my mind thought would be good for me,  God thought better of it and invited me to let these things go:

  • My long-held desire to reform the Catholic Church (I let that one go a LONG time ago).
  • My desire to have my novel become a best-seller.
  • My wish to become a famous and best-selling author.
  • My attachment to the vision of myself as a writer, artist and rockstar.
  • My desire to reach a global audience and to become the next Marianne Williamson.
  • My desire for a specific annual income.
  • My desire to become an internet sensation and to launch a global academy.
  • My vision of traveling the world speaking to packed houses on topics of self-actualization and world change (the funny thing about panic attacks is that global travel no longer sounds like such a great idea!).

A Better Plan

Instead, God said, “Lauri, let these things go.  You are already exactly where you need to be.  Remember the medicine of mouse (my power animal) – small things making a big impact! Your audience is right here in your own backyard.  Stop seeking outside for what you already have here.  Plant yourself here.  Get more involved in the community and watch your efforts bear fruit.”


Who knew?  So I suddenly find myself seeing all the ways I can connect with the larger community.  I suddenly see all the people who already know me and are aware of what I do and the good it brings to the community.  Opportunities are suddenly falling into my lap that are reflective of my gifts and supportive of my needs.  Again…who knew?????

Radical surrender is not an easy task and I am grateful to have some breathing room as I rest after so much letting go.  But as I am learning, surrender is totally worth it when the reward is greater than what we ever could have imagined for ourselves!  (More on that later this week!)


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Surrendering to the Void

Today’s blog offers a glimpse and some support as we face this current period of Universal change.  Big changes are coming….but for now…..we must surrender to the VOID!


Entering the Void

In case you haven’t yet noticed, we are in the void.  A time many of my peers are referring to as the “wormhole.”  I like to think of it as the birth canal.  We have planted our seeds.  We have sown our dreams.  We have networked, promoted, advertised, shared all we are and all we hope to be.  We have dreamed the dreams of a world we want to live in and the people we want to be in that world.  Since the beginning of 2015, and most especially the early days of March, we have been busy, freneticly overcome with creative and creating energy.  Then suddenly, everything came to a halt.  Now, there is nothing we can do but WAIT!  Like a seed waiting in the dark soil for the perfect amount of water, sunlight and warmth (and the turning of the year) to coax us out of our shell, we wait.

Nothing and Everything Happens in the Void

The void is a strange time of nothing.  Waiting.  Being.  Resting.  Recuperating.  Recovering.  Restoring.  But while the void often feels like nothing, there is in fact, much going on.  Resting.  Recuperating.  Recovering.  Restoring.  Like the purgatory of Christian-olde (in case you missed the bulletin, the Vatican recently erased purgatory from the books), the void is a time where our past is revisited and every lasting bit of remaining debris is removed.  Anything that is not supportive of the new life that is waiting to be born after the end of the void, is being wiped away.  And yes indeed, we are feeling it!  GRIEF.  ANGER.  RESENTMENT.  Old wounds, old betrayals, past losses and disappointments, are all coming around for one final look.  The void is also a time of healing.

Surrender to the Void

Our task, as we wait here in the void is to SURRENDER.  Don’t try to start any new projects or make any major decisions.  The universe will not support them anyway and if you try, you will only be smashing your head against the brick wall of a world not yet ready for your gifts.  In this state of immobility, be attentive to the anxiety, impatience, and restlessness that will arise because you have nothing “to do.”  If you are bored, read a book, watch a playful movie, return to the mundane – clean the house, do the mending, sweep your basement, rake the yard.  In doing these things, you are clearing the way for the new life that will begin to blossom somewhere around Easter. And if healing opportunities show up, be present to them.  When old pain shows up, be with it and let it move through.  As we show up to our pain, show up to the feelings around that pain – fear, sorrow, rage, etc., – we are allowing that pain to be healed.  Ultimately, our job while hanging out in the void is to take care of ourselves – to love ourselves – to tend to the most vulnerable and fragile parts of our Soul and in doing so, we are creating a solid foundation upon which the new life is coming can take root, mature and bear much fruit.

Hang on…..the new life you have been promised and that you have been waiting for is almost here!




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Surrendering to the Void – Superhero Report

Superhero Report – Week of March 15, 2015

Entering into the Void

During this week’s gatherings of the Superhero Academy, we explored the fruitful time we are now entering into….the time of the VOID.  Void time arrives after all the work has been done and the seeds planted and all we can do is WAIT.  The void is a time of both reward for work well done and preparation for the new life that is waiting to BURST FORTH…..interestingly….sometime around Easter this year (April 4-5).  While the Superhero Report is usually only available by subscription (SUBSCRIBE HERE subscribe botton

and also receive the weekly Authentic Freedom Virtual Church video service and meditation newsletter), I thought this so critical to where we are moving as a species, that I chose to make it available to all!  In celebration of the VOID time….I share with you two poems about entering into the VOID.  Enjoy!


Sitting in the Void

Copyright 2015 Lauri Ann Lumby 

Sitting in the void.

Quiet and Still.

Waiting for what has been to take root within…

Or quietly pass away.


Breathing.  Sighing.  Resting.

A seed in the soil

Where there is nothing else to do but

Wait…and allow.

Listening in the silence

For a trickle of rain,

The rush of the wind,

The warmth of the sun penetrating the earth.

Here in the darkness, there is nothing to see –

Only a wall of dirt  –  as in a grave.


In a grave that is not a grave,

Something unimaginable –

Wholely and completely new and unknown

Is waiting to be born.


As all at once a seed becomes a tree – so shall it be for me.



 Time Standing Still

Copyright 2015  Lauri Ann Lumby 


What does one write when there are no poems to be written,

No words to be said,

No songs to be sung?

When all one can do is wait…

and watch

and wonder?

In this place where time is void.

When all that can be done has been done

And there’s nothing left to plan…

or strategize,

or figure out.

After the Universe exhales

And before She takes her next breath

Pressing pause –

Holding our breath

Almost afraid to breathe –

Not wanting to interrupt Universe’s creation

Knowing if a butterfly is removed too soon from its shell it will die –

Not desiring a similar fate for ourselves.

Joining with time where time is void and simply standing still.




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Emergent Church – The Call for Compassion and Surrender

Today’s blog continues the discussion about Emergent Church – inspired by Phyllis Tickle’s book The Great Emergence. In Tuesday’s blog, I spoke specifically about the role and challenge of the innovators/prophets who have been gifted with the vision and feeling of the new way of being Church that is trying to be born into our world, and who have been commissioned to carry and bring forth this vision.  Today, I want to offer a show of compassion for the traditionalists, or as Phyllis Tickle calls them, the “re-traditioners” who are frightened of and therefore resist to this change.


Greater even than the fear of dying is the fear of change

The re-traditioners, as Phyllis Tickle calls them, are those who are happy, content and comfortable with the model of Church as it currently exists.  The re-traditioners are made up of people in the pew (because they are still going to church) and those in leadership – specifically deacons, brothers, priests, pastors, ministers, bishops, popes, and even some of the women religious. Often, re-traditioners are those who have benefitted from the current model of being Church and who might actually have something to lose should things change.  Some have simply never been called to question the current model of Church and would rather not rock the boat.  “Why fix what isn’t broke?” they might ask.  The problem is that the current model of Church is broke, and many, fearing what a change in the Church might mean for them, choose denial as a way of managing the grief that threatens to overwhelm them over the thought of change.  For you see, even greater than death, human beings fear change.

Holding out for more celibate priests

Here is a case in point.  I remember years ago, when I was asked to be our parish representative in local discussions on how to deal with the Catholic priest vocation crisis.  As a group, we were charged with the task of figuring out how to manage six Catholic parishes with only two priests, and eventually how to manage them with only one priest – as these were the priestly vocation projections for the next ten years.  As an innovator, the solution was obvious to me – close four parishes and eventually all but one and hire lay ministers to staff non-sacramental duties.  While participating in these meetings, I was flabbergasted by the power of denial as I listened to the response to our task by several of the parish representatives present, “We’re sure priestly vocations will turn around, and we won’t need to worry about closure.”  Instead of entering into a discussion about practical solutions based on the cold, hard facts of declining priestly vocations AND declining church attendance, they chose to bury their head in the sand.  My compassion understands that what was really at work here was not ignorance, but grief – these re-traditioners were afraid of the impending change that would dramatically alter the experience of Church through which they had found comfort, predictability and safety.  The world, as they had come to know it, was about to change – dramatically.

Confronting our fear of change

We are facing a similar experience today as we stand in the tension between the Church as it has been known and the new way of being Church that is trying to be born in our world.  The innovators can’t wait for the new Church to be born and the re-traditions are hanging on with all their might to what they have known.  What often happens in the face of this kind of tension is one side projecting their fear onto the other thereby creating enemies where enemies do not really exist. I know this has been done to me, and that I, in turn, have done this toward “the other.”  It doesn’t have to happen this way, however. In the face of this transition, we can turn it into a tug of war – each side battling for power as the Church and its people get torn to shreds (which I’ve seen happen WAY too many times) – or we can:

1) Acknowledge our fears

2) Do something about them

For the re-traditioners, this will be about naming and claiming their fear of change and communicating this fear to those around them, and then allowing themselves space to grieve this loss.  For the innovators, it is about naming our fear of not being heard and of things not changing quickly enough.  For both of us, it is about sitting around the table and being present to each other’s fears and holding each other in compassion and love while the Church changes before us.

We Are Not in Charge

Here then is the trickiest part of emerging Church – WE ARE NOT IN CHARGE!  It is GOD who is calling forth this change – not us.  And this is a difficult pill to swallow for re-traditioners AND innovators alike – because ultimately, as human beings, we all want to be in charge and in control.  Instead, we are ALL invited to get out of the way so that the Church God wants to be born can be brought forth into the world – not according to our personal agenda’s, but according to God’s will.  And in this, our prayer is the very same prayer that Jesus prayed in the face of his own death, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.”

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Surrendering to Grief

Today’s blog explores the process of grief as it relates to the losses and disappointments of our lives.

Wisdom from a Friend

A wise friend once shared with me regarding grief, “When you are grieving, your emotions are not your own.”  How true I have found that to be, both in the process of grieving my divorce and now grieving the loss of a significant relationship.  As a Spiritual Director, I know all about the grieving process and have been a source of witness and support for many of my clients as they have moved through the losses, disappointments, changes and deaths in their lives.  I should have this all figured out and grief should be easier for me because of my knowledge and experience in this area, right?  WRONG!  The good news is that I know that I am grieving (which is a far cry from what most people seem to know about their emotions related to grief) and that I have had enough experience in this area to know that instead of resisting the grieving process (as most of us do), I can simply SURRENDER and in surrendering to the process and letting it have its way with me, I will find quicker healing and will be more prepared to find the new life that is promised on the other side of this loss.

Pinball Wizard

The emotions that come with grief are kind of like being the ball on the inside of a pinball machine – getting battered about the walls, getting hit by the paddles of sadness, pummeled against the buzzers of rage, flipped about by the hammer of denial and wishing and hoping you could just sink to the bottom of the machine and that this is really just a dream and none of it has really happened or that you will get that magic email or phone call that says, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, can we start over?”  (that is called bargaining…..also a face of grief.)  Like the ball inside the machine, we really have no control over where we are getting hit or in what direction we are being thrown.  We simply get tossed about in our emotions as the Spirit within us works at healing our pain.

The Mummy

The good news is that while we are getting haphazardly battered about, with every punch of rage, collapse into depression, flood of tears, negotiations in bargaining and denial, strands of what has been fall away from us, like a mummy being unwrapped from its death dressings. Some of these strands are the illusions we might have created around the situation.  The things that we may have made up in our heads or the way we wanted to hear or see things fall away so that deeper truths can be revealed.  Some of the strands are those of deep pain – rejection, fear, loneliness, rage, anger, confusion.  Other strands are the hopes and dreams we had created around the relationship and as we peel away the strands of these dreams, we are prepared for the new dreams in our life to begin to take root.  Many of the strands are memories – all the things that made up the relationship – the good and the bad, the joy and the sorrow, the gift and the challenge.  All of this unraveling is happening so that we can be cleared of what was, examine it for “what is mine in this” and “what is theirs” and so that we can be made ready for the new life that is promised on the other side of the loss.


It describes the hardest part of this journey for me….and probably for anyone that has been through the loss of relationship – the evil clown demon that seeks to torture us in self-loathing, self-flagellation, relentlessly coming at us with our own unhealed inner wounds.  This is the evil clown that taunts us with all the negative self-talk it knows we are expert at inflicting upon ourselves.  I will spare you the gory details, just know it is as scary, disturbing and disgusting as Pennywise – the evil clown demon of Stephen King fame.  And to me, there is NOTHING more scary than clowns in general, let alone this demon clown!

I Can See Clearly Now

Ok, not yet…..but I know that in addition to the promise of new life, lies the promise of clarity and beyond clarity – compassion.  I know that all this grieving will bring healing (and much has already taken place).  I also know that it will be greater clarity and understanding  – what really happened and why?  And even more than this, is the promise of compassion – that moment when the finger of blame that hangs in midair pointing toward “them” and then back at “me” will finally fall to rest at my side.  In that moment, I know that I will love myself for all I brought to this relationship, that I will love them for all that they brought, that I will look upon it as a happy and gifted time in my life and that I will be able to bless both of us as we move forward in our own respective truths.  And for the record, this is my highest intention in this loss and the ultimate goal that keeps me going even in the face of grief.

Brought Together

In closing, I share a poem that I still believe to be true – if not for a lifetime, at least for a reason and a season….and for this I will always be grateful!

Brought Together

Copyright 2012  Lauri Lumby

They asked them, “How did you meet?”

“We were brought together,” he replied

She stood in stunned agreement, with the truth hanging in the air like

an overfilled raincloud anxiously wanting to quench the earth of its thirst.

Brought together?

How true this feels.

The silent, invisible workings of a benevolent Universe

Answering the deepest longings of their hearts

Across time and space

Through dreams and imaginings

And the supposed haphazard circumstances of life.

More than luck, beyond Karma,

Something meant to be

And in this their deepest thirst was quenched.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Radical Surrender

Today I explore the invitation while in the spiritual desert to embrace radical surrender – a challenging task for anyone, most especially those like me who revel in order and routine.


Thriving on Routine

I have a confession to make.  I am a “J”.  Now, let me explain what that means.  In the Jungian inspired personality profile, The Meyers-Briggs, there are sixteen basic personality types.  When I take the assessment, I score as an INFJ.  The “J” is the “judge” in the assessment and while I can certainly be judgmental and opinionated, the “judge” on the Meyers-Briggs has nothing to do with judgment.  Instead, it means that I thrive on and find comfort in routine, order and predictability.   Alternatively, spontaneity, lack of routine and disorder cause me anxiety and stress.  I am such a “J” in fact, that when I take the assessment, I answer EVERY question in this category appropriate to the “J”.

No Room for a “J” in the Desert

So, how do you think my “J” is faring during this time of spiritual desertness?  NOT VERY WELL!!!!!   Every single ounce of predictability, order, routine has been pulled out from under my feet.  AAARRRGGGHHHHH!  My inner “J” wants to run screaming in terror from this time of disorder.  Fortunately, through years of spiritual practice and working in environments where my “J” has been forced to relax a bit so that I could learn to embrace a little flexibility in my life, I’m not as anxious as I once might have been.  And it is a good thing because there is no room for a “J” in the spiritual desert.

Embracing Radical Surrender

Instead, I find that I am invited to embrace RADICAL SURRENDER.  OUCH!  Radical surrender means just that – no order, no routine, no predictability, thereby no safety and no security.  OUCH AGAIN!  Embracing radical surrender means that I have absolutely NO CHOICE but to live IN THE MOMENT.  I have to take each moment as it comes and deal with what is presented.  No planning.  No anticipating.  No organizing.  No strategizing.  And let me tell you, THIS IS A LEAP.  But, apparently in the time of spiritual desert, there is no other choice.  So, this is what I am trying to do. 

The Benefit of Radical Surrender

While my inner “J” recoils at the idea of surrender, I am finding there are benefits.  Strange, but true.  I am finding that as I relax into this time of radical surrender, there is a peacefulness that comes in not planning, not anticipating, not strategizing.  Strangely, radical surrender cuts way down on the worry factor…because in truth, there is nothing to worry about if you don’t know what is coming next.  Radical surrender also allows me to take things simply as they come without falling into judgment.  Surrender allows me to be more of an observer in my life rather than the judge and jury.  Surrender also allows me to see more clearly the gifts that present themselves when I allow myself to let go and let God.  So, perhaps there is something to be learned by my inner “J” as I move through this desert experience.  It does not mean, however, that I don’t look forward to the day that I might again have some sort of routine in my life.  AAAAHHHHH

Where have you been invited to embrace radical surrender?

What are the tools that have helped you move through that state?

What were the benefits?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Giving it Back to God – the fine art of surrender

Today I will be discussing the invitation to surrender and the graces that come with engaging in this practice.

Before I start today’s blog, I am inviting the help of my blog readers.  Part of strategic marketing plan includes the goal of 200 blog subscribers by November 1st!  To achieve this goal, I need your help.  You have started by subscribing.  Now, I invite you to take one more step – SHARE THIS BLOG with someone you think might find this helpful, informative, inspirational, etc.  Share it with your social networking friends, family, co-workers.  AND….invite them to subscribe.  I’m only 150 subscribers away from my goal….YOU CAN HELP!  Thank you!


Now….for the real blog……This morning as I was engaged in my daily meditation practice, I was invited into a new spiritual practice – a practice that is not foreign, or unknown to me  but not where Spirit regularly leads me.  The practice?   SURRENDERI was invited to visualize, one-by-one, everything in my life that is currently causing me anxiety, worry, stress, anger, frustration, impatience, sorrow, etc.   I was then invited to imagine myself taking each item into my hands and reaching my hands to the heavens, I was invited to give each item, one-by-one into the hands of God. 


As you can imagine, being smack dab in the middle of a divorce, there are A LOT of things to put into God’s hands.  As I sat with this invitation, I saw all the current worries and concerns, like a parade, line up in front of me:  financing on a house, waiting for news on the offer I put in on a house, my kids and their grieving process, my own grief, trying to maintain an amicable relationship with my soon to be ex-husband, money, remodeling projects in the house I’m trying to buy, healthcare, insurance, taxes, etc. etc. etc.  And to add insult to injury… does not stop just because you are getting a divorce….so, add to the list the everyday things like paying bills, feeding the family, laundry, kids’ activities, work, my husband’s travel, ailing and aging parents, sisters getting married, etc. etc. etc.    The line of worries in front of me seemed to be endless.  However, I accepted the invitation to take each one of those worries into my hands, then lifted them up to the heavens and visualized the loving hands of God reaching down and taking them from me – one by one.  The amazing thing, is that I actually started feeling better.  I had a sense of relief as I let go of each of these concerns and I felt lighter, less burdened, more free.  A peaceful calm began to fill those places within that I had previously filled with my worry.  Giving it back to God gave me peace, relief and I found I could relax more fully into the busy day ahead.

Surrender is a spiritual practice espoused in every spiritual tradition and emphasized in recovery and grief work.  In the practice of surrender, we (in theistic terms) LET GO AND LET GOD or more simply put….we get the heck out of the way so that the peace and contentment that is our original nature can find its way into our life.  When we cling to our worries, anxieties, frustrations, resentments, etc. there is no room for the peace that is our truest nature to be experienced or for the healing we need in our grief, frustration or impatience to take place.  If we wish to be restored to this place of peaceful contentment, the only way there is to surrender and in that surrender, to trust that there is a Divine Source of healing that can handle all the worry we throw at them! 

So, my invitation for you today is to invite the spiritual practice of surrender into your own life:

  • What are your current sources of worry, anxiety, frustration, sorrow, grief, anger, etc.
  • Take each of those items into your hands one by one
  • One by one, give each of those items to God
  • Allow yourself to experience the peace and freedom of surrender!


Lauri Lumby

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Donald Trump as the Angel of Death

I see a lot of anti-Trump rhetoric on social media.  While I did not vote for him and while I don’t personally care for him, I understand why people chose him and the role he is playing in this current stage of our global evolution.  This knowledge has allowed me (most of the time) to be in acceptance of his presidency. (That doesn’t mean I like everything he does!)

While I sense that some chose Trump because they saw in him someone like themselves; most, however, including people I deeply love, chose Donald Trump because they were looking for change.  That change has come, confirming what I was made to understand on the second day after he was elected:

Donald Trump is playing the role of the Angel of Death.

The “Angel of Death” is a universal symbol, but for those of us in Western culture, likely the most familiar example is from the Book of Exodus (Chapter 12), when the “Angel of Death” passed through Egypt to, “strike down every firstborn of both people and animals, and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt.”  In the biblical story, the Angel of Death “passed over” the homes of the Israelites who had marked their lintels in the “blood of the lamb,” and their firstborns were spared from the destructive action of Death. The death of the pharaoh’s first-born son was the final straw that caused him to surrender to the Israelite’s demands for freedom.

In the Exodus story, the Angel of Death represents a destructive force that creates the way to freedom.  This, I believe, is the role that Donald Trump is currently playing in our world.  Whether or not we agree with his politics or his public behavior, there can be absolutely no doubt the opportunity for change that his presidency is bringing forth in our world.  Whether by his direct actions, inactions or simply through the natural unfolding of human evolution, more and more and more of what Western society has tried to sweep under the rug is coming forth to be seen:

  • Government corruption.
  • Financial corruption.
  • American entrenchment in partisan politics.
  • Sex trafficking and child prostitution serving the world’s elite.
  • Sexual harassment and manipulation in the workplace. (#metoo)
  • Harsh polarities plaguing our culture.
  • The profitable business of war.
  • Domestic terrorism.
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Every other ‘ism.
  • Injustices in salaries and compensation.
  • The errors of Capitalism.
  • The evils of the Dark Web and in those who gather there.
  • Did I say racism? (#blacklivesmatter)

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the tip of the iceberg. Every single day, another thing that American culture has tried to sweep under the rug, or which has been purposefully hidden from us, is coming forth to be seen.  To quote Jerry Seinfeld, “It is loathsome and hideous, yet we cannot look away.”

As chaotic and sometimes terrifying some of these revelations may be, they are critically necessary.  While I had cast my vote for Hilary (mostly because I didn’t care for DT), I know that none of this would have unfolded had she become president.  She was (and continues to be) invested in the system that serves the powerful elite.  Donald Trump, it seems, is beholden to no one other than himself.  As much as I want to despise him, I cannot argue the good that has come forth because of his presidency.  By “good,” I mean the revelation of everything in our world that NEEDS to be either discarded or healed and transformed if we ever hope to be truly free.  Thank you, Mr. Trump, for (consciously or unconsciously) playing the role of the Angel of Death.  We would not be where we are today without you.