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Taking Up the Veil of the Magdalene

Below is a reflection from one of the recent graduates of the Magdalene Priesthood Training. Her words perfectly describe the Magdalene calling and I am grateful to V. for being willing to share these words – both a reflection and a testimonial!  

“It is time for you to take up the veil and teach!” Jesus said to me in meditation his loving eyes piercing into my soul. As he speaks these words, I feel a veil being placed upon my head by two women. This 15 month journey has been a process of remembering and owning who I truly am and how I am uniquely called to be of service to the world. I have always been a Magdalene. One of many who are called to be love in the world, each in her own unique way.

How am I uniquely called to be of service in the world? First in my own healing and then in service to the world? My path is the path of the healer, but not in the traditional sense. The main gift I have been given is the gift of encouragement along with love of learning (knowledge). Through the vehicle of teaching, am I to create a safe place so that a person can be uniquely themselves in all its messy glory of being human at this time on this planet. From a place of non-judgement and acceptance a person can begin to remember their own unique gift and purpose. As the spark of remembrance ignites in each of us, we become a light in this world. Our individual light will combine with others to illuminate this world with love. It is a collaborative effort and we are each needed. My job is to be that support and encouragement as someone begins the process of clearing away all that stands in the way of them radiating their own light in the world.

So how did I get to this point? This is what the 15 month journey has been about. What did I need to clear away? The false perception that I am separate from God. We are all one with God. Always have been, always will be. This wound acts out differently in people but the source is the same.  All of the courses in the Magdalene training were about digging into and clearing that wound.

For me in particular, this wound showed itself as not feeling worthy. As the false belief that God would choose everyone else but me to be of service in the world. The belief that I had nothing of value to offer that the Divine would be interesting in using. But, that is a lie! We all have immense value! Each and every one of us. We have just forgotten who we truly are. We are unique manifestations of the Divine. As we heal from the false perception of separation from God we begin to beautifully radiate our own individual spark of the Divine.

The tool that has had the most profound effect on me, helping me to stay in alignment with this truth is the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. I spent a lot of time with this. Learning each phrase and how it feels in the body. I continue to start and end each day with this prayer. Does it mean that life is smooth sailing? Not at all! But it does mean that I have the tool to re-center myself.

I don’t know that the future will look like or how I will ever be able to put this knowledge into practice. I am in the unknown and it causes discomfort and doubt at times. However, I draw strength from remembering a meditation experience I had during the Resurrecting the Magdalene course. I am in red, disheveled and weary, my dress worn and dusty. I am following a path that takes me to a mountain top. Jesus is there smiling and waiting for me. He takes my hand. I am rejuvenated and joyful. My beat up garment becomes white and pristine. We look out across a mountain view. Lights are coming on all over the place. This is continuing across the face of the earth. Love will save the Earth! My heart sings! I turn to look at the path that I have just trod. There are many more like me. They are coming up the path battered and weary, but they have made it! They have remembered the spark of the Divine within them. They are becoming a light in this world. I am one of those lights and so are you!

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