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Let Us Exult!

Easter 2021

We are all familiar with the story of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, so instead of sharing a reading from scripture, I am sharing an excerpt from the most ancient hymn of the Church, The Exultet.  This hymn is traditionally proclaimed on the night of the Easter Vigil (Holy Saturday) and is done immediately following the blessing and lighting of the Easter Candle.

Instead of boring you with my blah blah blah about death and resurrection and the eternal promise of new life, I invite you into your own sacred time of prayer. My suggestion for prayer (though please do whatever you are called to do) is as follows:

Set aside 30-45 minutes for this meditation/prayer activity. For this activity, you will need a candle, access to YouTube or another music source, your notebook or journal and a copy of the text of the Exultet. If you are ritual-oriented, you may feel called to set an altar in honor of the journey from death to new life.

Begin by lighting your candle.

Then listen prayerfully to the musical form of the Exultet. Here is one example from YouTube:

Then prayerfully read through the text of the Exultet, looking for a word or phrase that speaks to you.  Allow that word or phrase to become the focus of your meditation/prayer.  You may feel called to repeat that word or phrase over and over as a mantra, allowing it to draw you into a deep inner place of quiet.  After reaching that quiet, simply rest in silence, allowing any thoughts, reflections, images or emotions to surface in you.  Remain in this place for as long as you feel called.  When the meditation seems to have come to its natural conclusion, record your experience in your notebook or journal.

Please share your thoughts/reflections, etc. in the discussion section below.


The Exultet

This is the night,
when once you led our forebears, Israel’s children,
from slavery in Egypt
and made them pass dry-shod through the Red Sea.

This is the night
that with a pillar of fire
banished the darkness of sin.

This is the night
that even now, throughout the world,
sets Christian believers apart from worldly vices
and from the gloom of sin,
leading them to grace
and joining them to his holy ones.

This is the night,
when Christ broke the prison-bars of death
and rose victorious from the underworld.

Our birth would have been no gain,
had we not been redeemed.

O wonder of your humble care for us!
O love, O charity beyond all telling,
to ransom a slave you gave away your Son!
O truly necessary sin of Adam,
destroyed completely by the Death of Christ!
O happy fault
that earned so great, so glorious a Redeemer!

O truly blessed night,
worthy alone to know the time and hour
when Christ rose from the underworld!

This is the night
of which it is written:
The night shall be as bright as day,
dazzling is the night for me,
and full of gladness.

The sanctifying power of this night
dispels wickedness, washes faults away,
restores innocence to the fallen, and joy to mourners,
drives out hatred, fosters concord, and brings down the mighty.
On this, your night of grace, O holy Father,
accept this candle, a solemn offering,
the work of bees and of your servants’ hands,
an evening sacrifice of praise,
this gift from your most holy Church.

But now we know the praises of this pillar,
which glowing fire ignites for God’s honor,
a fire into many flames divided,
yet never dimmed by sharing of its light,
for it is fed by melting wax,
drawn out by mother bees
to build a torch so precious.

O truly blessed night,
when things of heaven are wed to those of earth,
and divine to the human.

Therefore, O Lord,
we pray you that this candle,
hallowed to the honor of your name,
may persevere undimmed,
to overcome the darkness of this night.

Receive it as a pleasing fragrance,
and let it mingle with the lights of heaven.

May this flame be found still burning
by the Morning Star:
the one Morning Star who never sets,
Christ your Son,
who, coming back from death’s domain,
has shed his peaceful light on humanity,
and lives and reigns for ever and ever.



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