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A Thank You Note to 2020

Dear 2020,

While we have had our ups and downs and the chaos of this year has certainly tested me, sooooo many amazing gifts have shown themselves in this unprecedented year.  So before I put you to bed, and the world crosses over the threshold into 2021, I want to say a few words of thanks!

  • Above all else, 2020, you have shown me that the past almost 30 years of diligent spiritual practice and personal development has been worth it. With every challenge you threw at me, I discovered an opportunity to put what I have learned into practice and have seen firsthand the value of all the hard work, persistence, and faith. Not once did I buckle under the weight of these challenges.  Instead, I rose above them and found an even greater sense of inner peace, courage, and strength. Thank you.
  • 2020, you showed me that my prophetic visions are true. When Covid 19 showed up and we hit shutdown, I saw the proof of what I have sensed was coming since that prophetic dream of 1971 and what has been shown to me since. Thank you for giving me permission to trust my visions and to feel freer to share them with the world.
  • 2020, you showed me that I was MADE FOR TIMES SUCH AS THESE. Whether it be due to the inner resources I have always had or because of years of training and practice, I got it and I got you.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity to believe in myself and in my own powers to not only survive, but to thrive when the rest of the world seemed to be losing their shit.
  • Thank you 2020 for confirming my clarity of vision. Through the powers of discernment and years of fine-tuning this gift, I was able to sort through the truth from the deceptions.  I am grateful for this gift and for the opportunity to see it confirmed.
  • During this year, I had more than ample time to hermit. AND I LOVED IT!  I loved every single minute of being with myself and learning the subtle nuances of my own inner rhythm.  This year I learned how truly introverted I am and what I need to thrive within my own unique temperament.  THANK YOU for showing me who I truly am and for knowing I no longer have to apologize for enjoying solitude, quiet and a slow and gentle pace.  Thank you also for giving me permission to embrace my true rhythm even as the “stay at home” orders were lifted.
  • I learned who my true friends are and with whom and how I want to spend my time and energy. No more forcing myself to be present to or with relationships that no longer serve. And no more putting up with “friends” on social media who aren’t really friends (you know, those we are told to gather for the sake of promoting our businesses…..ugh!) BOOM!
  • Thank you 2020 for giving me an opportunity to practice, sharpen, and grow in confidence over my “dark gifts.” Thank you for showing me how to work in the Shadows and in the VOID and the power of that transformational work – both for myself and on behalf of the world.  Thank you for proving to me that this inner work matters and that even though it cannot be “monetized,” my needs are somehow supported in the use of these gifts.
  • Thank you for reminding me that DEATH is one of my superpowers. It always has been, but never before have I had the opportunity to practice this gift on such a grand scale.  I have no fear of Death.  I am comfortable in the presence of Death.  While most of my DEATH work is invisible, I was also reminded that I’m pretty good at supporting people when death is around them and in the ancient and modern funerary rites.  For this I am grateful.
  • 2020, Thank you for showing me the proof of my parenting. Two young adults who found their own resilience and personal rhythm in the midst of a storm.  I could not be more proud of my children and how in their own unique way through their own unique temperaments, found their way through this strange and bizarre year.
  • And most importantly, 2020, I want to thank you for proving to me the fruits of my labor through the unprecedented support that flowed toward me this year. Support from surprising and unexpected places. Proof that all my years of sacrifice and faith has paid off and that even when much of my work does not come forth as “billable hours” there is a reward for the work I do, especially for that which is not given value in a late-stage Capitalistic regime.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.

With gratitude and love!



I am the founder, owner of Authentic Freedom Academy and the Spiritual Director of the Order of the Magdalene and the Order of Melchizedek. Our mission is to provide education, community and support for those seeking to become self-actualized. Authentic Freedom (dot) Love is our learning community.