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Made for Times Such as These

This morning I am grateful for the inner guidance that commanded me to take this week as a “week of silence.”  During this week I have and continue to be in a deep dive – working with and through the darkness of our world.  Between Covid-19, mass hysteria and the Dow Jones collapse, I’ve been busy.  While working in the depths and observing the chaos that has been stirred I feel strangely calm, even strengthened and vilified in the face of the world’s response to fear.

I was made for times such as these.

In fact, I’ve spent my whole life preparing and training for a world in utter chaos as it stares its own death in the face.  As I was told in a childhood dream, the world (as we have known it) is dying. Efforts to “save” it have failed. (THANK GOD! Should we really try to save a world that was built on fear, power and control????)  Now we are facing the inevitable and necessary death of that which needs to die.  It is long past the time for that which was built on the unsustainable foundation of fear, power and control to end and for something new to take its place.  This fact, however, does not preclude the mass hysteria and fear that is rising as humanity clings to what they have known which is now (in some cases literally) being torn from their cold, dead fingers.

We are in the death throes of our world…

And there is nothing we can do but sit back and watch. For those of us who have known this was coming, there is a strange mix of vindication (I told you this was coming) and profound sorrow.  It is a terrible thing to watch the world die.  It is even more painful to watch normally reasonable people lose their shit – especially when we know there is another way.

The “other way” is to do what myself and hundreds (if not thousands) like me have done.  We have been open to the unique tools which would support us in freeing ourselves from the fears, wounds and societal conditioning that has prevented us from living (what I call) Authentic Freedom.

Authentic Freedom is a deep inner sense of peace and contentment that is independent of the external circumstances of our lives, and in this case, our world.

We have become masters in this work and many (like myself) have shared our tools with those who similarly want this kind of freedom.  It is in cultivating this inner sense of peace and contentment that we are able to stare DEATH in the face and not panic under His gaze.  It is also this inner freedom that allows us to maintain a deep sense of calm as the world around us is losing its shit.

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