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Inquiring of the Wounded Masculine

We live in a world ruled by fear, power and control, all symptoms of the wounded masculine.  When the masculine within us avoids its vulnerability, or denies its fear, it can’t help but come out sideways.  This is what it looks like…..and what can happen when the masculine lays down its sword and allows itself its pain. 

Inquiring of the Wounded Masculine

Copyright Lauri Ann Lumby


With bold proclamations

and words of grandeur,

you deny your vulnerability.

Hiding behind a mask of bravado,

declaring your mastery,

while mocking your own weakness

as it’s reflected in their eyes.


Hiding in the dark and twisted forest,

Grown out of the corpses of millions of dead.

Their hearts laying in piles beneath your feet.

The bounty of the conqueror –

but what is the victory in killing your own?


No stronger for the killing.

Left hungry in the destruction.

Consuming another’s vulnerability only serving to feed your own.

What will it take for this cycle to end?

The masculine lost and broken

In fear of its own humanness,

Feigning strength while revealing only weakness.

What is it you truly need?


Someone to sit with you in your fear –

who will not shrink from the monster you’ve become

or the demon you believe yourself to be?

One who will partake of the feast of broken hearts,

relieving you of the burden

So that in its place you may tend to:





Creating a space in which







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