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Authentic Freedom Weekly Lesson Excerpt

Below is an excerpt from this week’s Authentic Freedom Lesson, available to online subscribers.  To learn more an subscribe, click HERE. 


Today I am weary.  As many who will read this can relate, I have never really felt at home in this world.  I have never understood human beings in their tendencies toward selfishness, cruelty and injustice.  The violence in our world confounds me.  I just don’t understand why human beings make the human experience so dang hard.  It is absolutely ridiculous to me that we have poverty, hunger, homelessness, and war, and that the needs of so many in our world go unmet….

In my mind (and in my heart), the human experience should be simple.  We work together to make sure the needs of the all are met.  Period.  We care for those who cannot care for themselves.  We reach out a hand in support to those who are struggling.  We teach a man to fish.  We care for our world.  We cherish and protect our natural places.  We find a way to live in the world without destroying it.  We recycle and reuse.  We educate our populace and empower them to discover and use their gifts for their own fulfillment and in service to the world.  We provide each other with the means to be well.  We us sustainable methods of farming and we don’t pollute our crops. If/when we become sick, we care for each other and provide the resources for people to get that care.  When we have conflict, we sit down and talk it out.  We honor people for their unique gifts, and we celebrate our differences.

This all seems so simple to me, and yet human beings continue to operate outside of these (I guess I could call them) ideals.  But it doesn’t have to be this way and every prophet who ever existed has known this and have tried to get it into the thick fat skulls of humanity that there is another way….


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