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Unveiling Our Magic!

Unveiling Our Magic

 (for the Catholic Witch or any other kind of witch – women and men endowed with the magical and the miraculous!)

copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

My whole life, my magic has only made itself known

in glimpses and glimmers.

Hidden away safely, while sneaking out sideways in:

Moments of profound knowing.

Apocalyptic dreams.

Seeing into and through another’s soul.

Calling out deceit.

Hearing the Voice of God.

Now it is time for my magic to come full force!

The burning times are over.

And there has been enough suffering in my life,

in the lives of my ancestors,

and in the lives of all those I know endowed with Magic’s gift.

Centuries of hiding our gifts:

Of not being heard.

Of being ridiculed and condemned,

Labeled as crazy.

Exiled or Murdered for whom The Mother made us to be.

But we’re not the crazy ones!

We hear all.

We see all.

We feel all.

We know all.

And this terrifies those who prefer not be seen for who they truly are.

In our world, this is the definition of insanity!

For we thrive in a world defined by:





and Vulnerability.

These are the very things of which the world has tried to deprive us.


I/We will no longer veil our truth or hide our gifts

for the sake of your comfort.

Get ready

Because with our unveiling

A whole new world is about to be born!

copyright Lauri Ann Lumby


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