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The Lies We’ve Been Told about Money

For thousands of y ears, we’ve been deceived about the meaning and value of money. With the advent of patriarchal culture, the overall message around money has been:

Pay or be punished.

Pay or be killed.

And the more subtle: if you don’t spend money on this item, you will not be loved (because without it you are not pretty enough, skinny enough, fashionable enough, successful enough, etc. etc. etc. )

Whether propagated by our feudal lords, rulers and kings, the government or the Church, (or advertising) the message has been the same – you will be punished or killed if you do not pay those who are “over” you. When patriarchy destroyed the existing egalitarian norm, money suddenly became a tool for manipulation and control wrapped in a cloak of fear.

This was not the original intention of or use for money. In an earlier time, money was created simply as a means of exchange – specifically as a way for one person to say:

“Thank you for the product of service I have just received in support of my needs and here is something through which you can express thanks to the person who next provides a product or service in support of your needs.”

Money was simply a way of saying “Thank you,” while supporting the next person in doing the same. In this money was not the “price” or “cost” (words implying punishment or deprivation) of goods and services, it was an offering of gratitude and support for those who were supporting others in getting their needs met.  This model reflected mutuality, along with a fair exchange.  Here no one suffered lack because the money continued its movement from one individual to the next as people shared their unique gifts with those meant to enjoy them.

As we continue to move through the death of the patriarchy, perhaps money and our relationship with it is one of those things we are being invited to transform.


What are your beliefs/attitudes around money?

Is your relationship with money rooted in fear or gratitude (do you feel pressure to pay your bills and fear around those payments or are you writing your check from a place of gratitude for the services given?)

Reflect on how you spend your money. Where do you see yourself feeling pressured to purchase things you do not really need, instead of channeling your “offerings” toward that which you actually need or would benefit from?

How are you being invited to transform those beliefs from punishment to gratitude?






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