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Meet the Magdalenes – Carol Klavon

The Magdalenes are women and men who have completed the Authentic Freedom Leadership training or the Magdalene Priest/ess Training. The Magdalenes are called and empowered through their own unique giftedness and within their own circle of influence to be a vessel through which Divine Love is brought forth into this world.  I am honored and humbled to be in the company of this amazingly powerful community! This blog series features the Magdalenes and all the great work they are doing in the world.

 Carol Klavon, OM

Carol Klavon is a modern-day mystic, self-professed heretic, writer and storyteller. In 2015 she published a short work entitled Mother of Peace: a re-telling of Yeshua’s ministry from the point of view of the unlikeliest witness: the Princess Salome.  She has also written several short poems dedicated to the struggles of being a modern mystic, along with a collection of poems, stories and art dedicated to the Mother and those who love her. Carol is currently working on a full-length supernatural thriller about the ancient Sumerian death goddess Erishkigal, entitled “Little Tin Goddess”. It’s a story of fallen angels, dying gods, reincarnation, politics, lust, love and redemption.

Carol lives in Central California and you can connect with her through her online community dedicated to the Magdalene:

Below is a short poem by Carol entitled, The Modern Magdalenes:

Dark clouds roll in,

Cold rain splatters across my windshield.

Heads bowed as if in prayer,

In truth, a lame attempt at shielding against

This bitter nor’ easter.

The news out of D.C. no better.

There’s a pervasive helplessness

Of my fellow countrymen,

As images of ANOTHER mass shooting

Flitter across the glowing screen.

In the midst of despair, there are peaceful warriors.

Sons and Daughters of Magdalene.

They step over, around, and yes,

Even doggie paddle, straight through the rivers of despair.

The are the young (and young at heart).

Mystics, dreamers, fools – call them what you may.

Lilies of the Valley and the Shepherds in the Hills….sons of Yeshua, daughters of Magdala.

They arm themselves, not with swords, but with jars of alabaster and the Word made flesh.

They come in peace, but bearing the double-edged sword….Truth on one side, Love on the


There is a secret I will tell you now…you are among them. You carry their Light nestled deep in your hearts.

There is no need to let them in, for they have already taken up residence. Don’t you

understand? You are the lambs AND the wolves.



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