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Catholic Church – the Darkness and the Light

As the revelations of the priest sex abuse scandal within the Catholic Church continue to erupt, and more and more evil is uncovered, there is a great temptation to believe that the Catholic Church is only evil and that the entire institution should be destroyed. Yes – the evils that have been predicated upon innocent people at the hands of the Catholic Church are unthinkable and have to be stopped.  And if the Church doesn’t do something NOW to stop the abuse and make the radical changes necessary to eradicate all manners of evil from within the Church, the Church will most definitely be the source of its own demise.  In all honesty, there is a part of me that might revel in the wholesale destruction of the Institution of the Catholic Church, but, beyond the projection of my own woundedness is a deep sorrow for the 1.2 billion Catholics in the world who would suffer should the institution fall.  For the sake of those who have found comfort and peace within the embrace of the Catholic Church, I hope the Church does the work that it needs to – for hiding behind the evil actions of men is the great light of love that is seeking to be known.  In fact, it might be this love that is bringing the evil to light so that the evil might be healed and released, making way for the light to be revealed.

The light of which I speak is the light of Christ – the very namesake and source of inspiration for the institution that bears its name. When I speak of Christ here, I am not referring to the ways in which men have twisted Jesus’ teachings to fit their own political agenda.  I am speaking of the man who walked upon this earth and taught the way of love.  Jesus – a man who came to understand his original nature as One with the Divine in Love, who came to fully embody this love and then tried to teach others how to do the same.  This is the Jesus that I came to know WITHIN my Catholic faith.  It was also within my Catholic faith where I learned the tools and practices for coming to know the love that Jesus embodied.  Finally, it was within my Catholic faith where I heard the call to dedicate my life to the way of love – living out this calling by sharing what I have come to know with others.  All of this came out of my relationship with the Catholic Church – not the Church that rapes children – the Church that has a rich tradition of spiritual practices and teachings on social justice which support humanity’s journey toward self-actualization and which says that it wants to support people in coming to know who they are, their unique giftedness and how they are called to share those gifts in service to the betterment of the world.  This is the great light that is currently veiled by the evils of the Catholic Church – the light that I believe is blowing the winds of truth through the Institution so that all its evils might be revealed.

In the light of truth, darkness cannot remain, but in the meantime, I fear many people will be hurting. While I have no power over what the Institution of the Catholic Church will do to support its own reform (or hasten its demise), I do have the ability to support those who are suffering or in pain because of what their Church is doing to itself.  Through my writing, online classes and one-on-one spiritual counseling, I am here in support of those in need. If you are suffering, scared, confused or simply need support in processing your own grief and disillusionment, I am here.


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