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Reflections on the 8/11/18 Partial Solar Eclipse

On August 11, 2018, a partial solar eclipse will take place, visible in parts of Canada, Greenland, northern Europe and Russia. Astrologers are noting this as an important eclipse in the transformation of human consciousness.  Below are my brief reflections on this upcoming eclipse.  (I’m not an astrologer, so I will not attempt to take away their thunder, but will speak of this more from a metaphorical/archetypal perspective.).

A solar eclipse takes place when the moon moves between the sun and the earth in its orbit. When this happens, from our visual perspective on the earth, the moon blocks the light coming to us from the sun, making the moon visible as it passes across the sun’s corona.  From the perspective of the moon and the sun, the moon casts a shadow over the earth, briefly casting affected areas in partial darkness.

In Western culture, the sun has represented our mind and our consciousness. The sun is the “giver of light” and to early cultures, the sun was their god.  The sun is most often thought of as masculine in nature in the way that it activates, motivates, and provides; providing the light and warmth we need to survive and to grow.  The sun makes things visible, therefore representing that which is external and that which can be seen, touched, felt, etc. The sun represents intellect, knowing, reason and logic – again, qualities we often think of as masculine.  The sun is the maker of and guardian of the day.  The sun is all that can be seen, and the sun represents our own face – that which we show to the world.

The moon, on the other hand, is the Queen of the night. To many cultures, the moon represented The Goddess or The Mother. Sometimes known as the “lesser sun,” the moon represents everything the sun does not.  The moon regulates our inner clocks, the tides of our inner lives, our cycles of procreation, our emotions and our intuition.  The moon is thought of as feminine and represents the receptive and more autonomic functions of our human nature.  The moon guards our sleep, our dreams, the times of rest which are necessary for growth to take place. The moon presides over that which takes place “in secret,” the patterns and times of growth and change that we cannot see, but can only feel.  The moon also represents those things over which we have no control – our natural bodily functions such as breathing, digestion and menstruation, for example – systems that simply function without our having to do anything about it.  The moon represents the things in our life that we cannot see, the hidden mysteries of life, and the things we keep close or guard as secrets.  The moon is the part of ourselves we hide from the world, along with the parts of ourselves we hide from ourselves! The moon represents the unknown and that which cannot (yet) be seen.  The moon also represents death – the natural and necessary ending to every life cycle, including our own.  While the sun highlights the world that is, the moon guards that which is in secret and that which has not yet come into being.

In ancient cultures, the sun and the moon were honored as equal, along with what they mutually represent. Ancient cultures understood the need for balance in life, in the way that the sun and the moon held equal sway over the day and the night, light and darkness.  The ancients understood that there was a time for planting, but there was also a time for rest and that an imbalance in either would cause an imbalance in their world and in their lives.  The ancients honored the Goddess as equal with the God and their societal structures reflected this.  Women and men were honored as equal, and their unique gifts honored as holy and sacred.  Intellect, logic and reason were balanced with intuition, discernment and wisdom.  Doing was balanced with being and speaking with listening.  In cultures where the sun and the moon, the active and the inactive, life as well as death, men and women were honored as equal, sacred and holy, the people lived in peace and harmony.

Such is no longer the case, but as we reconnect with the wisdom of nature, allowing nature to be our guide, we rediscover the keys to what the ancients knew. We then have the opportunity to apply this knowing into our own lives, supporting the transformation in human consciousness that we came here to witness and be a part of.

During a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the sun and the earth, momentarily blocking the sun’s light while casting shadows upon the earth. In metaphorical and archetypal terms, an eclipse is a time when the (perceived) feminine asserts her power  over the (perceived) masculine.  In a world where the masculine and archetypal masculine qualities (action, provision, competition, material success) have been favored over the feminine, an eclipse invites us to stop and take notice of what is missing in our world. Where have we ignored the feminine?  Where have we deprived her of her place and her own unique power?  Where have we favored the masculine over the feminine and what have been the negative results in our world of doing so?  As the moon’s shadow is cast upon the earth, we are invited to discover, explore and face all that is hiding in the shadows.  What are we trying to hide from the world?  What are we hiding from ourselves?  What are the secrets that need to be discovered and brought forth into the light?  What parts of ourselves have we suppressed, repressed, ignored, and what, including our gifts, needs to come forth into the light?

As the moon casts its shadow over the earth, temporarily blocking the full light of the sun, we are given a powerful time to explore our shadows in the bright light of day. A solar eclipse brings forth that which can no longer be hidden.  It is a time for secrets to be revealed and the consequences of repression and suppression to be made known.  An eclipse is a time for facing the truth and being invited into the process of dealing with that truth.  It is a time to confront our shadows – individually, culturally and as a world.  If you are one who has consciously and diligently tended to your shadow, the eclipse will be a time for rest.  There is no work to be done when we have already done our work.  For those whose shadows remain… out….this one is going to be a doozie!



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