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The Ocher of Abundance – Book Review

Wendy E. Slater has done it again! Like a surgeon with a scalpel, Wendy masterfully slices through the tough shell of the human experience, to discover what resides deep within.  Piercing through tissue, muscle and bone, Wendy’s words get to the heart of the matter – where we feel everything the human experience has to offer:  pain, humiliation, shame, sorrow, separation, ecstasy, intimacy, passion, wonder, love and joy.  Pointed and raw, Wendy’s words force the reader to confront what is real.  It is for this reason that I love Wendy’s work!  Thank you Wendy for another masterpiece!  As always, I look forward to your next release!

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Wendy E. Slater is a mystical poet presently living in Vermont. She has three published volumes in her Traduka Wisdom Poetry Series of spiritually inspired poetry.  Wendy embraces the clarity and awareness in her daily life that the spiritual is radian and evident even in the seemingly mundane.  She lives her life in accordance with this wisdom and the understanding that the most complex concepts can be expressed succinctly with simplicity.


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