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Disgusted by the Actions of the U.S. Government ?

Me too! I’m so disgusted with the actions of the U.S. government that I find it hard to put it into words….but for the sake of healing and transformation, I will try.

Since November 2016, I have watched as the U.S. government, with Donald Trump at the helm, has taken one action after another after another which places both our own people and the people of the world in harm’s way. While I question most of Donald Trump’s actions, more specifically I question the actions of our “elected” representatives who are standing by in silence watching it all happen.  When children are ripped from the arms of their parents and locked in cages, wondering if they will ever see their families again, and our senators and representatives do nothing about it, there is something horribly wrong.  Even if they wanted to do something about it, it seems their hands (or their wallets) are tied.  (or maybe this is EXACTLY what is supposed to happen so that once and for all we will stop looking to an outside perceived authority to do for us what we could be doing for ourselves). And when our president decides, on his own, to withdraw the United States from membership in the United Nations Human Rights Council, (the pot calling the kettle black) we can’t help but ponder this observation made by the ACLU:

“The Trump administration’s withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council, coupled with its abusive use of power at home, only confirms what we’ve always known — Trump is leading a concerted, aggressive effort to violate basic human rights of those most in need of protection.”

It would be easy for me to devolve here into a political rant, but I will not. I did not vote for Donald Trump, but I do understand the role he is meant to play in the continued evolution of human consciousness, and to those who did vote for him, I say thank you.  Donald Trump is the Angel of Death.  He was appointed to bring about the destruction of that which no longer serves (institutions established and ruled by fear, power and control), so that the new that is trying to come forth may be born.  Unfortunately, like the Angel of Death in the Exodus story, before the new can come into place, death will reign.  This is exactly where we find ourselves today….in the midst of the reign of death.

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The reign of death we are currently facing is the death of everything we have known as a country, including the way in which we govern ourselves and how we interact with the world.  IMMIGRANTS escaping political or religious persecution, or looking for a better life for ourselves and our families, we built a nation.  In order to build that nation, however, we had to be separate – separate from our countries of origin, separate from the rest of the world, separate even from those who we found living on this land when we got here.  We became “The United States of America” and over 200+ years build ourselves into the greatest and richest power in the world.  At one time, it was this forced separation which made us great.  Now, it is proving to be our demise.

Separation kills. Think of what is happening to those children who are being torn from their parents’ grasp.  What do you think their life will look like if they are forced to live out their life in a prison camp, never to see their families again?  What will happen to those children who are never given the comfort of a place they can call home with the people they love?  (For the record…I don’t care if their parents are illegal or what laws are or are not in place or who wrote those laws giving our government the right to separate families in this way!  The whole situation just breaks my heart….and it should be breaking yours too!)

If the kid thing doesn’t get your attention think about all the ways in which separation has killed outright:

  • Slavery
  • The Civil War
  • WWI
  • WWII
  • The Holocaust
  • Vietnam
  • 911
  • School shootings

Every single one of these acts of violence is rooted in separation – the false belief that one nation, race, group of people is any less deserving of life (liberty and the pursuit of happiness) than you are.

We all live in separation. Every single human being who walks this plane is living in separation on one level or another.  Out of separation comes non-loving acts – both toward ourselves and toward others.

Separation is the core wound of humanity. It is the wound that first happens when we are expelled from our mother’s womb, suddenly deprived of the sensation of safely being held in a place where all our needs are met without us having to do a thing about it.  With this separation we come to know fear. When we know fear, we fight (flight or freeze).

It’s that simple. If we ever want to heal the separation in our world and the violence that comes forth out of that separation, we have to learn how to love. Love allows us to lay down our defenses, seek oneness with our fellow human beings and work toward the creation of a world in which the needs of all are being met and where people can live in peace and harmony with one another.

While I am profoundly disgusted by the actions of the U.S. government, I choose not to remain here because disgust is simply another form of separation. Instead, I will pray (because I do believe prayer has power), and I will continue to work toward supporting those who seek to be free of the separation that causes them fear so they can remember how to love.  The more who know this love, the more who will be willing to do the work of building the new world.  The old world is dying and will continue to die….and the new is waiting in anticipation for the moment when the world says “this is enough” and decides TOGETHER to build something new.



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