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I know what Hell is like.

Hell is not hellfire and brimstone.

Hell is not the devil, Satan, Beelzebub or Lucifer.

Hell is not an army of possessing or torturing demons.

Hell is not the afterlife, the underworld, or a place somewhere “down there” where we spend an eternity suffering for the sins of our human existence.

Oh no….Hell is not “over there,” it is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

hell, hellfire and brimstone, Satan, Lucifer, the devil,

Hell is life on earth when we know fear instead of love, hate instead of compassion, judgment instead of mercy, war instead of peace, separation instead of union.

Hell is the excruciating pain of separation that defines the human experience –

The separation we first felt when we were expelled from our mother’s wombs, suddenly dependent on an outside source for our survival.  Where we were no longer safe, secure, protected….cast out from the place where all our needs were met without us having to do a thing about it…and without our even having to ask.

The separation we feel when we suddenly learn the imperfection of human beings.  When they might not understand or hear our cries of need.  When our needs go unheeded.  When we are told “you don’t need that,” that there is something wrong with our needs or that our needs do not matter.  When we are crying, screaming, begging for our needs to be met, but no one seems to hear….or care.

The separation we feel when we learn that love is conditional.  When we are cast forth from our Source in whose image we were created and where we are seen as “precious and glorious” into a world where love has to be earned and can be taken away.

The separation we feel when who we are doesn’t matter.  Where our gifts have not been acknowledged, supported, or honored as sacred.  When we struggle to find our gifts in a world that says, “Success is defined by money, fame and by how hard you work.” And if we are fortunate enough to find our gifts, Hell is a world that says, “your gifts have no value.”

The separation we feel when we once knew only oneness, contentment, harmony and peace; finding that replaced with conflict, war, jealousy, bitterness, cruelty, hatred, prejudice, ignorance and revenge.  Where we once felt safe, now we feel only worry and fear.

The separation we feel when our truth and our path were once easy to grasp, and now it is hard to find.  Cast forth from a world where there was only one TRUTH and that truth was LOVE into a world where everyone claims to have a monopoly on truth – where their truth is right and everyone else’s is wrong.  Where the inner authority we once knew as LOVE gets covered over by a chorus of external voices screaming at us to listen to their truth….or be condemned to hell!

The separation we feel when we are no longer One with the LOVE that made us and are instead cast out into a world made of fear.

It is in Hell where we are already living and we spend a lifetime trying to find our way out of it.

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