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Five Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

is the beginning of our journey toward self actualization. Beyond the drive for survival and continuation of the species, the drive to become self actualized is perhaps our greatest drive. While the whispering of this drive may be present even before we are fully conscious, it begins in earnest at the threshold of our spiritual awakening.  Below are five signs that you are at the threshold of or deep in the midst of your spiritual awakening:


Unless we are fortunate enough to have discovered the path of our Soul early in life, somewhere around the time of our first Saturn return (between the ages of 26- 28), we will find ourselves dissatisfied with the current trajectory of our life. None of what we thought would make us “happy” – education, job, relationships, family, possessions, etc. – seems to be making us happy.  Instead, we suddenly find ourselves questioning our choices, wondering why we spent all that time, money, etc. in pursuit of something that now only leaves us dissatisfied.  This is the beginning of our spiritual awakening – awakening to the truth that the choices we have made so far are not providing the satisfaction we had hoped and dreamed for. (PS The second stage of this spiritual awakening takes place during midlife….a topic for another blog!)


Along with dissatisfaction comes restlessness. The human drive toward self-actualization is comprised of a palpable energy, something akin to the drive to procreate.  It is a drive that if not directed toward its ultimate goal will leave us feeling restless, wondering where and into what to put this energy.  It is because of this restlessness that many begin their search, but instead of seeking within, the search often gets directed outside of us in the search for that “thing” (status, power, money, fame, material possessions, etc.) that might put an end to the restlessness.  Until we learn to direct this restlessness inward, we will continue to feel restless and dissatisfied.


Until satisfied, the human drive toward self-actualization will leave us feeling frustrated, even angry and filled with rage. Not unlike our biological need to procreate in order that the species may continue, the drive to become self-actualized is inwardly motivated and marks the beginning of our spiritual awakening.  When this drive is suppressed, ignored, repressed or resisted in any way, we are left feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.  The only satisfaction to the drive toward self-actualization is to pursue it.


The greatest longing of the human soul that has entered its spiritual awakening is self-knowledge. We long to know ourselves, our unique giftedness, and how we are called to use these gifts for the sake of our own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world.  When this longing goes unheeded or unfulfilled, a little part of us “dies.”  The longer we ignore this longing and suppress the frustration that marks the awakening of this longing, the more a part of our soul “dies.”  It is here that depression will emerge in response to a calling that has gone unheeded.


In the process of our spiritual awakening and in the journey toward self-actualization, anxiety plays many roles. Anxiety plays a critical role in the process of discernment – helping us to know the path of our Soul vs. the path of the false self.  Anxiety alerts us to relationships, situations and experiences that might endanger our Soul’s path.  Anxiety arises to alert us to unacknowledged fears or unhealed wounds that might need to be addressed in our journey of spiritual awakening.  Contrary to reason, anxiety also shows up when we are taking a step in the direction of our self-actualization.  If there is one thing that is certain in the journey of our spiritual awakening – it is change.  And if there is one thing humans fear more than death, it is change.

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