Saying Goodbye

A week ago Tuesday, I awoke to the voice of (I’m not sure who – Spirit, The Mother, God, My Higher Self) speaking these words to me:

Say Goodbye.

How appropriate these words are as I face the end of an era. The life as I have known it has drawn to a close and all that defined that life has come to an end.  Or rather, the purpose of that era has drawn to a close.  I am tempted to point to church stuff, changing the world, Mary Magdalene, etc. as being the purpose of the past nearly 20 years, but in truth, the deeper purpose seems to have been for one thing and one thing only –

My own healing.

While the externals that gave expression to the past 20 years has been about God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Church stuff, wanting to heal and change the world, creating a space in which people can find support in their own spiritual exploration and journey toward self-actualization……at the core of all of it has been my own healing. Every book I have written, every course that I have created came first out of my own personal experience of being open to the Universe giving me what I needed to find healing and in receiving this healing, discovering MYSELF. I then took what I found to be supportive and formed it into a structure that could be shared with others for the sake of their own journey of healing from their past so as to discover themselves. Looking at the lives of those I’ve supported, I have to say I think I’ve done a pretty good job (PS I’m pretty sure this piece is NOT coming to an end).

As this era comes to a close and is ritualized by a literal physical move (from the home we have enjoyed for the past 6 ½ years), I’m letting it all go. I’ve grieved through this transition.  I’ve said goodbye to cherished objects, personal labels, dreams of riches and fame, attachments to outcomes and even the hope of a specific kind of love and the dream of a regular life with a regular job.  I’ve grieved the loss of the home we have loved and in which not only myself, but my children have found healing.  I’ve grieved the loss of a routine that I’ve known.  And most importantly, I’ve grieved the loss of the familiar life in which I’ve lived which has been defined mostly by isolation, illness, depression, poverty and loss (bahbye!).

I do not know what is waiting for me on the other side of this transition, but I am grateful for what has been and open to the opportunities that will present themselves in this letting go. I figure if the Universe is inviting me into this depth of emptying, something ENORMOUS must be coming to fill its place.

To whatever that is I say “Hello.”






5 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Love this, Lauri. Just love it. A week ago I stumbled on one of those sentences that sum up the way I’ve been living for the past 10 years: “What happens in our hearts gets played out on our planet.” Sounds like you’ve had a very similar experience, and I know it’s made a difference. Yay you.

  2. Sorry you are going through the struggle but as you said…something new is coming. This reminded me of one of my songs, “Take the Road Less Traveled”…so I thought I’d share it:

  3. Hi, Lauri, I am not sure when this message will reach you but I think it will at some point. I wish that I lived in your home town in Wisconsin so that I could help you and your family with the chores of the move. You know, packing, moving boxes, cleaning etc. —- All done silently without questions or speculation of what is come. Ah, but I am many miles south in Columbus, Ohio.
    Your new book is being released. I sense that the timing of it’s release in not by coincidence. It comes at the moment of saying, “Goodbye”. The fruits of your labor proceed you.
    . I don’t know what the Universe has in mind for you but I do know that it has you ON I’TS MIND as do many, many of us working in the vineyard.
    . The Holy Spirit bless you and keep you
    . And cause his face to shine upon you………….Dennis

    • Oh Dennis,
      Thank you sooo much for your kind words and sentiments…….along with those of Bill and John below. I am in love with the great hearted men who are walking this path as we are all “workers in the vineyard.” I feel your support and your sensitivity and open heartedness give me hope for this world. Thank you for being the wayshowers, the forebearers, the torch bearers, the beacons for all other men (and women) as they awaken. Your presence confirms what I have always known, I am here for you too. Love, Lauri

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