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In the Void, Now is All There Is

In this current stage of our consciousness evolution, we are “enjoying” a void state.  For many, myself included, nothing seems to be happening.  It feels as if the universe pressed the PAUSE button and sequestered all awakened beings in a state of suspension where we await the death of our old world and the birth of the new.  In this state there are no answers and all we can do is wait.  In this Void time, all we have is this moment and this moment is now.  Now is scary because it is unfamiliar.  At the same time, remaining in the now is the path to freedom:

No longer trying to make meaning of things.
No longer searching for meaning or understanding.
No more making plans.
No more agendas, itineraries, syllabi.
No more dreams or visions of future realities.
No longer pining or yearning for some other reality (or perceived reality).
Here, there is only THIS MOMENT. 
Before this moment there is nothing.
There is nothing beyond this moment. 
There is only NOW.

If you find yourself struggling with this void time, join me in the NOW.



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