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What Do You Do When Your Universe is Collapsing?

The universe as I have known it is collapsing. Everything around me that has defined my life; that has been the container for my life; that has been the vehicle for my life and provided structure, routine, and even a livelihood is falling away. This is a process that began in 2015 and continues. I have come to call 2015 the year of “letting go.”  2016 was the year of emptying.  And 2017…..I am calling the year of WTF?!  I’m at the place in this journey of my universe collapsing of knowing only one thing:

I am moving (hopefully) on September 1 into a new home.

After that….I know nothing.

In the emptying, I have been instructed to let it all go and not worry about the rest. I have also been told that if THIS MUCH emptying is required, that there must be something HUGE waiting to take its place.  I just don’t get to know what that “something huge” might be.  I’ve been given a few glimpses, but I’ve also been instructed not to get attached to any of what “might” be part of my new universe.  My Soul has been singing “Let it Go!”

while my heart is trying to ease my anxious mind. (JUST as I completed this sentence, two hummingbirds flew past my window!  Hummingbird magic delivers the impossible in magical and miraculous ways!!!!!)  In this moment my life is a completely empty slate.  No clients.  No classes.  No business activity to pursue to fill my empty time. No books to write or edit.  More importantly, no inspiration or motivation to write.  Nothing.  Nadda.  Zilch.  Only an opportunity to continue emptying in preparation for a move and for what I do not know.

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So what does one do when their universe is collapsing and the new universe has not yet come into being?




We sit in the void of emptiness. We allow ourselves to FEEL the discomfort of the emptiness.  We enter into the anxiety of not knowing.  We surrender to not knowing.  We refrain from looking at or striving after material things (ie $$$$$).  We allow ourselves to simply be – knowing that the wheel of life is turning and that the Universe (aka God) has something amazing in store that we could not possibly image for ourselves.  We wait.  And we find comfort in the fact that on the other side of every death is the promise of new life.


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