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Unchoosing Fear

Each and every moment of each and every day we choose which world we are living in. We are either choosing to live in the world of fear or the world of love. If we are choosing the world of fear, we are easily manipulated by the world that is dying and in the midst of its own collapse – a world that is ruled by fear, motivated by the desire for power and control.  If we are choosing the world of love, we are no longer vulnerable to the fear-based world and live in a world where there is peace, contentment, joy and faith and trust that all is unfolding in service to the higher good.  What world do you want to live in?  What world are you choosing?

Choosing the world of LOVE begins by unchoosing fear. Yes, we really DO have the power to unchoose fear (though the current patriarchal/hierarchical structures that are dying do not want us to know this, and neither does the media, or advertising).  Unchoosing fear begins with knowing how to identify fear in action, a skill few of us know how to do.  In fact, the old and dying structures did a really good job of teaching us how to fear and all the things we should be afraid of – death, war, violence, hunger, homelessness, hell, rejection, condemnation, and that we would not be loved unless we are a size 4, driving a Lexus and living the life of the Kardashians.  As such, unchoosing fear starts when we STOP listening to the old, fear-based, power and control driven institutions and start listening to our hearts instead.

The next step in unchoosing fear is being willing and able to identify what fear actually feels like and knowing when our fears are being triggered. Unchoosing fear then invites us to identify all the behaviors we tend to engage in when we are afraid – gluttony (over and under consumption), lust (giving our power away or trying to manipulate others through fear), wrath (harboring resentments, seeking vengeance), envy, greed (withholding our gifts or hoarding our resources), sloth (refusing to use the brain God gave us to reason, discern and exercise our truth), and pride.  Finally, unchoosing fear invites us to CEASE from engaging in our fear-driven actions and do the cold, hard work of healing the fears that causes those behaviors in the first place.

Choosing to live in the world of Love begins by unchoosing fear. How are you unchoosing fear so that you can live in a better world?

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