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Where is the Love in This?

A mini lesson on judgment (a shout out to my dear friend and spiritual sister Marcy for being the vessel through which this truth was able to emerge):


If we are choosing to live in unity consciousness, all judgment is suspended, as we are invited to ask “where is the love in this?” In unity consciousness, love is in everything. So even in the face of the most horrific (from our place of judgment) actions, love is waiting to be seen so that it may be known. In unity consciousness, we attune our eyes to love. (seeing through the eyes of God).

When we live, instead, from a place of fear and separation, we cannot see the love because we are only seeing through the lens of fear. This is where we judge actions and events as good or bad, right or wrong. When we cast judgment, we reject the opportunity for love.

Ultimately, the choice is ours: to see the world through the lens of separation and fear (judgment) or to be open to the question, “Where is the love in this?” allowing ourselves to see instead, through the eyes of God and to be open to the possibility of love.


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