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Today My Heart is Bleeding




Today my heart is bleeding,

A heavy weight rests across my shoulders.

Aware of a world afraid of what it cannot control

Projecting that fear onto that which it does not understand:

The different, the unfamiliar, anything that looks or smells or acts

in ways they do not know.


The world of straight, white, Christian, male privilege

Pointing the finger of blame on everything they think they are not:

Female, Tran, gay, of color, Muslim, poor, hungry, homeless, mentally ill, disabled and diseased.

(does any of this sound familiar?????)


A world that is dying grasping for the power they believe they possess

While it slips like sand through their fingers.

The old world that is dying – unaware and unconcerned for the carnage that lies in their wake, as their actions serve only to create more

Of what they most fear:


A people who are tired,

Who have grown weary of being scapegoat for a selfish, needy child who gnashes its teeth, waves its fists and stomps its feet over

Not getting what it wants.

A people who are weary of serving the needs of the selfish few.


A people who will rise up –

Who will no longer put up with the selfish child.

A people who have grown up and who now understand that children need boundaries,

Guidance and consequences for their non-loving and self-centered behaviors.


A people who will say, “that’s enough of that”

And give the child the time-out they need if they ever hope to grow beyond the emotional age of 3.


As the old world is gnashing its teeth and stomping its feet in the face of its own death,

A new world is being born.

During these times when my heart is bleeding,

It is the vision of a new world that gives me hope.


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