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Waiting in the Wings

And chomping at the bit….

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. And the time we’ve been waiting for is NOW!

The world as we have known it is on its own journey toward oblivion. That which has been established in fear, power and control, is in the midst of its own collapse.  This system that has proven to be unsustainable is imploding upon itself.

In the midst of this collapse, a new world is already being born. And WE are the ones building it.

This new world is not coming from those who have held the power. It is not coming from anyone or anything that is on the top of a hierarchical ladder.  It is not coming from the Church, government, or any corporation, institution, or entity who has benefitted from a world built on fear, power and control.

The new world is coming out of the masses – the tired, the poor, huddling masses of humanity who have grown tired of war, tired of violence, tired of those systems that are destroying our environment and making it impossible for many to receive their very basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and safety. We are tired.

But out of this deep exhaustion, a collective vision has arisen. The vision of a better world – the world that we know we came here to make real.

We are here. And we are ready.  For the past 20 years (maybe lifetimes), we have been preparing.  We have honed our vision. We have practiced our skills.  We have reached out our hands and our hearts to others who share a similar vision.  And we are right here among you – ready to act as a source of support for those who might fear the death of the old and the time of uncertainty before the new is fully born.

We are here to support those who see a vision for a new world and who are looking for ways to manifest that vision. We are artists, healers, counselors, teachers, advocates and activists. We are praying for the healing of our world and upholding the vision of love that will heal our world.  We are here to support the transformation of our world from one of fear into one of love.  We are not alone and our numbers are large.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and our time is NOW!


If you are interested in joining this movement to build a better world, check out our weekly gatherings HERE.


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