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A Message of Hope for Those Grieving the Obamas’ Departure

Last night, President Barack Obama offered his final address to the American people before handing the reigns over to Donald Trump. As Barack and Michelle Obama and their family leave the White House, millions of people are mourning – mourning the loss of two great people who tried their best to bring forth positive change in our nation – change that was intended to benefit the all.  Unfortunately, their efforts were met with opposition at every turn, producing disappointing results.

Obama Family - official portrait
Obama Family – official portrait

As we grieve this loss and stand in that anxious place of uncertainty as to what the next presidency might bring, I have been given a message of hope for all those who have come to adore the Obamas. The message is this:

Their great work has only just begun.

Unlike Colin Powell from whom we have heard nothing since the end of the Bush administration, the Obama’s work has just begun. Michelle and Barack Obama have always been WAY bigger than the White House, and while they held out great hope for being vessels of positive, non-violent change, they were imprisoned by the bureaucracy that prevented any of their hopes (and the hopes of those who voted for them) from being realized.  Freed from the bipartisan politics of Capitol Hill, Barack and Michelle will finally have the freedom to be a voice and a force for change in the world. And believe me, they will be a force to be reckoned with.  Through their combined energy signature: love, respect, integrity, honesty, fearlessness, and the power of the people will be felt across our nation and across the world.  Their great work has just begun, and this is not the last we will hear from them.

Before this, I hope the Obamas take a nice, long, holiday. They deserve it!  And, we need the time to grieve the end of an era and to sit in the anxiety of that which we do not yet know.  It will all be revealed in its time.

Finally, my own personal note of thanks:

Barack and Michelle, THANK YOU for all you have done and all you have endured as individuals, as a couple and as a family in saying yes to leading our country. Your integrity, dignity, honesty and forthcoming natures have been an inspiration.  You have endured condemnation, criticism and every effort you have made to lead our country forward has been thwarted.  It has not been an easy 8 years, and for all you have done, I am grateful.  Know that I hold you in my prayers, as millions of others are also doing.  Go forth in love and thank you for all you will continue to do in service to the American people and in defense of the Constitution.


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    And thank YOU for being such a voice of compassion, reason, wisdom and love. I am always amazed by you.


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