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Sanctions Against Russia – The Tipping Point of the Dying World

Yesterday, President Barack Obama issued sanctions against Russia “in response to what U.S. officials say were cyber-attacks intended to interfere with the U.S. election (read full article HERE).”  As civilians, we may not understand the weight of this executive order or the potential ramifications therein, but as a former military friend said to me yesterday, “Lauri, this is an act of war.”  Russia initially responded with similar threats of diplomatic expulsion, which Putin later denied (Read Russia’s most recent response HERE).

Regardless of how this story unfolds, it marks a tipping point in the death of our world – the world as we have known it anyway.  This death has been a long-time coming  – the death of a world that was built on the foundation of fear, power and control, where war is the only language of negotiation and death the constant threat. We have known for a very long time that this kind of world is not sustainable.  In fact, what we are currently observing is that world in the process of destroying itself. Cyber-attacks and tampering with election results are merely symptoms of that death.


For many, it may not seem like it, but this is actually VERY GOOD NEWS! This is good news because if the world as we have known it continues on its current course, it will mean the death of us all – literally.  If, however, we do the work we were sent to this planet to do, and if we BE the people we were born to be, a new world will be born out of the ash of the old.  In fact, this new world is already being born and we are the ones creating it.  It is a world made out of love, for the purpose of love, for the good of the all and it is already here for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and the willingness to believe.  Even should the entire Western world fall to ruin around us, the new world is here waiting to be known.

It is for the sake of this new world that I am here.  It is for the sake of this new world that you are here.  And it is long past time that we join our hearts, our hands, and our voices in bringing forth the new world while being support for those who are grieving and fearful in the face of the death of the old.

Gathering the Tribe

Monday, January 2, 2017

6:30 pm

Authentic Freedom Academy

1103 School Ave.

Oshkosh, WI


 We are being called to gather so that we might be support for one another so that we may then go forth in our call to be:

  • Hospice to the dying world.
  • Support for those who are grieving the loss of what they have known and who are feeling anxious in the face of the unknown.
  • Prayer for the healing and wholing of our world.
  • Non-violent activism to raise awareness of the places in our world in need of love.
  • Education, support and empowerment for those who are also called to be a part of birthing something new.


Facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby


(920) 230-1313

Donations welcome

If you are outside the Oshkosh area, please explore the many online resources we offer to support you in your own efforts of bringing forth the new world.  See our full offering HERE.



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